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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Fang1111, May 14, 2004.

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    About 10 years ago I used white vinegar to pass a drug test and it worked. This was obviously a variation on dilution as many of the same rules applied, exercise and lots of water. I also knew some very heavy drug users that were successful as well, and they used many drugs not just MJ.

    I recently failed a test using vinegar, and a detox drink. Any idea what went wrong? I am now 45, a daily user about 180 lbs and 6 foot tall. My consumption has remained constant at about one joint a day since I was a teen.

    I have a retest and plan to try substitution this time but am going to go through the dilution process, just in case!

    Thanks Guys, this is a great service and has been a ton of help already, I wish I had found you earlier!
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    Vinegar has no evidence of helping to pass a drug test. Many people have raved about its effectiveness, but there is no evidence to support that it is a "sure thing" in terms of passing a urine screening. Many who use it will pass based on simple dilution alone but since they also used vinegar they will use the vinegar as a basis for their passing. Hope this helps.
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    Fang, 'what went wrong'? I to am a joint/gram a day smoker and 47. For dilution to work, your THC metablite levels must be at lower levels, and since with age, our metabolism is slowing down while our consumption rate remains constant, it's like those pounds that just keep adding up. LOL. Through my own lab testing experments, I can speak for my levels and rate of metabolism. On a daily basis, my GC/MS THCA metabolite count is around 200ng/ml. At 6 days clean, I was at 146ng.ml and at 13 days clean, 109ng/ml. Dilution can work up to a factor of about 10. In other words, since the GC/MS pass/fail line is set at 15ng/ml, One could in theory have up to a count of 150ng/ml and pass. In reality, a count of 135ng/ml or lower would be the goal before diluting for a test. So, I would want to be at least 9-10 days clean before I would feel comphy trying to pass a test with dilution. Oh yes, those numbers are from smoking commercial grade Mexican. If you are a heavy smoker, as I used to be, of world class Amsterdam kynd bud, or hasj made from said bud, counts of 500+ng/ml are common and can go slightly upwards of 1000ng/ml. Hope that helps explain why dilution failed you. N2 PS. and oh yeah, as Mel said, the vinigar doesn't help. It's the water.
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    Thanks alot guys, your all too cool
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    no problem man we are here to help let us know how your screening goes and the results. Cheers!

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