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  1. invasive

    invasive New Member

    who first hand... i don't wanna hear my friend did or i know/heard somebody that did. did you actually pass it yourself w/ dirty pee and if you did how
  2. Somnium

    Somnium New Member

    WTF? If you're not clean you have to dilute yourself...there's no magical situation where you pee in the cup, it registers dirty, and you get away with it. Read the stickies.
  3. invasive

    invasive New Member

    i don't think that answered my question although your previous answers to my post have been very useful and i thank you for that

    I know if you have the thc metabolite (or whatever) in your pee when you submit your urine your gonna fail the test, but i'am asking who has continued to smoke on probation and still passed the test

    either they diluted thier pee or subsituted.... but i wanna hear 1st hand stories that worked or didnt work

    does diluting urine actually work if so how and why ?

    i wanna hear from somebody who actually used either of these methods and pass or failed (not saying somnium hasent actually tried one of these because i read his replys to other threads and it seems like he knows what hes talking about) but its always good to hear from more than one person you know what i mean
  4. Somnium

    Somnium New Member

    I'll say it again. READ THE STICKY POSTS AT THE TOP OF THE FORUM! Its not There is an infinite wealth of information at your fingertips about those very questions and you're blatently ignoring it.

    Also, don't fuck around and smoke on probation, thats playing russian roulette. They can at any point ask you to give a random sample.
  5. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    When you're on probation they can closely observe you peeing, which makes substitution difficult, if not impossible. Dilution techniques require at least a couple of days of abstinence in order to be effective, so if you're subject to random testing that won't work. If you want to avoid problems with the probation department, your best bet is to quit smoking while you are on probation.

    As Somnium said, there is a wealth of information in this forum about techniques and people's results. Here are some threads you might look at:

    Dilution and aspirin-- the technique

    DILUTION: tips, tricks and guidelines from N2

    SUBSTITUTION: Tips, tricks and guidelines by N2

    and look at

    Fooling the Bladder Cops
  6. Simba0523

    Simba0523 New Member

    While on Probation

    Sounds like some people are getting close to their deadlines with their probation and are gonna be up for a pee test. Im currently on probation right now, first i took it lightly messed around kept doing what i have been and just thought that if i quit in time and drank water alot i would be fine....WRONG. I didnt smoke for about or a little over 3 weeks before my test I drank water, worked out like everyother day, and almost everything else that would make me sweat and clean my system. About 3 days before I had the test for my probation i had a test for a new job, it was on a friday and wasnt sure if i would pass or not even though i have been preparing for it so I went and got one of those herbal system flushers and paid almost 50 dollars for it, drank that with a bunch of water...wated for an hour and during that hour pist more then i have all that week. After that hour was up I headed to the office where my pre-employment test was only to find out they closed early on fridays (i got to choose when i wanted to go in). So i spent that money for no reason because its only made to keep your system clean for a certain amount of time, anyways that monday i went back and just took the test didnt buy another system flusher and just took my chances and passed, got the job! Then later that week comes my probation test, now since i just took the test for my job im thinking i have nothing to worry about i already took a test for my job and got it and before that i even took a at home test and passed that too. So i go in and wait to pee they call me in i fill the cup up the guy that was testing me never even left the room which i could understand but still was kinda weird, he started his test on it look at me a few mins. later and told me i tested positive for pot. I have never been more shocked, i didnt know what too think but i started explaining how i just passed 2 other test and didnt fail them. Luckly I didnt get in any kind of trouble because it was my first positive test but its the last time im ever gonna have to worry about it because intill im off probation its not worth it. It shouldnt be worth it 2 anyone, i dont care how big of a pot head you are if your on probation just think about whats gonna happen when your caught because it will happen if you dont quit.:wave:
  7. puntteam

    puntteam New Member

    Gah, this is the exact kind of post(s) that have me scared shitless! I've scoured through countless posts and have read about people passing, then a couple days later not passing. I hope I don't become a statistic :mad:

