White Rhino?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Sammanzhi, May 4, 2010.

  1. Sammanzhi

    Sammanzhi New Member

    Hey guys, I'm a new poster but I've got a question that is just burning into my skull.

    So AK47 is hands down my favorite strain. I smoked about 2 decent sized steam rollers and got high for like three and a half hours. Since then I've been on a search for AK and I've come across it a couple of times.

    The other day my friend says he's got some White Rhino, which I know to be a hybrid mix of AK47 (OMG) and White Widow (Hell yes!). I get that shit and immediately pack a massive bowl with it.

    I was pretty fuckin baked for like 2 hours, but it wasn't anything that I don't get from some dank ass dro.

    Guess my question is, from my description do you think I scored real White Rhino or just got some smoke blown up my ass? Thanks!
  2. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    Just because something is a well known strain doesn't mean it was grown well. Even the best strains can be garbage if they aren't grown properly.

    Honestly, I don't think anyone could really answer your question.
  3. gnjisthbst

    gnjisthbst New Member

    dude, we cant tell you what you smoked in most cases even if you had a pic of the nug, its the smell/taste that tend to be the give away
  4. Sammanzhi

    Sammanzhi New Member

    For sure, I can throw some pics on here but they are dried/cured nugs.

    I suppose it could have been grown improperly. What taste should I be looking for? What should it smell like?

    I'm getting a kind of sweet flowery smell. It tastes pretty sweet too.
  5. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    Most people describe the taste as "sweet and/or piney"
  6. Sammanzhi

    Sammanzhi New Member

    Awesome, that almost hits it spot on. I'm just gonna forgo the whole stain name and just slap this with "good shit."

    Pretty fuckin baked right now, thanks for the help guys!
  7. gnjisthbst

    gnjisthbst New Member

    did it look like this, picked this up at the dispensary about 2 weeks ago


    so tasty :)
  8. Sammanzhi

    Sammanzhi New Member

    Yeah mine pretty much looks exactly like that but my buds don't have quite as many hairs. My other buds bag pretty much fits that to a T, ours is slightly less green but very sticky (I assume that's just how it was grown) :rasta:
  9. gnjisthbst

    gnjisthbst New Member

    yea, that shit doesnt have the white haze crystals yet cause it was way sticky, i cured it for a few more days in a paper bag and the sack was white as fuckin snow
  10. Sammanzhi

    Sammanzhi New Member

    Thanks for the help man, I'm gonna try that out.
  11. Blackbear

    Blackbear Sr. Member

    since i don't get from a medical dispensary, when my dealer gives me a name of strain i just nod and act pleased, i dont make assumptions till i see the actual bud. crystals speak for themselves
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  12. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    White Rhino is not a hybrid of AK-47 and White Widow. It's a hybrid of White Widow and a very potent Indica plant. The AK-47/White Widow hybrid is called "White Russian". It comes from the breeder of AK-47, Serious Seeds.
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  13. Sammanzhi

    Sammanzhi New Member

    Oh! I didn't even realize! Ha!
  14. probationBLOWZ420

    probationBLOWZ420 New Member

    MY FRIEND RECENTLY OPENED A HEAD SHOP OUT OF HIS HOME HE IS A "GOOD FRIED" not in a gay way!! but anyways i went to his shop to buy some White Rhino, while there i purchased a gas mask bong for 30 bucks and an 8th of the rhino for 60. anyways by first look at it i didnt believe it. i smoked my gf and her mom up and it was 1 hit kill. he should me the medical marijuana slip and assured me he's getting it from cali. i cant smoke it for another 2 days until after my drug test. but i got bored and broke it up. it sticks to your fingers and has a real familaiar smell. it is very sweet and reminds me of sour diesel my favorite strand. it is very stick and smells great but the sweetness isnt overpowering like the Diesel. im assured it is a white rhino. when u break the nugs in half it snaps, and the middle is really light and the aroma is orgasmic. IT IS FIRE

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