Why do I get the shakes?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by TempleBalls, Aug 13, 2006.

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    I'm 31 and have been smoking pot in some form or another since the age of 16. I used the drug heavily (smoking more or less daily) from the age of 18 through to 26. At the time I was living in Belgium so had easy access to high quality weed and hash from the Netherlands. I would occasionally suffer raised anxiety but nothing an experienced smoker would consider as abnormal.

    Then in 2001, all of a sudden I started to get nasty effects when I smoked. I had suffered anxiety attacks in the past (whilst smoking and whilst sober) but these seemed a lot worse. These effects only ever happen after smoking pot and they can be triggered from just one draw. Other times I can happliy smoke with no effects other than just being high.

    First of all my limbs get extremely cold, my wife has also pointed out that I am pale and my lips go blue. Then my heart starts to pound so I can hear it throughout my entire body and my ears pound like my head might explode. I have worried in the past that I am having a heart attack as my left arm goes tinkly and numb.

    Then the shakes start. At first it can be like I am shivering with cold. Then they get increasingly worse to the point where the uncontrollable shakes feel like I'm having some kind of fit. My legs shake, my arms shake and my jaw shakes. I have practise Yoga for several years so do deep breathing exercises which help me to battle the fear these attacks bring but still physically it does not subside.

    I usually smoke in safe comfortable surroundings ie at home and relax in the dark and quiet. When these first started to happen I was in a very stressfull job and put it down to that. They scared the shit out of me and I more or less stopped smoking for a long period. I now generally smoke once a month or maybe every two weeks at the max and then only a small bowl or small european style joint with tobacco.

    It came back again two nights ago. I was really shaking after only three draws on a joint I had made from some home made hash I produced from some Jack Herrer powder. I must admit that this is a lot more potent that I would normally take. Normally, I smoke some nice hash as I find I cannot relax when smoking hydro stuff. This time I was just using up some left over powder from weed a buddy had at my place a few weeks back.

    All the symptoms came back. This time I was not too scared. I was in bed shaking a lot then got up and drunk some fresh juice and ate some sweet dried dates and it eventually subsided.

    My friend has a theory that the pot decreases my blood sugar levels therefore creating the shakes. Hence I usally have something sweet to help it subside. Maybe it just helps take my attention away?

    My question is not do other people suffer the same, as a quick search in google shows my that they do. I cannot seem to find why this happens. What I want to know is what is happening to me physically? Is it purely psychosomatic or could it be my sugar levels?

    I generally do not eat much sugars other than that in fruits. I eat really (REALLY) healthily and do not take any kind of medications. I exercise regularly and would say that I am probably in better than average shape. I had a particularly stressfull week at work and home this week so maybe that could be one of the factors. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me figure what is going on.

    I love pot and it helps me look at life in a different perspective enabling me to resolve blocking issues. It's an escape from the world. Through my experiences I've really learned to respect it and maybe I should just smoke when the time is right? Still, out of interest I'd love to know what is going on...
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    I belive that yoyur either have lo blood pressure (coldness thourght the body hences this) or you have lo blood sugar (hence the dates). it is quit possible that you could have both. Honestly go to the doctor. Tell him that when u smoke pot this happens. Dont worry he wont tell on you, your 31 he wont tell mommy!
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    Hey this might be a super late reply but my smoking habits are exactly like yours. Well last night i came across the EXACT symptoms... Cold, Shakes uncontrollably which scared the living shit out of me because i could hardly speak because i would cramp up instantly. This was happening to my entire body but my thighs were going CRAZY!!! I thought i was having a seizure... well i managed to drag myself to my mothers room and thats when all hell broke loose. Body completely locked up and was shaking badly i thought it was the end.... my mother grabbed the diabetes meter since she has one for her and it read 177. I am slightly over weight and both of my parents have diabetes yet i have not received any symptoms yet and im 28.
    Well the point of this is that i too worked a VERY STERSSFULL job.... almost to where i wanna go postal but have control over that. Shitty thing is as soon as i finished smoking this happened with 10 minutes or so with me wanting to almost black out. Lately i been feeling weird also when i smoke which never happened before. I only smoke meds so im sure it wasnt laced with anything at all. Has anyone else experienced this horror?
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    Super late reply? Yeah, 4 years late.
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    Hey, I just noticed to old dates after I hit 'reply', so what?

    I'm diabetic also and this used to happen to me, usually after smoking too much. I would usually curl up under several layers of blanket and stay fetal until it went away. Once during a particularly bad episode I took my temperature. NOT cold, just felt that way, 103 and going down. That would explain the delusional state. I connected that to the way I would feel with childhood fevers in that range, dry and shakey I was then.

    Since I know the symtoms to watch for, as soon as my muscle tension starts going up even a little I stop eating (if I am) and start walking around, takes fifteen to twenty minutes. About the same as the under blanket time but without feeling like I'm experiencing death.

    I had always blamed THC for interupting my body's core temperature control, but never could figure how. Possible diabetes link? Not the same as a sugar coma but similar in some respects. I will poke my finger before and after the next walk off episode.

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