Which employers do not drug test?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by terrorist420x, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. terrorist420x

    terrorist420x New Member

    I have searched long and hard over the internet for prospective employers that do not drug test. My rights as recognized in the U.S. Constitution are very important, and I will not willfully let them be violated. Sure, it's easy to not smoke for the week or so it would take my body to clean itself out(high metabolism), and I only smoke once or twice a month anyway. But, even if I didn't smoke, the expectation that I must prove innocence when the burden of proof should rest on the employer to prove guilt, the plethora of personal medical information that can be revealed through a drug test, and given that what I do outside the workplace is no employer's business when it has no bearing on the workplace is enough reason to want to avoid having a drug test.

    Finding employers that don't drug test is not easy. I will soon have a bachelors degree in electrical engineering. I'm sure as hell not going to waste that education working at some headshop, grocery store, or fast food joint for minimum wage because I couldn't find a prospective employer in my field that isn't waving a piss jar in front of me.

    I have stumbled across the following outdated and dismally short list of employers that don't drug test:

    non-testers list dot com / Non-Testers List (NTList) A Consumer / User guide to companies that do NOT drug test!

    There is also an old list from the early 1990s floating around that listed a few companies that don't drug test, but it is horribly outdated.

    There is a list on test clear dot com of companies that do drug test; it encompasses anyone and everyone, quite discouraging...

    I've also found articles that claim Agilent Technologies and Sun Microsystems do not drug test.

    But being able to choose from perhaps 10 companies in my field with any certainty? It's not uncommon for an engineer to apply to 50 places before getting a job, even though jobs in this field are very plentiful!

    It is a given that small businesses usually will not drug test, but actually finding them is where difficulty sets in. I'd prefer to work in a small business environment, but finding one of those is my responsibility, not yours. I'm merely asking for the members here to add to a list of companies that don't drug test. That means no pre-employment, OR random.

    So, why don't we all get together and help each other out? If anyone here works for employers that don't drug test, please list them! Mention criteria such as whether or not they state they drug test in an application form(even though they may not test in reality), the company name, the location(not all locations that are hiring have the same standards; not all will test), the position you are hired in, ect.

    On these forums, I have searched and come across posts where people here will reject any job that drug tests, but they usually never reveal who they work for or where. This makes it difficult to find out just where drug test free employment may be found.

    [Mod Note:] I removed the URL from the link due to the fact that the actual parts of the website you want us to see have been down for 2 months with no realistic expectation that they will be back online anytime soon. Since the site with the "non-testing list" has been down since 8/15/06, you could not possibly know if the list is long or short. The remaining parts of the website are a link to sell products and books. That is a no-no on this site and considered spam.
  2. 1tokeovertheline

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    A lot of these places are starting to drug test also. So you may have a hard time getting a job at one of these places too.
    I think you are going to have a hard time finding a job in your field that doesn't drug test.
    I understand how you feel, but I think it will end up just hurting your future if you don't change the way you feel about drug testing. Why not just fool the system by using the tips on the drug testing forums on this site.
  3. terrorist420x

    terrorist420x New Member

    That's why I'm asking before hand, so I don't end up hurting my future and so others have a better chance of avoiding having to submit to this practice as well. It's just not worth the effort for me to change the way I feel about it, as it would only result in me being dishonest to myself and my views about the practice. It is invasive, assumes guilt on part of all participants, violates their constitutional rights, and assumes that one's free time off of work is not their own but their employer's. Changing one's views will not change those characteristics of this practice.

    Not everyone has the luxury to be choosy like I might have right now, as they may need a job immediately and may not have a few months or more to shop around. I'll be damned if I'm going to waste that chance, as many others would envy just having that chance.

    I know multiple ways to fool it, but the whole point of this topic is to find ways not to be a participant in it to begin with. They exist, and there's people that succeed in finding employment while avoiding these tests. I'm sure many here would like to become one of them. It would greatly add to the wealth of information on this site if people here know of such places of employment, and would share them.
  4. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    Good luck. The whole purpose of the drug testing forums is to help pass a drug test. You are looking to find how to avoid a drug test. I hope you find what you are looking for.
  5. terrorist420x

    terrorist420x New Member

    This appeared to be the most appropriate forum to start this topic.

    As for grocery chains I'm aware of that don't do pre-employment or random:

    -Schnucks (only does post-accident drug tests, grocery chain around St. Louis)
    -Dierbergs (grocery chain around St. Louis)

    Fast food restaurants I'm unsure of:

    -Popeye's Chicken (Don't mention it on their application form, aren't listed on testclear.com)

    I'm also aware that most private universities only do such testing on suspicion, but no pre-employment or random for instructors or university staff where 'the law' doesn't force it(for instance, 'the law' does force it on those in 'safety sensitive positions' like nurses. For another debate, it could be argued 'the law' in this case is illegal according to our constitution.).

    So, St. Louis University can be added to the list of those who don't do random or pre-employment(with exceptions for nurses, medical staff, and such).

    So, the following buisnesses don't do pre-employment or random drug screening(if they do post-accident or suspicion, it will be specified, if the lack of testing isn't across all locations it will also be noted. For positions as required by law, it goes without saying all of these places will do that where applicable):

    -Agilent Technologies
    -High Times Magazine
    -Schnucks (post-accident only)
    -St. Louis University (suspicion only)
    -Sun Microsystems

    Six so far. If anyone can add, please share. Specify if it is for all locations, whether you don't know if it is for all locations, or if it applies to your location specifically. Please include any small or local businesses as well.

