Where to hide synthetic urine

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by koikomoru, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. koikomoru

    koikomoru New Member

    Sup everyone?

    I have a drug test coming up and I decided to use the synthetic urine since I don't have enough time to get clean before my upcoming test.

    My question, Where is the best place to hide it? In your sock? tape it to your leg? etc?

    Of course this is my first time doing this and am a bit nervous. Testing on tuesday for a position in a hospital in the laboratory.

  2. zonecode88

    zonecode88 New Member

    There are many ways to do it... Personally, I ace-bandaged it to my grundle. You're better off keeping it somewhere below the belt, where bulges are less obvious. When selecting a hiding place, keep in mind the heat factor. You should be practicing concealment and temperature control (90-100 degrees farenheight) combined, until you master it.
  3. koikomoru

    koikomoru New Member

    So if i ace it to my leg, should i use the heating pad or just let my body heat it up?
  4. NurseP

    NurseP New Member

    Do not tape anything to your leg!

    Its not uncommon to be asked to lift your pants leg pre-test. You need to put it some place where another person has no right to look. If you have large breasts you can tuck it under one of them (that will also help with the temp). Personally I would crotch it...wear two pairs of undies and crotch it, sit lightly and you should be A-OK.

    I did a test run with my QF 4.0.

    I got it to 98 in the microwave and crotched it with no heating pad. After 2 hours it was a respectable 94 degrees and after 5 HOURS it was still a passing 90 degrees. Now if it was the real test day I would have used the heating pad to have it a little warmer cuz 90 is cutting it close but the point is that body heat is imperative in keeping synthetic urine warm.

    The body is warmest in the trunk area...your extremeties cannot produce enough heat to keep synthetic urine warm.

    I failed a test with a friends urine back in '03 cuz I didn't know about the temp thing and I stupidly didn't keep my urine in the right place.

    Good luck!!!
  5. koikomoru

    koikomoru New Member

    Wow, im glad i came to the place that knows about this stuff.

    okay, so tell me if this sounds right. The synthetic urine is about 50degrees sitting on my counter. 45min before i go in, i'll ace it to the inside of my leg near the 'rotch, with the heating pad activated. That should keep it about 98-100 degrees. When i go in, i'll put it in the cut and that should be that. sound about right? any other suggestions and little tips that I you all can give?

    Been a lot of help, thanks!
  6. zonecode88

    zonecode88 New Member

    Yea I aced bandaged it because I don't own tighty whities, but I own an ace bandage. Plus, I liked how the ace bandage let me keep my "sample" securely affixed in the optimal position for insulation, and I didn't have to worry about it disloging or moving one way or the other. Many people report great success with tighty whities alone, however.
  7. NurseP

    NurseP New Member

    Ace bandaging it to the uppermost part of your inner thigh with a heating pad is cool. It should be concealed and the temp should be fine. The only thing I would recommend is that you practice because you want to make sure you can get to the urine w/o fumbling.

    In some scenarios you will be alone in the bathroom but it is possible that someone could be standing outside the door or even the stall. You don't want to be in there fumbling around, making all kinds of noise, or worse case scenario....dropping your pee!

    Again, good luck and please post back with your experience and results.
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  8. zonecode88

    zonecode88 New Member

    Yes. This may sound obvious, but better safe than sorry... Take the empty bottle out of the bathroom with you. You don't want them finding it in there if they look. Dressing decently helps deflect suspicion.... no holy sweat pants. ;)
  9. Sparrow

    Sparrow New Member

    Hey guys-
    The easiest way to guarantee that you pass the pee test when using synthetic urine is to use 'the strap'. It's sold on ebay under "fake urine." It's a neoprene strap that wraps around your upper thigh. It keeps synthetic urine at body temp because of the material and where it's placed plus it conceals it and you don't have to worry about tape or something falling off your leg. I get randoms at work and have been called in mutiple times and it has worked everytime. I wear it everyday all day without a problem.

    Good luck and let me know if you have problems finding it.
  10. Mike Hammacek

    Mike Hammacek New Member

    I just took a drug test today and I googled a shit ton to find the best way to do this. The way that I did it was to put the urine in a travel size shampoo bottle (make sure it is more than 45 ML because that was the minimum amount that I had to supply at my test). I then wore two pairs of compression (athletic) shorts that were tight and I knew the bottle wouldnt move and placed the bottle right under my scrotum. I then placed a heating pack between the first pair of compression shorts and the second pair because the heating pad was pretty hot and is really hot if it touches your bare skin. I did a couple of trial runs before i went to make sure i didnt screw anything up and that the temperature was good. I wore jeans and a collared shirt so that they didnt think i was some scumbag or something and it went perfectly fine.

    Also at my place they didnt check my legs or do anything they just told me to empty my pockets and then they left the room.

    Hope this helps
  11. CaseyKnoxville

    CaseyKnoxville New Member

    I tried two different methods of keeping urine warm for my 10-panel Drug test

    1. Putting clean urine in a non-lubricated condom, and keeping in my bra. I have rather large breast so I didn’t need a hand warmer, but I’ve heard of ppl using them.
    2. Putting it in a 1.7oz travel size shampoo bottle, and placing it in my vagina. (Don’t judge, desperate times, call for desperate measures J)
    I tested the temp a few different times, to see how drastically the temp changed. Here are my results…

    In condom, in my bra

    98.7 at 1:40pm
    94 at 3:25pm
    In bottle, placed internally

    95 at 2pm
    98.6 at 2:30pm
    97.5 at 3:40pm

    On the day of my test I used one 1.7oz travel size shampoo bottle and kept it in my vagina (Vaseline helps things slide in, with less discomfort), and I also kept 1.7oz travel size shampoo bottle under my breast, in my bra. I kept the heat on while driving there, to keep my body temp up, because it seems like they always make you sit forever in the cold office…coincidence? I think not lol

    45 min after arriving I’m finally called back. I first take my weight, vision and hearing test. I had to leave my purse and everything that was in my pockets on the desk outside. I walk into the bathroom, there is no sink, and the toilet water is dyed blue. They’re not as dumb as you think. Also, the light was high up, and dim; so don’t count on warming it from the heat of the bulb. You cant flush the toilet either, or the entire test is void.

    I had to fill the cup ½ way, thank god I decided to bring to bottles, one wasn’t even close enough!!

    I first used the one under my breast, placed it back when finished. Second I used the one stored in my vagina, placed it under my other breast when finished.

    My temp read between the required 90-100 range.

    Hope this helps!!! Good Luck!!
  12. Heyfoo909

    Heyfoo909 New Member

    I have a urine test tomorrow for a hospital tired the tighty whitey for practice got it to 94 degrees without the heating pack is that ok?

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