White Bud?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by GuyOnTheCouch39, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. GuyOnTheCouch39

    GuyOnTheCouch39 New Member

    hey guys, relatively new smoker here, got a question:
    I picked up a dub from a friend of mine who claimed it was the dankest he's ever smoked. This stuff was white, like a pine tree dusted with snow. Most of the stuff I've ever picked up was just green with the slightest bit of orange. What does this white signify? :confused:

    BTW It smoked beautifully, great taste (like fruit!) and got me ridiculous on a single grav hit hahaha
  2. BlazedCanadian

    BlazedCanadian Sr. Member

    maybe white widow, i dunno.
  3. AstroCoaster

    AstroCoaster Sr. Member

    White signifies a type of Marijuana with a lot of THC. Most likely its a White Widow strain. Weed thats very White or looks like its frosted with cystals is usually the best kind of Marijuana there is.
  4. FrogBong

    FrogBong New Member

    i could be white widow. but just because its white doesnt make it the "dankest bud ever." that all depends on by who and how it was grown. you should be able to tell how good it is by squeezing it, if it bounces back immediately then it was cured properly. look at it with a magnifying glass, the more thc bulbs the better. no seeds is better that seeds, because the plant takes nutrients from making thc to make seeds. and finaly look for little brown spots or places where bugs or spidermites got to it. also depending on where you are quality of bud differs.
  5. newpotmoker

    newpotmoker New Member

    the white you see is called Trichroms. Trichroms are pure thc crystals. This shows its some good ass bud! :)
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  6. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    spelled Trichomes, no "r" in there(just for your knowledge. not tryin to be a dick)

    Usually buds with a lot of trichomes will be pretty dank, though it isn't a fool-proof way of telling what buds are better. Some buds with less trichomes may actually end up getting you higher.
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  7. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Too bad you don't have a picture for us but in all my years of smoking I've never seen bud that is "white". Buds saturated with trichomes have a frosted look but "white"?

    "White" has nothing to do with White Widow. White Widow is just a name and has nothing to do with the physical appearance.

    Hmm, now this is a novel statement. Can you explain exactly how that is?
  8. GuyOnTheCouch39

    GuyOnTheCouch39 New Member

    Sorry Sterbo, I should have specified a little more. it's not completely white, it looks frosted. thats a better way of putting it
  9. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Ah, good to hear it. I was a bit concerned that the weed you got had been adulterated.

    So you got yourself some really fine reefer.
  10. CrayzStoner

    CrayzStoner New Member

    Did it look like this?


    That is white widow!
  11. fave1911

    fave1911 New Member

    That's just not fair. In your face like this...what were you thinking? Some people have no shame. :soapbox:

    Looks like PermaFrost too.:party:
  12. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    Personal experience lol. I've had buds that got me a lot more stoned than I first thought they would judging by the visible trichomes, got me just as stoned or more stoned than some buds that had a lot more visible trichomes. Trichomes are the best visual clue as to how good your bud will be, as that is what gets you high, but some buds may surprise you.
  13. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Nothing like personal experience to give us the exception to the rule.
    Think I'll stick with the trichomes myself...:p
  14. GuyOnTheCouch39

    GuyOnTheCouch39 New Member

    hahaha it does kinda look like that CrayzStoner! However i know that you can't always tell the strain from the picture, though i appreciate it. Thanks for the help from all the people who've tried to aid me on this.... if my dealer don't know than i suppose i won't..... whatever, it made Avatar in 3-D awesome regardless!
  15. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    No. It was in focus. :D

    There have been a whole range of "white" strains developed in the last decade. They are usually identifiable while growing by trichomes forming not only on the buds and bud leaves, but even on some of the fan leaves. More trichomes = more THC = getting higher on less.
  16. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    ive had white urkle which was completely white you could not see through the crystals
  17. kushman80

    kushman80 New Member

    I totally agree with Audio, some buds will suprise you from time to time. Last week I my dealer was selling me a dub of some type of kush. It smelled dank but it really didn't seem all that keify but I smoked it any way. 2 rips in I was super baked. This caught me by suprise because I'm a daily smoker with a some what high tolerence. By the time I finished a medium sized bong packing I could barely keep my eyes open. After a three hour nap I woke up and was still baked, not just buzzed but baked. So ya weed that has a lot of trichomes most of the time is an indicator of good bud, but sometimes some weed that may not look as good will get you high as a f**kin kite,
  18. Njxstoner420

    Njxstoner420 New Member

    First of all white widow has to be white or it's not WHITE widow that's whybits called white widow I would know I've grown it... And if it smells and smokes fruity it was probally dry do they put a orange or lemon or lime in with it to moisten it up
  19. OG Smith

    OG Smith New Member

    I actually bought some white bud yesterday. There was no green at all. (Even when i broke it up) Just white. It had little purple spots in it with orange hairs. It was really crystally too. I will post a picture of it.
  20. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    The weed will only get better and better in the future.So look forward to having very good weed in the future.And shwag being a thing of the past..

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