who should us pro pot people boycott?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by headache9, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. headache9

    headache9 New Member

    Today is my 1st day of posting but I've been smoking for years & reading news from this site daily for a few months. Thanks to you guys I've learned alot about why weed & hemp are illegal & how evil our own gov is. I'd like to know what groups give $$$ to the "war on drugs" & avoid them... I guess all the booze industries would be on the list. The last few times I've went out I've stuck to only sipping 1 or 2 drinks all night instead of my usual 7-8. I just take along my one hitter & smoke a little more instead. I'm not spending as much $$$ & I'm way happier... I doubt I ever ween myself off booze but I do vow to cut back & smoke more.... happy new year
  2. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

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    (Please refrain from any further discussion of alcohol.:))
  3. anti147

    anti147 New Member

    - don't hit me Panama, please....

    {Off Topic Content Removed} You need to stop drinking for yourself....and you need to stop funding the liquor companies that, yep, support "anti-drug" campains.

    Getting away from that, because it's naughty, couple weeks ago, me and some friends were speculating about what causes pro-marijuana type people would support/not support. Of course hemp and legalization too....I mentioned something about many possibly being pro-choice over pro-life....(mainly because it seems the majority of pro-lifers seem to be republican and highly religious and thus are more likley to be anti-drugs) We disscused this and basicaly, decided that everyone who smokes grass aren't going to have universal beliefs. Lots of people smoke grass, and there are bound to be people with varing ideals.

    BTW, I did NOT intend this to become a flame war over abortion, I think you can plainly see that.
  4. JiNseKi

    JiNseKi New Member

    well the main reason mj is still illegal is because of those super evil tobacco companies, so steer clear of cigarettes if u really dont want to fund the "war on drugs".

    have u guys seen these ads by Phillip Morris where they help out flood victims, and go to orphanages for christmas n give out presents and stuff?? yea, wut about the hundreds of MILLIONS of people they coldly murdered over the years:rolleyes: i'm never giving money to big tobacco again. i've quit for a year now:cool: and weed gives me (and a lot of other people) good enough company :chokin:
  5. bo-battie

    bo-battie Senior Member

    jinseki: the tobacco companies are only part of it. other huge contributors to the war on drugs include paper giants hearst and kimberly clark, as well as dupont. it's not nearly as simple as boycotting big tobacco.

    if you buy toilet paper, you're funding the war on drugs.
  6. FanToM

    FanToM New Member

    everyone stop using toilet paper!:p
  7. Nickkers420

    Nickkers420 New Member

    Haven't been on here for a while! Anyways, it's good to be back.

    One company that I know of that donates somewhere around 1 to 5 % of its profits to anti-marijuana (not just anti-drug) initiatives is Snapple. So unless you want someone chopping down and confiscating the weed you would get to smoke i suggest you stick to Sobe or Arizona or any other non-Snapple related beverage.

  8. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    There was talk of an Boycott a while back, but none seemed interested...
  9. headache9

    headache9 New Member

    That's the kind of info I'm looking for... Sounds like Dupont has been a bunch of real "evil do'ers" since the beginning. I've avoided snapple for a long time...I heard they give to religious groups who use the $$$ in ways I don't agree with...like funding those anti abortion people that stand outside with pictures of trash can fetuses for kids & everyone to see...ick.
  10. JiNseKi

    JiNseKi New Member

    bo-battie, go back and read my post again. i'm always careful with my words... i said "the MAIN reason".

    anyway the way to help our cause isnt to boycott certain companies, it is through sites like this to spread the word of the pro-mj through facts, and the history of mj prohibition. show the people the propaganda perpetuated by the gov't
  11. Greenman

    Greenman Seasoned Activist

    Boycotting toilet paper is not a viable solution. Or really ciggerettes either. Boycotting Philip Morris, for example, would also mean boycotting Kraft Foods, which Morris owns a 80 something percent stake in.

    Instead of Boycotting the companies, I have been trying to get people to see the light of buying stock in these companies.

    tobacco companies (Philip Morris, R J Renolds, etc)
    paper giants (International Paper)
    kimberly clark
    Alcohol Companies (Budwieser, Miller)

    Through stocks that pay dividends, you can take the payment and apply some of the target companies profits directly to the marijuana cause through donations. Its free money. Make Budwieser work for the cause, there is nothing they can do about it.

    You will have the power (1 share=1 vote) to elect board members, and with enough support, force issues on the corporate ballot. Say forcing the ciggerette companies into researching the profitablility in marijuana, or to stop funding the drug war propoganda.

    You also get the any capital appreciation in the stock as profit for your efforts in the War. The majority of these companies have been around for decades, and are very stable companies, even the tobacco companies.

    No one has yet to explain to me why this won't work. And it is much more effective than boycotting because it changes your lifestyle hardly at all.

  12. goober

    goober New Member

    phillip morris has a patent sitting at the patent office for "green cigarettes" the day it goes legal. odd that he funds the war on drugs, but if mj was legal he'd be a dealer.
  13. Greenman

    Greenman Seasoned Activist

    With the price of ciggerettes constantly on the rise, advertising bans on tobacco in the EU, and competition for market share as fierce as its been, don't be suprised if the ciggerette companies have not already realized how little they would need to change their equipment to start selling marijuana ciggerettes. Marijuana is a huge untapped market, which global sentiment is changing on, that big tobacco could capitalize on with very little start up cost, just at the time when their bread and butter markets start drying up.

    May not need to much of a push from their shareholders to start them in that direction.


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