Why is it so hard to be happy for a day

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by cky, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. cky

    cky New Member

    I have always had something on my mind that turned the fun dial down everyday , what i mean is my sister is going to get me a new bong and some pot soon and i cant wait and then i think about well sh*t school starts in 20 days and then all the excitment goes away. Or i think that i wont be able to have as much fun while school starts from all the test and crap and sometimes ill be thinking of something like for example tommarow i take my drivers test for my license and i get a sens of worry in me even thought iv been told its really simple,

    What im tryign to say is stupid **** like that ruins my day and was wondering if someone could help me out cause it sucks.
  2. Jaycrills

    Jaycrills New Member

    That used to happen to me. Whenever a thought came in my mind that would start to make me feel nervous I would start thinking about something positive. After a while you sort of stop and start thinking more positive all the time.
    Unless it's something really ****ty you don't want to deal with.

    Also I find I do that more when Im bored with nothing to do. Try and always find something to keep you occupied.
  3. woshbosh

    woshbosh New Member

    i do that a lot of the time, sorta sink into depressing times when everything is a downer, but now i just say "**** it" and think about something better, there's no point in wallowing away in misery all the time, might as well think of the good things in life
  4. PhreshwaterPhunk

    PhreshwaterPhunk Mister Natural

    I used to be like that, but then one day I stood up and said, "**** it, I'm not alive for that long so I'm gonna have fun while I am alive." I mean, whats the purpose of working hard anyways? You work hard in school so you can get a good job. YOu work hard at your job so you can get a good salary. You get a good salary so you can buy stuff. But we all die in the end. So lets die happy. Don't be the lawyer with no friends but lots of money.
  5. Kibbatoz

    Kibbatoz New Member

    All you got to do is say screw the stupid **** it's not really worth ruining your day over.Don't worry about it untill it happens there is no reason to ruin your summer because school will be there soon.That's stupid.I do it somtimes then I realize hey what the hell am I worrying about.There is still plenty of time to get stoned and have fun.Even when school comes.And don't worry about the test untill you are taking the test if you have driven before than you know how it is and should do fine.

    You can't spend your life getting pissed off or just getting upset over things you can't change.Summer will be back school will be over.Hell just think when school is over and you enter the real world you will have to work all the time even in the summer.So why worry about your summer days going away because school is comming soon enough you won't even get to enjoy summer because you have to work all the time.And when your not working you will probably have somthing else to do.

    Life sucks.enjoy it.:)
  6. cky

    cky New Member

    all thats very true , thanks everyone
  7. Skater dusto

    Skater dusto New Member

    I didn't bother to finish reading your post because I was there at one time too. Think positive man. Seriously. Sounds like crappy advice but I dunno, it worked for me.
    Just stop thinking about all the bad stuff and focus on the good. Take your bad experience and learn from them. If you didn't have bad experiences then you wouldn't be having goodtimes either. Don't let things get to you, try to make the best out of every situation, and be nice to every person you come across.
    A little smile here and there can go a long way. So when the world's against you, just keep in there.

    If this made no sense then it's because I'm really stoned. But I can re-post this message because I know I've conquered lots of crap in my life. I've been 'happy' for about a year now. First time in my life that things are always looking up for me. It sucks to think about all the people who feel like they have a million pounds sitting on their shoulders.
  8. cky

    cky New Member

    yea ....im gonna think postive now, about the smile thing , im nice to everyone , stick up for the retartds and nerds at our school but i dont get **** back , oh well fine with me im a postive guy now!!
  9. Skater dusto

    Skater dusto New Member

    Seriously, I thought I was cursed. Nothing good ever happened to me EVER. But last year things started looking up. Now I have my whole life in track, school's great, relationship with parents couldn't be better, and I have a wonderful gf whom I can't stop bragging about.

    Karma will get you back, trust me dude. Just keep in there. You sound a lot like me, a great guy. No jokes. You'll get what you desearve sooner or later, just stick in there. :)
  10. Stephanie S.

