Why does Medical Marijuana keep getting worse in every new state with a medical marijuana law?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Alkohollokaust, Dec 3, 2012.

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    nobody cares about the patients. They keep fucking it up more and more. I wish Colorado or California would be the model for the country but they keep watering it down. States like New Jersey or Connecticut now have it where pretty much no one could qualify even on their death bed. No one could homegrow. Theres ridiculous potency limits to the point of the weed not even working and quantity limits to where terminally ill patients cant get enough or the right quality medicine needed for their illness. Strain limits to just 1 or 2 strains, no edibals, no drinkables, still no dispensaries so after 3 years and patients still cant get it. No delivery option for patients who cant drive, and even if there was dispensaries the limit would be so low that it could take hours for some patients to get there. Once they get there they can only have an ounce or less for the whole month. And the only weed they can get would be worthless shwag weed for the price of hash!

    All this shit because the politicians are so scared of being voted out of office. Theyre so scared about what the law enforcement thinks or what the parents with kids would think and now patients are 100% fucked and screwed. Now Illinois, New York and some other states are thinking about doing the same thing!

    I say fuck it. Either use the model that Colorado has for medical patients or nothing. Get a ballot initiative so the voters can vote on it, dont let the legislature fuck with it. I rather die than live like slave so you could be happy seeing people suffer. Why do they have to treat this like its fucking Oxycontin?

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