Why do people say Marijuana is "harmless"?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by thefirsttimer, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. thefirsttimer

    thefirsttimer New Member

    I am completely pro legalization and I think that marijuana is less detrimental to your body as alcohol. But it just kind of gets me irritated when I get all this talk from stoners telling me how they have been smoking it for years and never have had any bad effects from it. Its funny because I personally know these people and many of them now talk super duper slow and have sleepy looking eyes.

    I smoke about 2 times a week (not sure if I am considered a heavy user) but at least I am willing to admit that weed IS a drug as it alters your mind. It does cause short term memory loss for the period that you are smoking it (although this generally diminishes after a month or two of refraining from the drug) and that it CAN bring about psychosis in some users. (Dont give me bullshit about how it cannot, I have personally met a couple guys in parts of Europe and the Middle East *parents are from there*) that have completely gone psychotic from smoking too much hash.

    I live in California and have also had a few bad experiences with weed (a brief bout of derealization and anxiety induced marijuana disorder from an extremely high THC edible I ate) This lasted for several months and did not go away even when I stopped smoking, but eventually subsided and I thank God for that.

    Me and a friend smoked a joint of Purple Lemonade from the Cannabis Club yesterday before going into a movie, and both him and I report being extremely depressed and irritable today.

    I know I am on a rant, but can some stoners on here admit that it does yield a few problems?

    It seems like every person on here is the "I can smoke an ounce of Cali Kush and wake up feeling like daisies the next day and not have any short term memory the following days!"

    Also, the research backed that it can cause schizophrenia is not Govt. Instilled propaganda, it is very real, but the people in those studies are the minority obviously.

    Just saying dudes. Its a wonderful plant, but in no way is it "harmless"
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  2. Keith

    Keith Guest

    This is a very, very good post. We should keep it real as often as we can. It's not a good strategy to claim that marijuana is completely safe for everyone, especially as a basis for legalization. It's best to be educated on what the possible negative effects trom cannabis usage actually are, because claiming it's 100% harmless will most likely fall of deaf ears.

    But on the other hand, we can easily recognize that it is overall safer than other substances that are legally available to most of us everyday. Carcinogenic sweeteners are still legal, right? In fact, you can get a handful for free from your local convenience store. But still, as far as cannabis goes, the overall destruction done to the user and those around them weighs far less than that of alcohol or nicotine. Not to mention it's legitimate medicinal properties that greatly help those in need of it.

    Now there is an argument for legalization. There's no reason to claim it's a totally benign substance, the irrefutable evidence out there is still in our favor. Anyone that says otherwise needs some knowledge dropped on them. ;)
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  3. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    See, that's what gets us in trouble, first timer. Used to be when the majority of the herb we used to get had a lower THC level thirty years ago. Now with the higher THC levels we are getting a far stronger buzz than we used to. There's just too many stories like this of "He said she said they did and this happened." See what I mean? That''s why we need so much more testing done and find out what we really do have with herb.......;)

    I'll tell you one problem I have with it, I can't stand anyone smoking before their an adult, able to make intelligence decisions and not freak out from a simple buzz.......

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  4. Teleo9

    Teleo9 New Member

    I believe the studies I've seen do not say that marijuana can CAUSE schizophrenia, but that it TRIGGER's it in people who have the schizophrenic gene in them that is not yet active. Meaning those people already had the gene, it was just inactive and marijuana activated it. Who knows if something else would have activated it down the road in their lives anyway.

    I do get your points though. I believe Marijuana should be used in moderation, just like Alcohol. And similarly, it's not for everyone.
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  5. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    I've been saying this for some time now. When we had the "groan" button I got hit with it several times for blaspheming that marijuana isn't harmless. The fact of the matter is, nothing is harmless. If you drink to much water in one sitting you will die.

    I think you're jumping to conclusions with the schizo angle. It's been postulated that marijuana use can exacerbate preexisting schizophrenic tendencies, and there is some data to support that. But in no way has it been proven as an iron clad determining factor. Consider the fact that within this decade schizophrenia wasn't considered a valid mental illness and I think you'll see why we shouldn't jump too quickly to say we know what can cause or worsen it..
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  6. Robin Graves197666

    Robin Graves197666 New Member

    im not sure if this is completely off topic or not. when your talking about how high the THC levels are these days reminded me of being offered skunk. i said no straight away cos personally i think it gives weed a bad name, im not actually sure because ive never really looked into it so im wrong to assume. would you say that you should find your perfect balance in THC levels? as in nothing too strong but nothing too weak
  7. PhoLuM

