Where to find a reliable dealer?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by gamereric22, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. gamereric22

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    Dose any one have any tips on how to find a reliable dealer? I have has one for awile which was one of my friends brothers but now he said that he dosint sell any more so i have to find new one :mad:.
  2. ArtG

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    If you are going to ask for a dealer, people are going to need to know what city your in, which is NOT a good idea since anyone can read this. Also, keep in touch with more than one dealer, its good when one isn't available.
  3. cabriosnap

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    for the record. you are not allowed to try and get any kind of hook up's/buy from a member using this forum. it is stated in the posting guidelines

    sounds like you need to get move involved with your local cannabis community. people are growing/selling in pretty much every city...you just need to try and sniff them out. hit up all your local stoner spots and start asking around
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  4. Dankitydankness

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    Ask your old dealer if there is anyone he knows he can refer you to. Maybe his dealer. I believe that's how I've met atleast 2 of current dealers. My regular dealer who I go to most now I met through an old dealer. Just a couple of phone calls and he had me a new hookup and probably the best dealer I've had.
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  5. #BuD

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    I would honestly just ask around, maybe hit up some of your friends or observe people in your school if you still go to school. Also try to get numerous dealers always be looking. If you have like 10 dealers its great when your primary dealer is empty and you can still get bud. Hope this helps on finding a dealer. ~
    #HaPpY tOkInG#
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