Who drives I-80 in Nebraska? Drug Stop Information Needed

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by grace17, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. grace17

    grace17 New Member

    Hello, I am new to this board and I have a question about driving on I-80. The last time I drove on I-80 was going to Wisconsin from Las Vegas. Well in Nebraska, there was a certain section of I-80 where a sign was posted saying something of the sorts, "Drug Sniffing Dogs ahead." It was something on those lines, but I got off the interstate pretty much right away and took some county roads around this area that was coming up.

    What is this? Is it a random pull over drug check? Is it a stop coming up checking for drugs?

    The reason I ask is because I am traveling out west to Colorado from Chicago and I am just curious to know what do I need to be on the look out for on I-80. I mean I am only going to have a small stash for myself. Nothing out of hand.
  2. nikk

    nikk Sr. Member

    Not sure there, but they do have random stops in some places that they'll search around for illegals..Or if they're backed up they'll just pass you through.
  3. grace17

    grace17 New Member

    Well I was thinking about just bringing some brownies and a little tiny bit of bud. Probably put the brownies in with some other food. I may just stick with the brownies for this trip cause they are truly the best buzz I think.

    I would think with all the traffic on I-80, it would be almost impossible to stop everyone. That would be some traffic jam.

    So you think they randomly search cars? How can they do that with out any probable cause?

    From what I have been reading online, seems like they just have the dogs around in case they pull someone over for doing something illegal (like an improper lane change or not signaling...something small of course) and have suspicion that they may have drugs on them. That's what I think the sign meant.
  4. luzball

    luzball New Member

    There is nothing illegal about walking your dog around someones car and letting it sniff the air that is outside of your property. Once they bark, that gives them probable cause to physically search your car. I'm sure the dude who always replys to legal threads will agree with me.
  5. McGruff

    McGruff New Member

    I've heard they put up those signs to trick drivers to take the next exit. The real inspection point is at the end of the exit ramp.

    Why would LEO advertise an inspection stop?
  6. grace17

    grace17 New Member

    I'm really just wondering if they are stopping all the cars on I-80 in this section of Nebraska or if just random one's.

    Has anyone driven on this part of I-80 lately or within the last year? Just wondering if there is signs posted about anything and if they are actually pulling people over?

    Too me I would think it would cause a huge traffic jam if they pulled everyone over and yeah I know if a dog barks and does whatever it would give them reason to search. I am not asking about that.

    I just want to know if anyone has traveled this road lately and if they are pulling people over? I saw a sign for something many years ago and I got off the interstate because of the sign. I either read too much into the sign or it actually was happening ahead. I don't know, that's why I am asking on here.
  7. nikk

    nikk Sr. Member

    It'll be random
    They try to stop everyone, but when it gets to a certain limit they'll start passing cars through.
  8. grace17

    grace17 New Member

    When you mean try to stop everyone, do you mean like they just pull you over for no reason?

    Well I mean "no reason" as in the signs that are posted are to warn you that they are pulling people over ahead because of drug stops, it's not because you have a light out or you made an illegal lane shift?

    That must mean they are just randomly pulling people over. I would think that would irritate a lot of drivers, don't ya think?
  9. jmhereiam

    jmhereiam New Member

    I see these on I-44 in Missouri all the time, they say it's up ahead, but it is never on the highway itself, they always are waiting for people to get scared and take the next exit then get stopped there. Idk if it's the same for you, but thats how they do it here.
  10. luzball

    luzball New Member

    Oh, my bad.
  11. NightTokerB

    NightTokerB New Member

    I've heard the same
  12. grace17

    grace17 New Member

    Don't they have to have a reason to pull you over though? I mean just getting off on the exit doesn't give them reason to pull you over, or does it? I just don't see the reason to pull you over unless you were speeding on the exit ramp or have a light out or something.

    I just can't see how they can pull people over for no reason but to find a reason to search your car. Too me that doesn't sound right but illegal. You have to be doing something wrong while driving in order to get pulled over and then I could see them trying to do whatever they can to find out if you have drugs in your car.
  13. benjammin21

    benjammin21 New Member

    i travelled I-80 from colorado back to chicago about a month and a half ago, end of may. i saw no signs about drug sniffing dogs or anything of that sort. in fact i ate a firecracker that morning and had about an o on me. ill be travelling I-80 from chicago to colorado in about a month again. i wouldnt say its anythign to worry about, especially nebraska I-80 because its pretty long and boring. however due to the fact that its such a major road I really doubt they would hold up traffic for such a reason as drug sniffing dogs.

    just make sure you dont speed and stay away from the creepy people at rest stops :)
  14. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    If you see a sign like that, just keep going straight down the road. They're looking for people who get off the freeway and start driving the back roads when they see the sign. Random stops and searches are in violation of the Fourth Amendment.
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  15. nikk

    nikk Sr. Member

    They don't pull you over. Don't know where you guys got that.
    This is what they are.

    Sobriety checkpoints or roadblocks involve law enforcement
    officials stopping every vehicle on a roadway and investigating the
    possibility that the driver might be too impaired to drive.
    They are often set up late at night or in the very early morning
    hours and on weekends, at which time the proportion of impaired
    drivers tends to be the highest.
    With a portable and quick alcohol breath test, the police
    can test all drivers (if the law permits), and process the cars
    one by one as in a conveyor belt. When there is no quick test, a
    more complicated routine is necessary. Upon suspicion, the stopped
    driver is required to exit the vehicle and take a roadside
    Sobriety test that
    requires the demonstration of both mental and balance skills.
    If the officer determines that the test has not been passed,
    the driver is then required to take an alcohol breath test
    (referred to as a Breathalyzer) Breathalyzer test in the United States).