    We can also add an 'unsure' category for further research:

    -Popeye's Chicken
  6. 420godfather

    420godfather Sr. Member

    ...I know some companies that do not test you pre-employment. But first , a question. What constitutional right does pre-employment drug screening violate ? :rolleyes:
  7. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Get a job in a day care, they don't drug test.

    Motels, restaurants, auto repair shops, tatoo parlors, most grocery stores. there is plenty of opportunity for work in places who do not drug test.

    If you are looking for work with a company who applies and wins government contracts, then you will need to have a drug test due to the "Drug Free Workplace Act".

    That means if a computer company wins a contract to install or supply computer systems to any federal government office, they will need to have a comprehensive drug and alcohol policy in force at the time of the application. The easiest way for companies to prove that they have a policy in force, is to drug test its employees or applicants, or both.
  8. Secs

    Secs New Member

    If you want to further debate whether drug testing violates your rights or not, please see the thread in the Political forum.
    ...and there is a link to make it easier.
  9. weeds

    weeds New Member


    They can't afford to test everyone I guess, so they don't test for employment or even with suspicions that it's been done, I know from my experience working there.
  10. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    Of course they don't. Could you imagine the field day the press would have if Mickey and Minnie Mouse tested positive for drugs, but we all know why Goofy is so goofy.;)
  11. 420godfather

    420godfather Sr. Member

    ...if you're worried about failing a drug test, quit smoking long enough to pass one or use some other method. Go get the job you seek, then start smoking again. It's not really that hard of a decision!!! :cool:
  12. terrorist420x

    terrorist420x New Member

    Which one? Is this policy nationwide, or is it for a specific location?

    I am aware of this. I've long ago decided not to search for work in those places.

    Most of them in my area do, but they are chains as opposed to local businesses. Local businesses tend not to submit employees to such a practice, but they are also getting quite rare where I live. Ideally, locally-based businesses are where I'd find employment.

    But finding such work is difficult for someone who does not have years of experience in avoiding places that do drug test. This is precisely why I came here.

    As opposed to being a hypocrite and placing my privacy and personal time off work for sale, I'd prefer to seek out alternatives where possible, given that I have ample opportunity.

    Thanks for your suggestions. But if anyone has specific businesses and locations, please add to this list. Stoners around the U.s. will thank you for it should they come across it.
  13. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    Then just go to a mom and pop grocery store and work for minimum wage and let your diploma hang on the wall and collect dust. Then you won't be a hypocrite. You probably won't have much of anything else either.

    Post back in a few years and let us know if you joined the ranks of hundreds of "hypocrites" on this site, that decided to fool the system and make some money to support themselves and their families.;)

    When you get out of college and face the "real world" you will see that you have to do what you have to do when mommy and daddy quit footing the bill.:(
  14. Secs

    Secs New Member

    weeds gave you a name of a company that doesn't drug test. I can imagine that Disneyland (which is in California, Disneyworld is in Florida, by the way :rolleyes: ) would also need electrical engineers along with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. (If you can find another Disneyland in the US, let me know).

    Now, short of filling the application and going to the interview for you, there is not much else we can do for you. You are going to have to do some things for yourself.

    Oh yea, even with that lofty bachelors degree in electrical engineering, you will have to start somewhere near the bottom (usually called "entry level"). No one comes out of college and goes right to the top of the pay scale. Everyone must put in their time at the bottom before moving up.
  15. daisykarma

    daisykarma New Member

    Check for sure...

    If you are applying to places that you do not think do pre hire testing... you may want to check to see if they have a union for the hourly employees. Usually unions decide whether or not & what types of drug screening will be performed...
    NoW---- if you are applying to to a salary position... the rules could be completely different.. you may be required to conduct a pre-employment drug screening. Almost every place I have worked there were different rules for the salary versus hourly when there are unions involved. My guess is Disneyland has pre-employment testing for their salaried positions, and an electrical engineer may be considered to be salary.. My suggestion is to do some checking with other salaried employees there before you apply..
  16. GreenberryMary

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  17. bone21

    bone21 New Member

    I know I'm late to this, but I been living in California for 2 years. I worked at a random restaurant in West Hollywood that didn't drug test. I also worked at Foot Locker and to my surprise, they didn't drug test either.
  18. V-te

    V-te Active Member

    Bump. I've decided to start job seeking and will stop until I get one. I like the OP's original intent, and now that it's been longer, I'm pretty sure we can get more information. It would really be helpful.
  19. kudo88

    kudo88 New Member

    So after all this time, I wonder if he ever found a job that didn't drug test.
    I live in Colorado which is pretty 420 friendly these days and there are a few tech companies around here that still drug test (Ecostar is one I know of) but it seems like there are a lot more that don't drug test.

    I'm actually an EE myself and had the same concerns as the OP coming out of college, but was never tested and still never have been.

    Honestly once you are payed on a salary rate with an engineering degree do you really think the company should waste money on drug testing?? They should be testing your technical skills, which is generally what they are concerned about. Although depending on a contract like someone else said, it might not be up to your company to determine this if it's a government client. Although I still work with government clients and I was never drug tested.
  20. Mrs.VinceNoir

    Mrs.VinceNoir New Member

    I know for sure that JoAnn's Fabrics and Crafts does not drug test. But it's a horrible place to work, so that should be one's main deterrent. I've also heard from a friend that Netflix does not test either. And I'd agree with one of the previous statements about daycares not testing.

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