    PhoLuM New Member

    Agreed. I have a bad short term memory these days and cough that comes and goes. In my personal opinion, it effects everyone differently. I have several friends who have been smoking 2x as much as me and are perfectly health and the same as they were before and I have other friends who have been smoking less than me and have more negative conditions from it then me...
  8. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    Nothing is harmless. Everything in moderation.
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  9. W E E D

    W E E D New Member

    Harmful effects of cannabis: Forgetting to put the milk away, but instead putting the cereal box in the fridge, causing the milk to curdle, the next day you smoke again and get cottonmouth so you drink the milk, thus causing a zombie outbreak...
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  10. Insaneteacher

    Insaneteacher Fare You Well

    look up the side effects for some of the most popular pharmaceuticals on the market. I don't know about you guys but i'd take a little short term memory loss over thoughts of suicide and anal leakage :laugh:
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  11. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    Everything in moderation! Too much of even a good thing can cause problems.
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  12. Miketheman420

    Miketheman420 New Member

    Your 100% right, thefirsttimer. It is a drug, regardless of what anyone says. It can be VERY addicting. I have personally seen a 15 year old kid pick roaches out of a cup of coffee and smoke them because he was addicted to getting high.Some people just can't handle using marijuana. Moderation is the key.
  13. thefirsttimer

    thefirsttimer New Member

    Yes man. The thing about being high is that it is an extremely pleasant feeling. Everything is intensified by like 10000 so the problem with this is that everything in life becomes extremely dull when you are not high. I experienced this a few times, especially within mental states of mind.

    I would be so happy one day and decide to just roll one up and smoke a fat blunt with some friends. The following days when I go to work I feel extremely depressed, like I have nothing to look forward to in life, how I didnt get into a good college and how life will always be boring.

    I also have a job where I have to work on a factory type makeline and remember all the products when I delete them, so when they come through, I make them with the right toppings etc. Weed completely destroyed my memory and I suck at memorizing the orders now, and before I could delete up to 10 products and remember all of them.

    I love being high, but I might quit the herb all together. Its just not for me, I get extremely irritable, depressed, and socially more shy the following days after I get high. The memory and lack of attention span is also one of the worst aspects. Its sad because I really love being high, but I think the outcomes in the long run are not going to be worth it.

    I used to be so cool and social, now since I have been smoking weed, my friends send me texts to come to a party or whatever, and I just flake because all I want to do is sit home and smoke and watch movies, play videogames etc.

    The demotivational syndrome is also a huge side effect that hits me pretty hard. I havent been out with friends in like a month straight and this is also the month where I have been getting high 2-3 times a week.
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  14. iCurlBabies

    iCurlBabies New Member

    It's referred to as "harmless", because it generally is. No one has ever died a death directly attributed to Marijuana, in the history of forever. Compared to everything else that exists.
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  15. sativaking

    sativaking New Member

    You dont have to smoke the same amount you would lower thc weed, if your weed is too strong , smoke less.
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  16. The Key

    The Key New Member

    Marijuana is the closest thing to harmless that I will ever use to intoxicate myself.
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  17. sativaking

    sativaking New Member

    Harmless - No
    Safe - yes
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  18. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Harmless no..how so?

    Is water harmful, yes, you can die from water..Can you die from pot..NO
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  19. MrIMStoned

    MrIMStoned |BIG BROTHER|

    To be fair, that's probably because they are stoned all the time. It only takes an hour or two for the effects to wear off.

    I completely agree. The effect wears off when I'm not stoned, maybe it's longer for some people.

    Non-anecdotal evidence, please.

    Extremely depressed and irritable are not really tangible. You could feel that way at anytime for any number of reasons. The anxiety you felt is a normal side effect, though. Again, I find it wears off before or right after the high. This prolonged anxiety you felt might be caused by other aspects of your life.

    Sure, their are side effects. I think the biggest is paranoia and anxiety. Which most people overcome or just stop smoking weeed altogether. Problems? I can honestly not think of one problem marijiuana has caused to myself besides the momentary anxiety, but when you get used to the effects it doesn't cause anxiety anymore. When you know your heart is going to start beating faster, you tend not to freak out as much.

    You think they are making it up or something? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.


    I am skeptical of your anecdotal evidence and await peer reviewed studies. :indiffere

    You have a shit job and are becoming apathetic towards your life as a result. Why do you think the marijiuana is responsible? Do you blame the videogames you've been playing this whole time, as well?
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  20. The Key

    The Key New Member

    &MrIMStoned ^

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kfgqo6ip6fs"]Private Miller Your - Dick, My Mouth - YouTube[/ame]

    minus the "fuck you" of course. You keep owning people, it's awesome.
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