Where to hide buds in a car

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by unalted, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. unalted

    unalted New Member

    right, im going for a road trip up the country in my single cab ute, now i used to be slack with where to put the weed in a car but since the cops searched it once, i gotta find a good spot. any ideas?
  2. wildcat420

    wildcat420 New Member

    in a lot of vehicles you get the open end bottom of the dash with a lot of little slot compartments to stash it. Hide it good up in there but just remember where you put it so you don't have to feel around for it for like an hour lol. on the passenger side feel under the glove box to see if there is an opening and just hide it far up. Cops usually won't find it because they can't see in there and only feel around but there are so many little spots so it makes it hard for them. If a K-9 unit is called your fucked, unless you get lucky which it does tend to happen often.

    EDIT: Careful driving on major roads/highways (lots of narcotic officers) I know for a fact that half are undercover and can drive a wide range of vehicles so watch out. Every time you drive with weed in your car it is risky. I have an uncle that is a narcotic officer here in Ontario and he has friends in Texas and California, Detroit that are also Narcotic officers. Canada isn't as bad for undercover officers. My uncle knows I smoke and that I used to drive around and smoke in my car..he loves me so he gave me some tips haha.
  3. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Ideally the trunk would be best. Correct me if i'm wrong but i think cops can't look in your trunk in a regular search, and as far as k-9's, i wouldn't doubt they could smell it through the trunk unless you kept it in a airtight bag or jar or something.
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  4. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    i hide my stash in the gas door. i have a nice compartment off to the side i use. all i do is layer it in a few bags and ziptie it on a metal bracket in the gas door :) your ride wont smell like pot inside, noone will ever think to look there, and well...idk i feel safer doing this

    make sure if you do this that it is hiden well so when you stop to get gas you dont have a bag of weed sitting in there. also review what states you are going throuhg and see if they have people at the stations who pump your gas...i wouldnt put it past someone to steel your stash.

    oh btw if you have a gas door that needs to be unlocked-popped from the inside that is a huge plus

    hope that helps ya man
  5. wildcat420

    wildcat420 New Member

    Lots of police try to make a case when pulling someone over and one little mistake either a faint smell or even being nervous will give them reason to detain you (its honestly up the the officer). They will interview you and go from there, their are the good cops and the warped ones. The smell of weed will permeate making it easier for dogs and they got one hell of a nose.
  6. Stewba

    Stewba Sr. Member

    If it's not very much weed, and you really want to be safe, where 2 pairs of socks and shove the bag down into your shoe in between the layers, or (an even safer method) where tight underwear and keep it in there.

    If it's too much weed to fit on you, and you really want to be safe, find a sideboard, panel, w/e that you can remove and put it back there. Make sure it looks legit though, don't duct tape it back on or anything haha, they'll go right for it.

    Keeping it on your person won't work if for some reason you give the cop probable cause, but the panel/sideboard has a good chance IMO.

    You can't completely eliminate the risk of carrying weed with you, the biggest thing is to obey traffic laws and make sure your car is in legal operating condition (all lights work, turn signals work, ect...)

    EDIT: I've always thought the trunk was a place they couldn't search usually too but I wasn't sure, anyone have a definite answer on that?
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  7. wildcat420

    wildcat420 New Member

    The last paragraph Stewba said is probably the most important thing. Don't give anyone reason to pull you over.
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  8. homegrower89

    homegrower89 New Member

    ive been told former cops never ever put ur stash in the gas door cus if a k-9 does by chance sniff around the outside of ur car chances are it'll smell the bud man. something to keep in mind
  9. homegrower89

    homegrower89 New Member

    ive heard of people putting their stash inside the air filter under the hood. it should be big enough to hold a fair amount. only thing is it'll bounce around on potholes and such. and glass is prob not a good idea to store it here on a road trip. good luck
  10. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    yeah, and they will smell it once your window is rolled down also. if there is a dog in the area you are effed regardless. they WILL find it

    i would rather get pulled over and have the officer NOT smell pot, hence not suspect it rather then start freaking out about having pot scent in my car once i see red and blues in my rear view

    i have NEVER been caught while using this method. not saying it will never happen, just sayin it is a lot less likely :mj2:
  11. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    if all else fails. get a small box that water resistant and air tight. put your stash in the box. close the box and lock it shut (if there is no lock, i would tape around it to ensure it is sealed). after you have done this, look for a good area either under the car or under the hood. i have done this a few times going to events and bringin weed. when i go watch the washougal moto nationals i do this because i am there a week and bring a lot of bud. i tape mine either up by my gas tank (in my truck) or under the rain try in my volkswagon. you can also try putting it under your cars airbox. they will NEVER find it there. especially if you can seccure it under there well. this works awsome if you have a GM vehical because of airbox design

    think out of the box man.i would NEVER travel a long distance with the shit in the car. there are a lot of areas you can hide it. hell my friend has dummy fog lights on his wrx that he hides his shit behind.
  12. homegrower89

    homegrower89 New Member

    i agree completely, ive been pulled over multiple times for expired registration and such and have had more than enough pot on me to get me afew yrs in the big house and it seems unless the pot is in a closed wooden box( like a WOODEN not cardboard cigar box) then your effed. but thats my experience. i dont personaly put bud in the hood of my car though.
  13. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    you just reminded me of a step i forgot. if you do end up storing the bud in a sealed box under your hood, you will want to wrap it in either a thermal blanket or heat wrap. i use heat wrap for headers personally. justw rap it around the box very tightly, layering as much as you can...and once you get to the end of the roll just sue a safety pin to hold it in place so you can reuse it

    again...just another way i do it. if you dont wrap the box in some sort of heat reflective coating you can dry out your bud fast
  14. Mazzinator

    Mazzinator Sr. Member

    check to see if there is a panel either in your door, your dome light, your dash board, or your cupholder that will pop out.its even better if the panel is screwed on.i have a maintenance panel on my center console that screws on with a torx bolt.i unscrew it, take off the panel, put in my weed and just reassemble it.impossible to detect.ALTHOUGH i have had some pretty skunky kush before that seeped through, so i gotta watch for that next time.
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  15. 420homebrand

    420homebrand New Member

    taped inside your wheel.
  16. newpotmoker

    newpotmoker New Member

    And let your weed meet the interstate!!!!!! :p;)
  17. Stewba

    Stewba Sr. Member

    Have you tried this before? Seems like a straight shot to losing your stash in the road haha.

    But, if it works that is a good idea.
  18. Prodigy4/20/89

    Prodigy4/20/89 New Member

    any place you can think to hide it, an officer has found weed there before. If it is a small amount, keep it close so you can eat it if you have to. If its too large to eat, keep it out of sight and out of smell.
  19. 420homebrand

    420homebrand New Member

    Lol im not talking a QP in your wheel like a small amount in a bag then like covered in duct tape you could do it inside the rim if thats possible? or take ur actual tire of tape it in there then put the tire back on the rim.
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  20. wildcat420

    wildcat420 New Member

    Putting something in the air filter is dumb if your carrying low quantities in a baggie. The engine heat will make it permeate even faster and the smell would leak through your vents into your car.

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