Where to get papers?

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  1. LukeEatsAirplane

    LukeEatsAirplane New Member

    Okay, my friend and I are smoking weed today for the first time. My friend told me that he heard it's alright to smoke weed with regular computer paper, while I've heard by many people that that can be pretty harsh on your lungs. So do you guys know where we could get some rolling papers? I'm 14 and he's 16. We don't live near a headshop or anything though, we live in a small suburban neighborhood. Any help would be appreciated.

    Edit: Where would I be able to get zig zags? And how old do you have to be to buy them? Or do zig zags have tar in them? Or where would I get Rizzlas? God I'm such a noob, lol.
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  2. DayDreamer23

    DayDreamer23 New Member

    Don't know wjere you're from, so it's hard to tell where to get them. But most of local shops and gas stations sell them though.p

    I started smoking at about your age, and it was no problem buying them from anywhere, or even a pipe or so.

    Just act cool, chill. Or tell your frined to get them. But anyways, as far as I know they aren't 18+.

    Take care, be careful.
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  3. LukeEatsAirplane

    LukeEatsAirplane New Member

    Thanks so much dude. I live in Pennsylvania. I'm definitely relieved that minors can buy them. Hopefully it's still that way.
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  4. LukeEatsAirplane

    LukeEatsAirplane New Member

    What would I say when I walk into the store though, lol? "Can I buy some rolling papers"?
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  5. DayDreamer23

    DayDreamer23 New Member

    Yeah something like that =) ask if they have them, if they do, it shouldn't be a problem at all. Rizlas are no big deal..
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  6. LukeEatsAirplane

    LukeEatsAirplane New Member

    Alright, cool. Thanks dude. I heard that it's illegal for minors to buy papers and lighters in Missouri, hopefully it's okay in PA.
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  7. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Under Pennsylvania law, cigarette papers are considered to be "tobacco products". It is illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18.

    PA tobacco law
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  8. Rocketman

    Rocketman Sr. Member

    Depends how old you look. Most places, even though I'm 16 will sell me papers, or lighters. Or cigs, but I never would buy those.

    Just walk in, act cool, and ask for some Zig Zag's.
    Most places will give it to you, some will ask if your old enough and a simple "yea" will be enough. Some places will ask for a card, and just say "sorry, don't have it" and walk away.

    But yea, good luck. Try to find a person thats in their 20's, or a grandma looking person. I seem to have the most luck with them.

    Have fun.

    Btw, dont smoke any regular paper. The only paper that isn't horrible to smoke is... bible paper.

    But yea, just go to a gas station.
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  9. Reaper420

    Reaper420 New Member

    You can use just about anything if you roll it right, I got a ticket for smoking at a nearby park and shortly after they left I reached in my sock, pulled out my spare, and rolled up said ticket. But definitely get some papers, and try a blunt soon too. :D There are so many tasty blunts...
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  10. LukeEatsAirplane

    LukeEatsAirplane New Member

    Damn. I hope they don't ask for ID. I'll just make my friend go in. He's 16, but he's 6 foot and looks like he could be around 18. I'm only 14, but couldn't pass for more than 15. I'm only 5'5". I'll just pray to god that they don't ask for ID. I really need to smoke some pot. We've been delayed a shitload, so the official date is Saturday, the 27th. My friend's getting the pot tomorrow, then on Saturday we're smoking it behind some woods in a completely vacant, huge field, then we're sleeping over his house, so hopefully we'll get one of those really good 'first time' highs that last for hours and hours. Thanks for all the help guys.
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  11. PepeTheMano

    PepeTheMano New Member


    I just tried bible paper and it was harsh on my lungs :(
    Try and make a waterfall bong, they work very well.
  12. Rocketman

    Rocketman Sr. Member

    Yea its still going to be way more harsh than tobacco papers.

    Yea, make a lung or homemade bong.
  13. strutinshizz

    strutinshizz Sr. Member

    The trick is to do it as confidently as you can, and act like you know what you´re talking about say very specifically what you want and use all the right terms and brand names.

    Im 14 and I always get away with it, if you walk in and act like you can get them, not even let them ask for ID I always start talking over them lol, stupid but works, confidence is the key.
  14. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    Confidence is the key, I am able to buy alcohol and tobacco if I put my scene hair back and show confidence. Rolling paper should be fine, I buy blunts aswell from places that want ID for cigarettes so yeah it depends on the seller.
  15. e7r2i4c

    e7r2i4c New Member

    most gas stations have them....im 15 and i can buy lighters and rolling papers usually...it depends on who is working...old asian ladies at gas stations sell me cigarillos all the time......in my opinion thou just ask ur dealer if u can buy a glass pipe....or most smoke shops will have them...just dont say anything about weed just ask for a pipe my friend is almost 16 and he went in there bought a bong and like 3 pipes
  16. TokinSteve

    TokinSteve New Member

    Setting up a date and a place just to smoke haha. I remember when I first smoked a long time ago that's kind of how it was. Now I don't think anything of it. I get high anywhere, anytime.

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