Why does Marijuana make me faint?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by RunHappy, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. RunHappy

    RunHappy New Member

    I was wondering if anyone has had this same experience or has any helpful information. I only smoke pot when I am at home now because when I go out in public I may faint. I don't know why, but this has happened to me quite a few times. And I even ended up in the hospital. I do tend to feel anxious or paranoid when I smoke? Does anyone know why I would faint from Marijuana? Thanks.
  2. jewishjake420

    jewishjake420 New Member

    You might be dehydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids before you smoke the next time. Also, is it just when you smoke weed or anything? Also, have you tried other forms of getting high?
  3. RunHappy

    RunHappy New Member

    Maybe I need more water

    I guess that could be the situation. I love smoking, but I just have this fear of leaving my housebecause of the fainting spells. I will try to drink more water. Thanks. Also, I have tried cocaine, but do not enjoy it.
  4. jewishjake420

    jewishjake420 New Member

    no... I meant such as eating or vaporizing pot.
  5. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Other possible reasons for your faintness might be low blood sugar or acute anxiety. Sensitivity to either of these can be amplified by marijuana.
  6. SmokingBelle

    SmokingBelle New Member

    I'm a fainter, too

    I pass out because (like many younger people under 35) I have really low blood pressure. Most people think only high bp is a problem, not so.

    I'm sure they checked yours at the hospital, but next time at the DR, have them take your BP while laying down, and again as soon as you stand up as quickly as possible. It may be something rather simple to fix, but ya won't know til you check with a DR!

    As suggested, up your fluid intake. Water is best, BUT you can drink too much and that is a big problem b/c of electrolyte imbalances that can also cause fainting/lightheadedness. So yes, drink water, but try to up your sodium intake while increasing water intake, or rotate drinking water/gatorade. I hope you get the answers you're looking for, I know fainting can be pretty freaky.

    Edited to add: I don't faint BECAUSE of marijuana, I DO pass out b/c of something called POTS that I have along with a host of other health issues and injuries(I swear, it IS called POTS lol). Should have made that clearer, sorry.
  7. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Any time a young person faints for no apparent reason is a reason to be checked by a physician.

    The most likely cause is a sudden drop in blood pressure caused by the sudden dilation (relaxing and therefore opening) of blood vessels that occurs when you smoke. That drop in blood pressure can cause oxygenated blood to flow quickly away from the brain and cause a "faint". If you feel faint, sit and lie down. Bend your knees or prop your feet up, to allow gravity to assist in getting you blood flow back up to your brain. You'll feel your heart beat a bit harder and will come out of your faint. You may feel nauseaus or dizzy. Take a few minutes before sitting and standing again.

    But do get a check up -- make sure that your fainting isn;t a symptom of an underlying illness.


    Mama Budz
  8. RunHappy

    RunHappy New Member

    Thank you so much for all of the info. I will have my blood sugar checked ASAP. Thanks again.
  9. LegalizIT!

    LegalizIT! New Member

    Hmmm.... I've never fainted off of pot but I do sometimes feel my heartbeat getting a little faster and harder but never took notice cause i though i was just feeling it. Should I check it out.?
  10. ProfessorDread

