Why do people hate weed so much?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by TheToker, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. TheToker

    TheToker New Member

    When some people find out I smoke they treat it like the plaque. They are always saying oh God its soo bad, its a terrible evil drug, or some other propaganda line. And then when they find out I smoke almost everyday they assume I have an addiction. I try telling them that I dont smoke when it interferes with other tasks, and its not everyday.Like today some girl was telling me how oh I shouldnt smoke so much, and when I tell her its been five days since I smoked, she told me I was lying. And some people have the nerve to tell me weed makes you stupid, then I kindly told them the valedictorian of last years senior class has smoked me out, and I also remind them of all the kids in AP classes that smoke more than I do.How do you guys deal with people like this? :rant:
  2. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    They floss, rinse, and brush? ;)
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  3. carlover_36

    carlover_36 New Member

    Ignore Them, or Educate them with the true facts of Marijuana use.
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  4. sk3y

    sk3y New Member

    Ignore them tell them I wasnt asking for their permission but instead just telling them.
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  5. SoThrowd

    SoThrowd Sr. Member

    We all get it. What I do is ask them if they drink alcohol, if they say yes, I would ask them why they put me down for using a less dangerous drug than they do. It shuts up people pretty quick.
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  6. Aviator991

    Aviator991 New Member

    holy crap dude im having this exact same problem. i started smoking a few weeks ago and now everyone treats me like a retard, even though im a freshmen in highschool taking AP and honors classes. it frustrates me so much, and as much as i hate it, i cant fix it.

    i try telling them that its better for you than drinking and smoking ciggarettes but the gov't has put so many lies into our heads that its impossible to persuade anyone where i live.

    weed is not a drug. its a plant. meth is a drug. lsd is a drug. weed is natural. i guess you could tell them that.
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  7. SoThrowd

    SoThrowd Sr. Member

    weed is a drug, but it is the safest drug out there. Better than drugs made by docters and drug dealers both.;)
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  8. TheToker

    TheToker New Member

    Yeah it makes no since why they treat us like retards.I really love the fact the most intelligent people at my school smoke weed.I have told them that it just grows out of the ground, and you just dry it out and smoke it. They always are just like uhhh......... its still a drug.I guess they need to experience mary jane to understand her.
  9. Aviator991

    Aviator991 New Member

    eh, yeah, but we dont classify tobacco as a drug. the entire illegality (real word??) of it is just stupid.:mad:
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  10. TheToker

    TheToker New Member

    We all know the "War on Cannabis" is a joke, it is meant to put minorities in jail, and keep the prisons filled with prisoners(laborers).In California we have a ballot initiative that allows non-violent drug offenders to have little to no jail time in exchange for like rehab or community service. And you would never guess who is against this, the Prison Guards Union. Its utterly ridiculous, everybody know prohibition never has and never will work.
  11. willow91

    willow91 New Member

    Its gullable souls believing bullshit propaganda man theres nothing you can do about it if you tell them the truth they wont believe you because your a 'druggie' i know soooooo many people like this it annoys the shit out of me they say im a loser because im a "pot head" but they go get hammered on alcohol every weekend throw up, fuck randoms, pass out the whole deal. i dont drink alcohol but i smoke chill, make love, be happy it sounds a lot better and safer to me but yeah they believe the idiots running the country for reasons unknown.
    thats life *sigh*
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  12. gratefulvideofan

    gratefulvideofan New Member

    Toker, She wants you. Whip it out!
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  13. TheToker

    TheToker New Member

    Dont get me wrong I love to get fucked up with my good friend Jack Daniels. But I have had bad experineces with alcohol, but never with weed, they are just brainwashed,hypocritical,zombies. Honestly I wish we "Potheads" could start our own community like the Green State Project.
  14. king cola

    king cola Sr. Member

    Over the years i've been meeting more and more people that smoke pot. They use it in private but they aren't afraid to get into a conversation about it. It was always a drug you could break out at a party and no one would really say anything. Some people might have liked their beer but they might not smoke marijuana.

    One thing i'm also noticing is that people are getting more and more ballsy about pulling cocaine out of their pocket without thinking for a second that someone might not approve of it. Pot was always more of the acceptable drug that you could use at a party and not really need to do it in private. If someone was going to do their cocaine they would do that in a bathroom or somewhere else in private. I've been at peoples houses lately and they know I support pot and smoke it but they never talked to me about cocaine. One night I went to a friends house. There was a few people there before I got there. The door was locked, I knocked on it. They let me in, one of them says don't mind us we're just doing some lines. I thought he was just joking around, I look on the counter, they are breaking up some lines. I've been to some parties in the past and they break it up without really caring whos around. When I was younger there were people that still did it but they wouldn't take it out in front of a crowd of people. I will be honest I did the drug only a few times in the past and it's not my drug of choice. I don't care for it, don't like the anxiety it gives and it's just crap anyways. If people want to do it that's their choice.

    I just stick with marijuana or maybe have a mixed drink or some beers.

    My sister was telling me she was at a party once. She doesn't use cocaine, never tried it. She just sticks with her alcohol, she used to smoke pot. She did ecstasy when she was younger or tried some shrooms but that was it. She told me she was at a party and some girls took some cocaine and put it out on the counter. Her friend who had the party walked into the kitchen and asked them what they were doing. They told him they were doing some lines and asked him if he wanted some. He told them to get the fuck out of his house and shoved the powder on the floor and that was the end of it.

    Marijuana is probably the safest drug. I've seen people get drunk and start fights or puke their brains out at the end of the night. I've puked and gotten hangovers before, you feel like shit. With pot theres no hangovers, people don't start fights. It's true that some people are drunks and they don't support marijuana use.
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  15. TheToker

    TheToker New Member

    For the record I go to a well known Los Angeles High School(Not going to say which one). I'd say at least half of the people at my school smoke weed, but there are a few who do meth,coke,herion,and all sorts of pills.I've been offered coke and ecstacy countless times but always declined because I stick to alcohol,bud,acid,and shrooms to a lesser extent. But all that other stuff has way too many downsides for me man.
  16. SoThrowd

    SoThrowd Sr. Member

    I find that weed is more of an acceptable drug in the public than it used to be. I could smoke weed out in the park while old people walk their dogs around and they would look, but they don't seem to care. But I still get people who put me down because I use pot.
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  17. TheToker

    TheToker New Member

    I hit the pipe walking down the street sometimes. Many accepted, but there are still those people. I've had people complain and attempt to rat me out to my parents.They're just like omg they are smoking that evil plant that has never killed anybody ever, on private property.I mean how juvenille can you get?
  18. sk3y

    sk3y New Member

    At my high school. The valedictorian smoked weed with me on serveral occasions. Myself and a bunch of my friends smoked who maintained a 3.5 gpa and better. So i dont see a problem with it. Aslong as it doesnt effect your life in a negative aspect, its fine.
  19. Mikeebud

    Mikeebud Sr. Member

    Thank the 16 billion dollars annually Brought to you by the american tax payers to produce Anti Drug Campaigns.

    Even when 20 Million people Smoke it.
  20. ohganja420

    ohganja420 New Member

    dude i know u how u feel. people act like weed is like heroin.. not saying heroins bad... Whatever.. but i usually just either ignore it and continue to live how i love to, or i tell them to stfu b.c half the ppl telling me this shit are living terrible lifestyles, like they eat their feelings or their whores, or major gossipers. some messed up junk like that. u kno atleast im living my life instead of talking shit about others all the time when it was unprovoked.
    the world shouldnt be this way man, its fucked up

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