Why does no one want to smoke me out?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Bowlpack, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Bowlpack

    Bowlpack New Member

    I ask tons of people if they want to smoke and always try to get a huge circle going. but i rarely ever get invited to smoke, these are new friends ive made this year not like my closest bros. basically i wonder if this is just life, and this is how normal people operate, or if im just nice, or if im just not that cool. but i know im the fucking man. i hate when people smoke without me, or at least dont even ask after i smoke kids out countless times.
  2. FruitLoop

    FruitLoop New Member

    Do you find your own weed?
  3. Bowlpack

    Bowlpack New Member

    yea dude i always have weed, im talking about when i dont have of course
  4. Triheptyl

    Triheptyl New Member

    i was in a similar situation. always smoking your friends up and never having the favour returned. it didnt bother me that i was always smoking them up, but it bothered me that wouldnt even try to pretend they would get me back.

    solution: find new friends. right now you are a sesh to your "friends". youre willing to get them all high consistently for nothing. they arent going to start smoking you up if you just keep doing it. stop letting people take advantage of you.

    i dont mean to be depressing or negative. perhaps these people really are your friends and its just a coincidence they only hang out when you have weed. maybe they just forget your number when they all have weed and you dont.

    sorry, but like i said i was in a similar situation and it took me much to long to stop letting people take advantage of me. these people arent your friends, they are people willing to tolerate you if you smoke them up. you are degrading yourself if you by continuously returning to them, like an abused wife. youll get all the respect an abused wife gets from her husband too.

    again, having lived through the same thing this may be me being overprotective and applying my situation to yours. if you think these people actually care for you and stuff i may be wrong, but id definitely recommend taking the time to sit and think about your position in the group. how do they see you, how do you see yourself in relation to the group, and how are they treating you.

    there are some shitty people out there, be careful who you call friend.

    right on man. this is the most important thing, dont let bad people give you poor self esteem. in reality these "friends" are probably the losers.
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  5. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    Do you have money to pitch for the weed? Only my closest friends that are really close to me are absolutely fine with smoking me out when I have no money or weed because they know that I'll repay them. With other people, they may be hesitant to smoke you out if you have nothing to contribute. Basically, when you smoke them out they're just using you because there's one guy in my school that always smokes people out for free and none of us are close friends with him, we just use him because he's so easy. DO NOT BE LIKE THAT. Stop smoking out those assholes because they're only using you. Also, don't ask to get smoked out, it's just fucking annoying. I never ask because I know how annoying it is to the people that are being asked.

    Tl;dr get new friends. ;)
  6. FreshFlynFlashy

    FreshFlynFlashy New Member

    Shit just ask em whats up..some people are just stingy...lol let them know you want to get smoked up every once in a while too I'd quit smoking them up untill they returned the favor..just my opinion...
  7. Blackbear

    Blackbear Sr. Member

    Don't smoke them out anymore, simple as that. Whenever I smoke people out I try not to expect anything in return, it would be nice of course, but not necessary, since they really have no obligation to do so. Once they make a habit of bumming off me I just won't cruz with them. I wouldn't turn down getting smoked out by people if they offered me free of charge, but I'll only return the favor if I enjoy being around them. Truthfully, I probably wouldn't enjoy smoking with someone who thinks they're the fucking man.
  8. MaryyJanee

    MaryyJanee New Member

    if you like paying people to hang with you then this is the life for you
    (unless you do act like a dick or uncool around them, but you shouldn't have to do anything phenomenal to get the favor returned although if you're cool enough to smoke with them for free i highly doubt you are uncool because uncool people don't do cool stuff like that the only thing i could wonder but i don't know you is you think you're the man? i mean thats great if you do a lot of cool stuff for them i know where your coming from but if you just have a big ego all the time that could be why)
    If you are smoking them up a decent amount you should NOT have to ask to smoke with them.

    I also had this problem with a lot of kids, then i stopped smoking with them and started smoking with only a select few who returned the favor simple as that.
  9. sk33ter

    sk33ter New Member

    Idk I'm one of three or four people in my school that always has weed, and I only smoke up my Bro's anyone else that asks gets a what are you talking about or a nah man your a narc... plain and simple
  10. Dudeimanoldfart

    Dudeimanoldfart New Member

    Probably because you think your the "fucking man" hah. Some people can be shady with their weed, if at parties people will sneak off unknowingly and smoke a couple people out. It's just the way it is. If someone doesn't want to smoke with you, don't take it so personal, might not be because they don't like your company, it may just be they're running low or it's some killer and they've only gotta gram. Who knows. Weed IS meant to be shared in my opinion but you can't be selfish with it. Then it can come between you and friends.
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  11. Bowlpack

    Bowlpack New Member

    Idk theres only like 8 or 9 currently smoking stoners in my school, i kinda hang with the people that share an interest in the trade, not necessarily chill people who happened to be smoking as well. i just am nice to everyone, but i feel like people dont really repay me much. people used to smoke me out more, but it seems to happen less and less as time progresses. i think money is a big issue for kids because its a boarding school, kids can really only afford less than an eighth for the week if they even buy. i tend to save my cash a little more.
  12. SmokeWeedzEveryDay

    SmokeWeedzEveryDay New Member

    yea man i know the feeling. i had these two friends that would always come over after work to smoke up but never offered to buy and i know they have weed. I asked them to pitch in once and they said they didn't have any on them. so now i smoke up before they come over and if they want to smoke they can pull out their own shit. don't put up with moochers and don't let them take advantage of you.
  13. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    Maybe you have personal hygiene issues that tend to keep people at bay.
  14. Smokey McBongwater

    Smokey McBongwater Sr. Member

    whats with all this negativity bro?
  15. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    Not negativity, Homefry. When people only want to hang with you to smoke your weed and they ditch you when you run out, you need to evaluate what the problems are.
    They could be:
    1. You stink like an old sock.
    2. You dress like Urkels little brother.
    3. You've modified your body with bizarre tattoos or body modification implants.
    Once you've determined its you, then change it if you want to.
    Now it could be his "friends" who are nothing but moochers.
    The best thing to do is come out and ask them. If they are friends, they'll tell him.
  16. Smokey McBongwater

    Smokey McBongwater Sr. Member

    I'm starting to see a trend in your posts.

    You have to have some major self esteem issues to think something is wrong with you, when its pretty obvious your "friends" are the kind of kids who do anything to get high, typically whores and junkies.

    OP: Do you really want to be friends with these kids? If they don't like you for who you are then why the hell are you giving them free drugs. There are plenty of good people out there you just gotta look.
  17. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    ITA. Real friends will share their weed and will actively seek you out because they like your company.
  18. Smokey McBongwater

    Smokey McBongwater Sr. Member

    I dont know what ITA means.

    Thats exactly what i said in my post. You are just trying to argue. If you want to argue so bad visit the political section. I'm not going to argue with you about stupid shit like this.
  19. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    ITA means "I Totally Agree".
  20. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    ^Rofl that's funny. He said he agrees with you and you say that you don't want to argue with him.

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