Why do I act stupid when I'm high?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by godakadom, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. godakadom

    godakadom New Member

    I was searching the forum for this, but found nothing on it.

    I used to smoke 24/7 and I always acted stupid.

    It's not something I try to do, but my friends think I do.

    So yeah, why do I act stupid when I'm high?
  2. TheUnseenTruth

    TheUnseenTruth Sr. Member

    Wow, I've never heard someone ask that before. I think personally if you're with friends you may not actually be yourself. If you put on a front, and don't think before you speak, yes you have that sometimes. Just slow down, maybe you're just smoking too much. Think about something for awhile, then say it.

    I had that problem too, and I still sound dumb ; but there goes a saying:

    "If you really want to be a star, all you have to do ; is be who you are."

    Be cool man.
  3. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    Can you describe more what you mean by "Stupid?"
  4. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I think you have answered your own question.

  5. Burritoland

    Burritoland New Member

    Marijuana can be an internally distracting drug. If you're high on pot then you may be periodically distracted by "wow what is this feeling in my brain!?" while you're otherwise mid-thought or sentence.

    This is okay. They will just need to take the time to wait. The loss is rarely yours.

    Unless you have wild ESP.
  6. godakadom

    godakadom New Member

    I'm not changing myself when I'm with my friends or anything, and I deffinately didn't smoke myself retarded.

    All of my friends act normal when they're high, some of them you can't even tell when there high or not.

    But I act wicked dumb.
  7. Sikatriz

    Sikatriz New Member

    Part of it is how we are socialized.

    We all know what a stereotypical pothead acts like thanks to movies like Half-Baked. And some of us, when we're stoned, are compelled to live out those stereotypes.

    I once dated a dark-skinned woman who said she has to "act her race" when she's "in the 'hood." Same sorta thing with potheads, I guess.

    Marijuana doesn't make most people act stupid. Maybe new users and light users. But not experienced users and frequent users.

    The more you smoke, the less disoriented you are when smoking it. So I don't think it's how much you're smoking (sorry Buzz).

    I seriously think it's just all in your head, bro.
  8. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    Correct, it comes natural to quite a few.
  9. Sikatriz

    Sikatriz New Member

    Exactly! Marijuana does very little to intrinsically change someone.

    If you're a bleeding-heart liberal when you're sober, you'll still be one when you're stoned.
  10. TheUnseenTruth

    TheUnseenTruth Sr. Member

    Well put once again Sik ; though I know for one I avoid doing anything stereotypical of the pothead name. No Munchie binges from hell, no slow talking, no loudness, no excess laughter ; So on and so forth.

    To the OP of this thread, I think you just need to take some personal time, sober at first ; meditating, or at least put yourself in deep thought. I think personally this boils down to insecurity, and while I may also be insecure...I'm getting over it by just thinking.

    "Nothing is good ....Nothing is bad."
    You are who you are, and if to you that's acting stupid, its time for a spirit (religous or non) check, and cleanup on isle 5.

  11. teog

    teog New Member

    when i first started smoking i acted fing retarded and totaly out of it it wasent just in my head either im very sensitive to every drug ive tryed expect for mushrooms and i can have weird reactions and highs i still act stupid sometimes when i smoke but rarely i always act a little stupid though when im stoned i think you might just be sensitive to it or its just how it effects you smoke less at a time maybe only 3 tokes and see how that works
  12. TheUnseenTruth

    TheUnseenTruth Sr. Member

    First off, run on sentences are bad news charlie.

    Secondly it IS in your head, reguardless of the drug, if you arent comfortable with yourself, how can you expect to enjoy things? Like I said before, slow down, and take some time.

    As the great Buzzby has said many a times, It's not a race.

  13. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Every person reacts differently to drugs. You happen to be more sensitive to the effects of marijuana than your friends. If you don't want to act stupid, don't try to keep up with them. Smoke only as much as makes you feel good. Getting high is not a competition.
  14. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Right. :rolleyes: And the more you drink the more sober you get... :laugh:

    Drug effects are dosage-related. The more you take, the more altered you get. Anyone can get stupid (or unconscious) if they smoke enough. It just takes more for chronic smokers who have developed a tolerance. If a person has a naturally lower threshold for intoxication than his friends and tries to keep up with them you get the exactly the situation that the OP describes.
  15. Sikatriz

    Sikatriz New Member

    The Buddha often employed sarcasm. You imitate your religious icon well. But your attempt to trap me into an argumentum ad logicam will not be successful this time, ol' Buzz.