    To the OP, just quit. At least it gives you some peace of mind (no matter how small it may be).
  8. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    This makes me wonder if the probation test had a lower threshold than the pre-employment and home tests. In general, if you can pass a home test with the first part of the first pee of the morning you can pass a test later in the day or days later (if you don't smoke again).
  9. invasive

    invasive New Member

    Wow... im kind of in the same situation i have about 3 weeks to clean my system already about a week clean 2 more to go but shit my pee might still be dirty than because i know i smoke a hella alot... i just started exercising. been drinking lots of water even tho i heard it doesnt help.. i plan on buying some fiber soon too

    im not to concerned about random testing because i got arrested in a county about 3 hours from my residence so my PO told me he would give me about a month notice before i have to go in because my lincense is suspended as well.. so whenever i get tested ill be given a good 3 week notice

    so am i in a good situation to try dilution ??
  10. Simba0523

    Simba0523 New Member

    Why not try?

    If your in a position where you need to be clean and have at least 3 weeks notice AND have not been steadly cheefing then yes i would say you have a good chance but remember everyones body acts diff. when it comes to cleaning the system. On the other hand if you have exactly 3 weeks and last week you were smoking everyday or every other day then it might be a slim chance. If you are gonna smoke while on probation which you really shouldnt but if you are in a position where you feel like you have to then take 1 bong rip.....thats the best way to get a high but not put too much thc in your system. Im not saying it wont show up thats not it im just saying that taking a bong rip compared to smoking a bowl or a blunt is a better idea simply because the bong will be cleaner and you wont need to take more then 1 rip to get high.......thats if you havnt been smoking at all.
  11. slbm45011

    slbm45011 New Member

    how to pass a drug test for felony probation(firsthand)!!!!!!!!!!

    no bull shittin!i and a couple of conrades of mine.encounter being on the other side of the law.one time or another ,in which, felon probation was the outcome.and smokin weed was more important at the time.CERTO (fruit pectin) use in making jams and jellies.if you stomach the bitter taste.it can be administer straight out the pack.it's better drinking it mixed in a fruit drink.after drinking, you'd want to drink a half gallon to gallon of water.get good and pissy before you go test.usually within 2 hours you'll be straight.even though the only sure way.is not to participate,right?aaaaaaaaaaaa-na SHIT,i'd roll that shit on probation,lite that shit on probation and smoke that shit on probation!at one time i had the mlk blocc addicted to CERTO!the only downside to it?was the taste and the worries.but in the case of passin.worring can be use to the advantage.the faster your heart beats.the faster its admitted through your digestive system.the first time drinking it.you'll see it in your stool.Certo acts as a blocker not a cleanser.good for up to 8 hours!i was on felon probation(parole) for five years.and got high everyy fuckin day! CERTO WORKS!
  12. Wickedclownz26

    Wickedclownz26 New Member

    I just recently passed a test, I subbed.
    And yeah, im on probation.

  13. Secs

    Secs New Member

    I sure am glad your post is next to impossible to read, because your acvice sucks!!! (and that ain't no shit). Even if certo acted as a blocker in your digestive system as you say, the THC isn't in your digestive system, it is stored in your lipid tissues and excreted through your renal system. (yes, go get the encyclopedia out and look up "renal").

    Oh yea, your heart has nothing to do with your digestive system either :rolleyes:
  14. kellerfreek

    kellerfreek New Member

    i've been on probation for a little while and still smoked basically the whole time. I know it wasnt i good idea and it did catch up with me. The first time i got tested i had only been clean for 8 days(im an everyday smoker 1-3 times a day). Second time i had been clean for only about 20 hours and heavily diluted(don't know how i got away with that but damn it felt good to beat the system). Well i got cocky after that one and smoked the night before my test and failed, even after drinking so much water that i got sick and threw up. i stopped smoking for a little while until i made a bad decision to start up again. I smoked for about a week straight of taking shitloads of bong rips a day. I had 6 days clean, then smoked 4 bowls between a few people on thursday and managed to pass a test on monday with dilution. This wont work for alot of people because my tests do not check for specific gravity and even if yours dont i highly recommend not smoking. I have whats supposed to be my last test on july 9 with 10 days clean and im praying i can pass this.

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