    At a sobriety checkpoint, drivers are necessarily stopped without reasonable suspicions.
    and may be tested summarily and without probable cause
    Jurisdictions that allow sobriety checkpoints often carve out
    specific exceptions to their normal civil protections in order
    to allow sobriety checkpoints.

    They're testing for alcohol, but if they smell weed, or you have dilated eyes/red eyes, they can search your car.

  16. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Sobriety checkpoints for alcohol intoxication are a different animal altogether than the fictional "drug checkpoints" addressed here. Checkpoints checking for signs of impairment are legal under most circumstances. However, drug checkpoints ARE NOT legally recognized. AS Buzzby stated, DO NOT turn around, or otherwise try to get off the road or ditch your stash if you see a sign advertsaing such a stop. They are fictional and illegal. However, signs indicationg such checkpoints ARE NOT illegal. Typically, the have "spotters" in unmarked vehicles watching for odd behavior (turning around, throwing shit out the window, etc) in the vacinity of the checkpoint warning, and once the officer has probable cause to make a stop (speeding, equipment violation, etc) he/she WILL be looking for signs of drug activity in a major way. This is a technique occasionally used here in South Dakota, and drug checkpoints are illegal everywhere in the US.

    WRONG, at least partially
    Nikk, while red eyes MAY be a sign of impairment, it IS NOT proof of impairment, and even at a sobrietyu checkpoint, more than red eyes will be necessary to search the vehicle. A good many things cause red eyes, and that alone IS NOT sufficient PC to search a vehicle. It may add to the "totality of circumstances" which means, when combined with other factors (smell of weed, paraphenilia in plain sight, etc) it may amount to probable cause, but RED EYES ALONE DO NOT CONSTITUTE PC, at a checkpoint or otherwise. It may be one factor the cop considers, but alone is NOT enough reason to search

    Link doesn't work

    However, here in SD, as well as other areas I've been on my travels....billboards advertsing the fact that drug dogs are in use are common. Theres a big difference between having a dog in use on a certain section of hioghway and there being a drug checkpoint on that same stretch. All the signs are alertting you to is the fact the cops in the area have a drug dog. That shopuld neither suprise nor alarm anyone, becasue basically EVERY department these days either has a dog or can get one to the scene in a matter of minutes. Its a safe assumption that in Nebreaska, or anywhere, that there are "drug dogs in use" Nebraska was just nice enough to inform you of the possibility with a sign. Sign or no sign, drug enfrocement on I80 is no different than drug enforcement anywhere....and dogs are a common compnent these days. However, random stops of vehicles is ILLEGAL except under the narrowly defined exceptions for SOBRIETY (not "drug") checkpoints. Do NOT fret about "random" vehicle stops or random drug checkpoints. They are most certainly illegal.

    For what its worth, my personal experience of I80 is limited to the section between North Platte, NE and Cheyenne Wyoming.....and no, there have been no random stops or anything else that made us the least bit uncomfortable about even smoking on the road. We were passed by two Nebraska cops traveling in excess of 100 MPH on one journey, but obviously they were after bigger fish than us. Also, for what its worth, Nebraska is a fairly lenient state when it comes to MJ, with possession of an oz or less being a civil penalty with a max fine of $300 and no risk of jailtime.
  17. nikk

    nikk Sr. Member

    He said

    There was no 'set' discussion.
    And most likely it was a sobriety checkpoint.
    I've looked for signs along the lines of dog sniffing aka K-9 up ahead and nothing came up. So it was most likely that it was indeed for sobriety, although I could be wrong.
  18. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    K9 units aren't used at sobriety checkpoints. That would in fact make it a "drug checkpoint", and would therefore be illegal. Thewy can't advertise a drug checkpoint or "drug dogs ahead" then copnduct a sobriety checkpoint. It doesn't work that way. Certain requirements exist (dependant on state) to make a sobriety checkpoint valid. Looking for drugs randomly at a checkpoint is illegal search and seizure. He asked
    and the answer is that there WAS no checkpoint of ANY kind. They don't advertise a drug checkpoint, then actually have a SOBRIETY checkpoint. The rules allowing for sobriety checkpoints are quite specific, and trying to "fool" people into pulling into a sobriety checkpoint in order to get away from a fictional drug checkpoint would be seen as illegal search and seizure
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  19. grace17

    grace17 New Member

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I too looked up some Nebraska laws and it's laws on MJ are very easy going. I can just picture this sign up on I-80 many years ago. I found on line somewhere that it would be between Grand Island and Omaha I guess is where the stopping could happen. I'm not worried about it. Just don't speed and keep it within the lines. Not worried. Just wanted to find some information from someone that has driven it lately. I'll be coming from Chicago to Denver but heading north on the way back. Little detour.
  20. Darkflan

    Darkflan Sr. Member

    I drove I-80 Last November. Saw the signs right outside Seward county, got off th interstate trying to make it look like we were having car trouble, which we were., cop comes up behind our car as we pull off to the side of the road ( Car was smoking, not from pot but from an oil leak of some kind). Cop says we didn't signal properly, then gives my friend the driver a warning. Asks if we have any pot, we say no, and they bring out a dog were searched and they find bowl and some weed, some quick citations and we were back on our trip.

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