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  1. RedeyedTim

    RedeyedTim New Member

    Hey, I'm new to this site. Just placed an order for the whizzinator, and some synthetic urine. Gotta see the P.O. soon. My question is: the bathroom i piss in is very small. He doesnt look directly at me, at least the front he doesnt. My concern is How loud is the snap that is heard when releasing the valve??? Please help!!!!! My freedom depends on it. There is also a metal detector in the lobby of the building, no prob for the whizzinator Right??????
  2. madgreek

    madgreek New Member

    I dont think you have much to worry about. I was on probation for a few years and the whole time i was on mandatory testing randomly at least 3 -4 time weekly. I never found out how to actually beat a test when testing temp., specific gravity, etc. and of course i did not found out about the whizzinator until i was released and my brother in law had to use it in the military. He said the click isnt very bad but to be sure just to make some kind of noise just in case. Hell i use to have a full on conversation with my PO while testing, hahaha. good luck
  3. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    you can cough a couple of times or groan when you urinate to mask any noise, the only issue will be detection by sight; if he is not in plain view of your zipper, you should be ok. Just make sure you piss on the seat of the toilet a little just for fun lol.

  4. RedeyedTim

    RedeyedTim New Member

    Thanx, I feel a little more confident now. :chokin: But temp is hard to master? i was planning on using the heating pads. Any advice is greatly appriciated. I know alot of this has been disscussed many times. Thanx for your help and patience. I have to pass this test or im toast!!! I'm currently active duty for the Navy, well on leave i caught a possession charge. i have so far been able to hide the fact im active duty from the courts. Not easy let me tell you. ;) Problem is my probation is over in 8 months and my enlistment ends in 14 months. I didnt join the navy willingly. It was either join the service or go to jail. I told the judge navy sounds pretty good. So you see if i get caught with dirty urine and get sent to jail. The Navy will find out as well as the courts, that i have been playing them.
  5. RedeyedTim

    RedeyedTim New Member

    HELP!!!. If i put the heating pads on the synthetic urine. While sitting in the waiting room how hot will the urine get???? I will be using the whizzinator as a form of delivery.
  6. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Seasoned Activist

    P R A C T I C E !!!!! N2
  7. Wizard1

    Wizard1 New Member

    I love to smoke...it's such a wonderfull thing...
    but in your situation, would it not be prudent to abstain for a while.??? I know it's hard....but it sounds like your risking alot.
    But, with that said...I wish you the best of luck...Hope you pull it off!
    (No pun intended)
  8. RedeyedTim

    RedeyedTim New Member

    Whizzinator has been working GREAT!!! 2 more months and my probation is over! It sure is nice to be able to party when i want. Probation has been droping me about every 3 to 4 weeks. i even had my number come up for a drop for the Navy not a prob thanx to your help guys. The only risky issue is the little snap the valve makes but i got lots of noises and diversions i have practiced well. When i get off probation without the Navy finding out I'm gonna burn a fat one for all of ya. Speaking of burning, I have watch duty from midnight till 4am tonight :bawl: need to get nice and toasted. See ya
  9. YouLiveAndLearn

    YouLiveAndLearn Sr. Member

    I'm currently on probation and this may just be me but since my PO is watching me they just put it in the fridge right away without checking the temp. Good Luck... :)
  10. RedeyedTim

    RedeyedTim New Member

    I got the temp thing mastered. I buy synthetic urine at a head shop in the area. It has heating chrystals in the powder. I mix it in the parking lot. fill the whizzinator, take a few one hitters. Spray some cologne on chew some gum and i go in and piss :liplick:
  11. altheatoldme

    altheatoldme New Member

    Tim, so the pee you are buying has heating crystals mixed in???

    this place is starting to sound better and better.
  12. RedeyedTim

    RedeyedTim New Member

    yep heats the urine up real nice even makes it a nice yellow color.
  13. uglyboots3

    uglyboots3 New Member

    this may sound stupid but are the instructions easy to follow???
  14. Alex420

    Alex420 New Member

    Sorry to resurrect here, but has anyone ever heard of this stuff? A synthetic that heats itself up? Please tell!!!
  15. Locutus

    Locutus New Member

    Alex420 yes i have heard of that, i think you mean clear choice sub-solution... with the heat activator additive... i thought it was a lousy idea the first time i heard of it, and not too long after i saw a post by someone who failed using it. they said it went to the lab and came back as NON-HUMAN. this is not the only product that this company has had problems with either. a few people have failed after using their hair shampoo. their ad in hightimes has some microscopic disclaimer about their products not being intended for drug tests. there are much better ways to heat and maintain the urine... did you know that whizzinator.com sells heat packs for only $1 each, which are made specifically to maintain just the right temp for urine? lol and their dehydrated is only $12 or 3 for $30, and it's good stuff too :) so is Quickfix 4.0 which happens to be on ebay for about $20 right now. hope this helps ya.
  16. calikush420

    calikush420 New Member

    The whizzinator has saved my ass numerous times. Super easy to use and the best thing about it, you can even go to your test stoned. picked mine up about a year ago at Whizzinator - Official Site - works just like the day i bought it.
  17. jpbc99

    jpbc99 New Member

    ehem...this is like a 6 year old thread. and no ones posted on it in about 5 years dude.


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