why are people so shady

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by thefadedline666, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. thefadedline666

    thefadedline666 New Member

    well i dont know about all of you all out there but i know so many contacts and i have to go thru so much trouble because all of them are shady as hell they piss me off to no end.....i wasted 2 hours of my life because one couldnt tell me he was dry
  2. mark87fndr

    mark87fndr Sr. Member

    I hate it when they do that. Sometimes they'll be like 'yeah I'll call you back in 30". Whenever someone does that I know that they don't have bud so I just go to the next person...however, I could have saved an assload of time in my life if they would have just said 'yeah, im dry rite now'.
  3. Saracolours

    Saracolours New Member

    Yeah today i had somthing similar happen to me, a friend and i waited for about 2 and a half hours, cause the guy kept lieing to us and telling us the city buses were going slow, ended up never showing and we ended up getting ripped off by this other guy cause my friend never wants to ask for more bud (both of us usually dont say anything if somones gunna rip us off, i dunno why we let people rip us off, it makes us look like idiots, but neither of us like being a pain in the ass, but its starting to piss me off.)
  4. Bowlblaze

    Bowlblaze Banned

    Or maybe they're busy doing something and will be able to get your bud later; that's how my main dealer is anyway. Dealers have lives too and it's unreasonable for us to expect them to always drop everything just to get us a bag of weed. No one works 24/7/. Now if your dealer really is dry, they really should tell you so you know whats up.
  5. IIDX

    IIDX New Member

    This is generally a thing I hate about people everywhere...I've always had friends throughout my life who would call and say I'll be right there, and never show up and never call, or they just don't do what they say.

    If you're scared of letting someone down or your plans change, just call and let the person know, it's better than making them wait and finding out after wasting their whole day!
  6. Vember

    Vember Sr. Member

    Yeah, my friend's supposed to show up soon with a blunt, and a few friends etc.. anytime now.

    If he doesn't show up and ends up staying at our friend S's house or something, I'll be real pissed.

    But he's like one of my best friends, I doubt he'll just not show.

    He just usually takes his sweet ass time. Generally he shows up like half an hour to an hour after I expect him to (and I do give plenty of time leeway).
  7. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    If you don't like your connects, find new ones. Maybe its easier said than done, but until you do, you're at the mercy of your unreliable dealers
  8. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    I never found such an animal as a reliable connection.

    Spending hours chasing people down...Having to sit around and bullshit with folks you don't know while you wait for your bag or waiting at home wondering if you were ever getting a call back...Getting raped on price, quality and weight. :mad:

    Been almost 5 years since I bought a bag and even when I was dry for 5 months, not willing to ever buy one again. :chokin:

    Sure as shit got me motivated to get to where I could grow my own. ;)
  9. b1s8e3

    b1s8e3 Subscriber

    Most of the populous of the 420 Lounge can't grow for various reasons Plains! You should know that! ;)
  10. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    I definitely hear ya Plains.....I've had a handful of pretty reliable dealers in my day, people who never ripped me off on price or weight, but inventory always seemes to be the problem. I can't find dealers who stock enough to make me happy! Since I usually get midgrade buds, I like to buy at LEAST an oz or two at a time, and my friends all do the same......which leads to a "first come, first serve" basis when weed oonly comes in by the quarter pound at times....My circle of friends alone do serious damage to POUNDS when they come in, so a qp brings out everyone's greedy side, and there have been plenty of times I end up with a 1/4 oz when I wanted 8 times that amount!!

    I wish I had the balls to grow myself. However, I need a few years to drop off the radar and stay out of trouble before I even think about it. As low key as I try to stay, I've historically fucked up pretty badly periodically, and I want to be certain that point in my life is over before I even think about it.....as long as I stay away from the booze though, trouble seems to stay away from me!
  11. b1s8e3

    b1s8e3 Subscriber

    I guess you need a name change then, huh?
  12. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    LOL....OK, I should clarify....the LEGAL trouble seemed to end when i quit drinking
  13. b1s8e3

    b1s8e3 Subscriber

    Hahaha, okay that seems to make some more sense then!
  14. ninfan77

    ninfan77 New Member

    Yea its pretty much the same story i hear around here. I've resorted to MOM or having to drive 2-4 hours to pick up from people. Fuckin nuts to find someone locally who isn't a complete muppet.
  15. T_squared

    T_squared New Member

    That sucks. i guess im lucky to be able to always go though the same person. Sometimes he's slow, but if he doesn't have it, he'll tell me, which is rare anyways. As for growing your own... on it.
  16. Ok so it isn't just me who has to deal with a buncha this stuff.

    Weed comes and goes, not everyones going to have all of the time, and dealers come and go too. But thats no reason to be shady!!!

    I had this happen to me TODAY!

    I had called a guy and asked him if I could come through in a bit to get some ish, and he said yeah but he wanted to smoke a blunt first. So I waited, and waited, like an hour, called him and he didnt answer. Long story short i called him a buncha times and I never heard back from him. Kids usually real reliable too like never rips people off or doesnt show. Takes his sweet old time sometimes showing up to a deal but whatever.

    I mean I know dealers have lives, but how hard is it to pick up a phone and say "yo dude I'm busy, gimme a call back in like 2 hours" or some shit? or "Yo im dry, better luck next time"
  17. Sam_Stone

    Sam_Stone New Member

    First off I feel ya'll are misreprsenting shady. Now if I'm middle manning you, pinching a gram, then getting you to blaze an L with me, well then that's shady.But if I say I'm going to look out for you and end up being a no call/ no show, well that just the nature of the game. Waiting on someone else's hustle can be a bitch I know, in fact that was one of the main reason that propelled me to a whole another phase of the game when I was young and stupid. All I can tell you is stop fucking with the middle man. Straight up dealers will usually tell whether they're holding or not, and if they're not holding they will usually tell you when to check back in with them. Fuck the middle man cause he is likely looking to fuck you.
  18. mark87fndr

    mark87fndr Sr. Member

    yeah, and grizzley adams had a beard.

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