    ProfessorDread New Member

    MJ and Fainting Spells

    I joined this forum not only because I'm a dedicated smoker for many years but also because myself and numbers of others I've known over my lifetime have had experiences with MJ and fainting spells. The other evening it happened to a friend for the first time and she was very concerned about it. So once again I started looking for reliable medical information about this phenomenon. In my opinion it's rather difficult to get straight info from many medical professionals because of the politicization of herb due to the senseless war on drugs. Likewise, because fainting can be very scary, it seems like many people jump to unnecessary conclusions about what this means and other potential health issues involved.
    From my years of observation and participation in smoking practices across cultures (I am a dr. of anthropology) I have seen this fainting thing happen countless times. Unlike what many people have said in their postings about fainting under the influence of herb being unusual, it is VERY common. In Jamaica it is called 'blacking up,' and people are very familiar with it and deal with the fainting person quite matter of factly. There also seems to be a range of experiences with it: some people feel strange, get tunnel vision, then faint, and then are fine a few minutes later. Others, like a good friend of mine and longtime smoker, gets cold sweats and has to lie down for at least an hour when he feels it coming on. My long-standing theory has been that this has to do with oxygenation levels in the brain, which MamaBudz pointed out quite well as far as how smoking the herb might alter those levels through dilation of blood vessels, etc. (This is also substantiated in medical lit regarding short fainting spells in general). I think it can also be aggravated by external circumstances: heat, closed area, smokey room, etc. But the main causes seem to be within the body itself because it's happened to me and others I know (including my friend the other night) out of doors. Other mitigating factors are emotional conditions: if you are already anxious, panicky, freaked out, etc., or have had a balck-up before and are afraid of it happening again, all of these can make you somehow more susceptible, I think. There was a period about ten years ago when I had some anxiety issues generally and I had to give up the herb for the better part of a year because it made it my anxiety worse and I experienced more frequent black-ups.
    I wish we all had more factual -- as opposed to anecdotal -- information to go on as far as this phenomenon is concerned. In addition to the obvious things like staying hydrated, not mixing all sorts of substances (alcohol and herb can be particularly unhappy, especially if smoking follows alcohol intoxication) and being responsible about what other health issues you might have, I think the best way to deal with it is 1) don't freak out and go rushing off to the emergency room or a doctor if it happens to you; for one, we don't want any more ammunition in the war on drugs labeling MJ harmful; 2) learn to recognize the early signs (uneasiness, feeling heavy in your legs and arms, tunnel vision) and sit or lie down til you feel better again 3) recognize that the herb is a powerful thing and respect it. Learn your own limits and recognize also that your relationship with herb, as with all living things, will change over time according to what else is happening in your life, in your emotional and/or physical state. If the herb is making you freaky, lay off for a bit.
  11. AnybodyKilla

    AnybodyKilla New Member

    Couldnt have said it any better, i have a friend who doesnt really faint but gets REALLY tired from bud no matter what kind, he recently smoked some sativa budz and passed out almost just as fast as any indica, i guess lots of people have different reactions to weed. sometimes i think it reachers the inner subconscious of people. i have alot of friends who freak an tweak out just on bud who havent tried anything harder.
  12. panert

    panert New Member

    im really happy i read your post. Because i was really concerned off my last blackout / fainting.
    The first time i had one was when we walked on foot for like an houre, on the way we stopped to smoke a joint, after the joint we talked abit wile standing, i suddenly heard my friends voices fading and my view "shaking" i tried to sit down on a car and was gonna fall off but my friends caught me. I sat down for 30 secs and felt better again, was sweating alot tho.
    The other day i was waiting for the bus and a friend asked if i wanted to smoke a joint, i said sure and i smoked most of it. After the joint we were talking to some friends, wile standing again. And suddenly i was hoping i wouldnt get a bad trip. Then it happened again, everything was blurry i wanted to sit down but i couldnt, i was really dizzy and i ran against a streetlight, i rested abit against it but then i fell down flat on my chest. Stayed there for 3 secs i got up and i sat down, and after a few seconds i started to feel better again, i was also sweating alot again. It was after school and like 30 people saw it -_- i could kill myself

    usually i only smoke at my home where we can sit, or sleep if we are verry stoned :p
    i really dont like smoking pot in the public :/
  13. scumokin