    I never argued that you become more sober as you drink more. Nor is that a logical parallel of what I did argue. I never argued that you get more sober as you smoke more pot.

    I did argue, however, that the more you smoke pot the less disoriented you get from using it. I was implying frequent use on a more long-term basis rather than your level of inebriation during a single session.

    Let me offer this parallel: The longer you've been drinking alcohol, the more alcohol it takes you to get drunk in a single night.

    I'm sure you've heard of building a tolerance for a drug. You're not ignorant, Buzz. Quit acting like it!

    Exactly! You've proved my point for me.

    But marijuana use, by itself, does not compel youngsters to act like the characters in the movie Half-Baked. An indigenous person who has never watched TV (or any pothead cult classic for that matter) will react very differently than someone who has -- even with all other things being equal.

    Also, marijuana users engage in a practice called auto-titration. People who smoke pot usually don't smoke in excess of what it takes them to feel "stoned." If people smoke more than you, Buzz, it's because it's taking them that much more herb to feel the same effects.

    It is also notable that, even within a single day, your immediate tolerance is established rather quickly. So if smoker #1 has been smoking pot all day, and smoker #2 takes his first hit later at night, then smoker #1 will be less stoned than smoker #2 if they smoke the same amount later in the evening. Even if their pot use before this day was EXACTLY the same.

    You HAVE to know this, Buzz!

    I read your response to the thread about how much we all use. No offense, but it's obvious you're one of our more lighter users. And that's fine! Just keep in mind that this wonderful plant affects us heavy-users a little differently than it affects you.
  16. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Are you contesting that some people are more drug-sensitive than others? That was my point.

    You couldn't have missed this line, since you quote it later in your post:
    You left out an important word: "Also, some marijuana users engage in a practice called auto-titration." Many marijuana users, especially young men, feel that they have to keep up with their friends or suffer the indignity of being called "light weights" or more graphic terms referring to female genitalia. If you repeatedly "smoke yourself stupid" I suspect that you fall into this category.

    Why would I be offended? And what does that have to do with this thread? The OP stated that he frequently gets intoxicated to the point that he behaves stupidly. He's obviously smoking more than he needs to get "high". He's smoking to the point of getting "wasted". I'm not speaking to your level of use and how it affects you. I'm speaking to him about his.

    Again: the reaction to psychoactive drugs is both idiosyncratic (different people react differently to the same dose) and dosage-related (the more you use, the more altered you get). Anyone can get altered to the point of acting stupid or rendering themselves unconscious if they consume enough marijuana. "Enough" is not a specific quantity. "Enough" is how much your system requires to produce that effect.
  17. Sikatriz

    Sikatriz New Member

    Bottom line: If someone is getting high 24-7 like this dude claims he does, it's probably not the herb that's making him act "stupid."

    I feel what you're saying about people smoking more just to "keep up!" That shit's hilarious.

    Just remember kids: You're not a female's private part if you smoke less than everybody else! Shit, you should be HAPPY if you're a lightweight...you don't have to spend as much on your herb!!!
  18. Avistiff

    Avistiff New Member

    I guess I went up to my teacher and asked her what she was doing later today... Im an R-tard when im high :rolleyes:
  19. PaternityTest

    PaternityTest New Member

    (hope noone takes this the wrong way)I find it funny that your complaining that you get retarded when you smoke...for me thats why I smoke. And when it takes a lot to get retarded(not to be confused with blazed) I quit. I have a high tolerance to alcohol which is frustrating to me so instead of drinking more I drink less often(for me drinking more would start to get dangerous). Becuase I moved cross country from Texas to Wa state I havent smoked in a couple months so I know when I do its gonna be awesome. I'm going to be retarded and that is awesome.
  20. Secs

    Secs New Member

    You just can't help yourself. You absolutely must offend someone in each and every thread. This statement is the most rediculous statement I think I have ever heard. :mad:

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