white spots on leaves

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by quicksilverelectric, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. quicksilverelectric

    quicksilverelectric New Member

    I have several clones 3 weeks old and I am getting white spots on the leaves and know it isnt spider mites and I raised my light does any one know what it might be I am runniong a top feed with canna does anyone know of any mold that may look this way?
  2. Brassmusic

    Brassmusic New Member

    Pictures tell a thousand words.

    White spots on leaves could be many diffrent things. From Pests, Diseases to Stress. Are the spots on the tops of the leaves or bottom? Are they also on the stalk & branches? Do they wipe off with a q-tip or a washing? Indoor or outdoor grow? Soil or Hydro?

    I would sugest some 'Neem Oil' to start. (Use as directed) If that doesn't resolve your issues than re-post with pictures. Close ups of problem areas.


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