    scumokin New Member

    pale-rider AKA Marijuana fainting spells

    i can't tell you how many times i've gotten "sick" from smoking marijuana...and by sick, i mean i faint and throw up---every time. my vision turns "snowy" and i can't hear anything. i get very sweaty and my stomach begins to burn. i also always have a headache after the experience goes away. i always assumed i was getting "sick" because either my blood pressure drops or rises suddenly-- i have high blood pressure. i'm 5'7" 100lbs (female)--go figure, eh?? also remember that marijuana increases your heart rate. i'm pretty sure that the fainting spells are caused by a drop or rise in blood pressure, just not sure which it is...luckly i haven't had the chance lately to find out for myself, although i wouldn't mind finding out once and for all..i even bought a digital blood pressure monitor :laugh: ...one reson i'm almost certain the spells are due to blood pressure because i once had the same experience while playing basketball after i gave blood earlier that afternoon-- drop in blood pressure. hope i helped, peace out :)
  14. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    At 5'7" and only 100 pounds you are decidely underweight -- if I may be so bold -- for a female and would indeed have lower than normal blood pressure.

    Your blood pressure drops when you smoke cannabis/marijuana and remains lowered for up to 3 hours.

    This is thought to be due to the dilation of the blood vessels in your body.

    Your heart beat increases, forcing more blood through your body but as the vessels have dilated, the blood also moves more quickly, allowing less time for the oxygen to be absorbed by your brain.

    This in turn leads to fainting.

    Vomiting occurs as the blood flow is suddenly routed away from the gastro intestinal system (stomach and intestines) and re-routed to the brain, heart and lungs, in an effort to re-oxygenate the brain.

    If you feel faintness or dizzyness, a "closing in" sensation ...try to find a location where you can lay flat on your back and prop your legs up (lay on the floor and put your legs on a chair or couch).

    This is a reason why you want to only smoke out with people you know and trust -- In a compromising position like this, it would be a simple matter to be raped by someone who's intentions were less than honorable.

    Please do speak with a registered dietician about increasing your body mass index. On average, a a healthy young woman should weigh between 4 and 7 pounds for every inch above five feet -- 5'2 would be 108 to 114 of solid muscle, 5'4" 116-128. Over age 35 an additional 10 pounds is added.

    Intentionally being underweight during adolescence and young adulthood will lead to osteoporosis and a slew of medical problems that may interefere with hormonal balance (as female body fat is used to store estrogen and progesterone) and lead to amennorhea.

    Please take care of yourself...

    ...have a cookie ;)

    and a large glass of 2% milk...you need the calcium


    Mama Budz
  15. MarijuanaGrowin

    MarijuanaGrowin New Member

    Marijuana Blackout

    I fainted before after smoking a 1/4 ounce of powerful indicas. Each time I would stand up, I would walk a few steps and black out. Happened 3 times in a row, sort of crazy.
  16. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I'm surprised you could stand up at all! Why would anyone want to smoke that much? It's the marijuana equivalent of drinking a quart of tequila and very bad news for the lungs. You must have had one hell of a tolerance!
  17. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    What were you thinking? Was your head attached at the time?

    You were intoxicated. Extremely intoxicated.

    What you describe is incredibly irresponsible cannabis use.
  18. scumokin

    scumokin New Member

    my problem was dehydration... which doesn't mix well with marijuana and cigarettes... and especially alcohol. :(
  19. eringeek

    eringeek New Member

    2 bad experiences...

    I have 2 bad marijuana experiences, one of which frightened me away from smoking it.

    I have been smoking for years, going from smoking every day to only smoking occassionally and back again. I usually just get dopey, consumed by my own throughts, sleepy and occassionally paranoid. I have imagined seeing things that didn't happen or weren't there but not often. If I am out in public, I experience paranoia moreso than if I am by myself.