    Stephanie S. Original

    While I'm a bit older than you, (maybe the reason I don't refer to people as retards), I've come up with a couple of things that may not bring ecstatic joy and happiness to my life, it helps to not dwell on the negatives in your life.

    When you think of your drivers test, think of the freedom it will bring.

    When you really, really feel badly, remember that you could be living in parts of war torn Africa, one step away from having your dead body floating down the river.

    When I worked in retail and I would say, "High, how are you?" People more often than not would reply, "Ah, could be better." Or something equally as negative.
    I'd reply,"Well, you could be much worse off. You could be a homeless single mom living on the street trying to feed three kids." People would look at me, blinking, mouth open...duhhh.

    Things can always get worse. They can also always get better.
    As others have said here, the power of positive thinking works.

  11. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Mmmm...sounds like two situations going on here...

    Sounds like you go from happy/content...to feeling dread, hopeless and depressed very quickly. That the anxiety of what might be effects your ability to enjoy the present situation. It has gotten to a point where you have recognized this pattern and it is not a pattern that you wish to continue.

    This quick change of mood and tempering your joy alwaays with a warning of what may be around the corner, or in fact what is around the corner may be due to normal adolescent hormonal shifts.

    It could be something that requires outside help. You may be under stress that is causing you to fluctuate in your moods. It may be indicative of the start of an anxiety condition, or it may be a sign of bipolar illness.

    So my suggestion is to see your doctor and get a reccomendation to a psychiatrist (not a psychologist) which is a medical doctor who can ascertain what the caaause of your feelings are.

    Here is one problem that you will need to take under advisement:

    Marijuana is a rapid acting euphorant -- it makes you feel happy, euphoria. But the euphoria only remains for a short period of time. In contrast, you may be feeling the normal stressors of your life more excrutiatingly. This can also be a warning sign of the need for anti-depressant medication for a period of time. During that time you can learn techniques that will allow you to live life dealing with stress and without constant fear, worry and anxiety getting in the way.

    So you know, these medications should NOT limit your ability to feel normally, limit creativity, or give you a feeling like your emotions are in a straight-jacket. The medication merely allows your body to use it's own mechanisms to increase the amount of certain chemicals it may not be producing in sufficient quantities to be effective in your growing self.

    You are definitely a very sensitive individual. You feel for the under-dog -- the "retard" the "nerd" -- you get no joy in their pain. And if you wonder why you bother to do this? It is becasue you couldn't accept yourself if you stood by and did nothing. That my dear makes you a Human Being, a Mensch, a real Person.

    You will be fine. Check out some of the threads in health and medicine and you'll see you are also not alone and there is light at the end of this tunnel

    ...have a cookie ;)


    Mama Budz
  12. ManMulcahey

    ManMulcahey Wilson, King of Prussia

    Exactlly, Last year i found my self pretty depressed about stupid things, One day i smoked a joint with my buddies and i realized why not live while im alive.
  13. LuNaTiK

    LuNaTiK New Member

    School is definately starting to press on me now
  14. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    ...just stopped by to drop off milk and cookies ;)

    School was so much better when we took a break for milk and cookies...

    Do yourself a favor this school year....

    make time to have a cookie ;)

    Brought to you

    By YOUR

    Mama Budz

  15. CAT33

    CAT33 New Member


    I hated school. If I could have done away with the social Classroom situation and just gotten my assignments and studied at home, like a college environment, I would have learned 10 times more in 1/4 of the time. So much school time is a total waste such as reading aloud in class and other crap to entertain then lowest common denominator...especially in the government schools...and I'm not a social animal either so that aspect made me sick...everyone always trying to impress someone...

    I know how you feel. Just remember it's all a game. Just be glad you don't have to face drug tests like I do at work...LOL.


    It WILL get better.:p
    I've got 46 yrs of experience and a college degree to prove it!! :cool:
    All I need now is for those damn seeds to get here!!!!!!!!!
  16. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest


    from your sig...