    A couple of months ago, I was smoking with a couple of my friends. We were sitting in the kitchen and I barely felt high at all. I was thinking clearly and was not experiencing any paranoia. I felt mellow but that was the extent of it. I got up to go to the bathroom, and as I was walking through two room and the hallway, my legs started to feel like jello and my body felt heavy and like it was melting. It happened gradually as I was getting closer to the bathroom. By the time I reached the bathroom door I felt as if part(s) of my brain just shut down, sort of like a computer. I could see everything perfectly but I had no control over my motorskills and could not make sense of what it was I was seeing. I remember standing outside the bathroom door and seeing it, seeing the hall way, but not being able to understand that it was a door and a hallway and not being able to understand who or where i was or why i was where i was. Suddenly, I realized I was trying to get through the door in front of me but couldn't figure out how to get my body through it. I was leaning with my head against the wall next to the door for what seemed like a lifetime. I had no thoughts at all. Finally, something inside me was trying to snap myself out of it and I thought to myself I HAVE TO GET IN THE BATHROOM. So I busted my way in, which took a great deal of mental and physical energy. Once in the bathroom, I proceeded to lean my head against the wall with the lights out for I dont know how long. The I began to think again, and panicking. My thoughts were "I cant be standing in the bathroom with the lights out. I need to turn the lights on now." But, of course, I couldnt figure out how to go about turning the lights on. I was staring at the light switch but wasnt able to understand how I was supposed to turn the light on. Finally, I had a moment where I snapped out of it and turned the lights and was able to splash some water from the sink in my face. Finally, I decided to sit on the toilet seat and try to recover. The very instant I sat down, I came out of it. I felt like all of a sudden parts of my brain that had been shut off sudden turned back on again. It reminded me of when power is recovered after an outage. At that moment all I could think was "What the hell just happened to me." I left the bathroom and was fine all night for the exception of intense depression and anxiety, possibly both from the traumatic experience and the marijuana. Honest from my heart, I felt like I experienced some form of death.

    After this, I decided to only smoke occassionally. I had only been smoking in the comfort of my own home until two weeks ago. I had plans to go to see a band play. The show was located at a park so I figured it would be a nice idea to bring a joint with me to share with my boyfriend. Before we left, I smoked a very small bowl. I felt pretty high considering the amount I smoked while we were on our way there. When we got there I drank 2 beers over the course of about 2 hours. I do not have a low tolerance for beer nor marijuana usually. When smoking and drinking together, I have experienced dizzyness and nausea in the past. I have found this only happens if I drink after I smoke. If I smoke before then drink, I am usually fine if not fantastic. So I figured since I had only drank 2 beers over quite a while and did not feel the slightest bit buzzed by either substances, that I would be okay with smoking a joint during the band I went to see. My boyfriend and I were standing up, and shared the joint. I was fine until a very intense panic swept over me. I realized that it wouldnt be appropriate to sit and started to feel trapped in the idea of standing up for the remainder of the show. All of a sudden, I started to experience a very intense cold sweat and a fog started to come from behind my eyes, enveloping my sight. I turned to my boyfriend and told him I really had to sit. He grabbed my hand to help me, and this is when I fainted. I dont remember what happened to me, all I remember is waking up to my boyfriend asking me if I was ok. He said my face turned completely white, while my eyes were wide open (more open than normally) and I was sweating profusely. I came back into consciousness and he dragged me to a clear area where I could sit. Getting there, I had absolutely no control of my limbs, and felt almost as if I was wasted drunk. I sat down for a good 20 min with him and couldnt snap out of it. Then all of a sudden clarity returned. I told him I needed to leave but when we stood up again, the dizziness returned so I sat for another 20 mins. He gave me some water, then finally I was able to walk to the car. While in the car, I couldn't comprehend anything that was going on or where I was. All I know is I felt complete depression and anxiety about the situation and intense guilt.

    Two days later, while I was trying to return something at the supermarket I relapsed into the feeling described above, but it involved my left eye totally going out of focus and feeling like it was rolling back by itself. It lasted for about 10 seconds then went away. I had not smoked nor drank that day or since.

    Does anyone have anything to say about either of these experiences? I do not have high or low blood pressure and have had a check up within a close time frame of these incidents.
  20. doerfast

    doerfast New Member

    Weed disrupts the control of your blood pressure.

    It can disrupt the control of blood pressure increasing the risk of fainting. Even occasional use is bad for people with heart and circulation disorders, and for those predisposed to schizophrenia.

    BBC - Science & Nature - Hot Topics - Cannabis - Index Page

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