    "Hmmm...perhaps since LAWYERS make money from our stupid laws, and LAWYERS run the country...think there's a connection???"

    Actually...Politicians make the laws...Lawyers defend people's rights or the laws as written by Politicians voted in by people who remember to bother to VOTE, that's the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH

    And...Cops and and the Penal Institutions and such are part of the Executive Branch of government, and they also make their money on the Laws...

    By the way lawyers don't run the country but some people who are Politicians and members of the Executive branch have law degrees. I hear some in the Judiciary do as well

    By the way...you VOTE, right?

    ...have a cookie ...
  17. w4e2e0d

    w4e2e0d New Member

    you just have to learn how to not let stuff get to you. If there's something bothering you that you don't have control over then just stop stressing about it. Think about all the other people out there who have so little. You're life could be alot worse. My family never even had a car until I moved out on my own. I wish all I had to worry about was passing a driver's test and going to school when I was sixteen. Not to make you feel guilty or selfish or anything. I just think you don't appreciate what you do have. If you did you'd be happier. People are too quick to push prescription drugs these days. Everybody thinks taking a little pill for the rest of their life is gonna save them. The whole world's on some type of drug, but weed's still not legal. Bummer. Now that's a problem.
  18. thegoat

    thegoat New Member

    try being as angry as you can all day long without physicaly harming anyone...and maybe being happy will seem easier or something
  19. bigpeanuts

    bigpeanuts New Member

    I disagree with this line of thinking. Everything is relative - how can most people in America relate to anything going on in Africa? Yeah, we know they are mostly in hardships - but we don't really know what they are going through. Their lives are much more simple compared to our lifestyles in the US and Canada. Just because people in Africa are starving doesn't mean I should always feel good about myself or my day. If I walked into your store and you told me that, it would not go well with me at all. You have no clue what myself or anyone else puts up with throughout their day.

    Personally, I don't think there is anyway to keep the negative thoughts out. In fact, sadness and the like is often a GOOD thing. Life is one huge experience, and that is part of life. It is very sobering for me to sit back and contemplate the depressing parts of my life from time to time because I can grow an appreciation for the good times that happen in my life. I can't explain my thoughts very well, but saddening experiences give or raise the value of the good experiences in life. Without the bad things, how could the good things be good? My depression got about as bad as it could get for me, and now I'm partly out of it - but that depression has made me appreciate some of the things that other people take for granted.

    Alot of times the depressing aspects of life make people feel bad about themselves - and I think that's why people try to avoid those thoughts so much. For me, I try to accomplish alot of good things throughout my day so I have something that I can think about that makes me feel good about myself and not let the depressing thoughts affect my self-esteem. Today for example, I didn't do a lot of productive things because I was out with friends all day, but before I left this morning I cleaned the house and got some other odds and ends done. So even though I could have done more, atleast I did something productive and still had the whole day to relax and have the best time possible.

    I'm just rambling, forgive me :eek:
  20. zingersis

    zingersis New Member

    "You have no clue what myself or anyone else puts up with throughout their day. "

    This is true, but you could bet 4 million dollars there is someone out there who has it worse, and win every time.

    There is value in depression, but the person who started this post wanted to know why they couldn't have ONE good day. If you never have a good day, the depression isn’t valuable anymore, it is just sad.

    Everyone is making a valuable point, there is a thought pattern you get into that perpetuates the depression, and if you are perpetuating it beyond the point that is helpful, you can do things to change the thought patterns. One of the ways to do this is to remember that you don’t really have it all that bad, so why not try to make the best with what you have?

    Here is an example from my real life... I decided I was sick of being depressed, and I realized there was beauty all around me I just had to see it, so I decided that everything in my life that I had NO control over (the weather, bad drivers, mean people, the tobacco companies, my job etc), I was going to either learn to deal with passively, I was going to learn to appreciate it, or I was going to start to change it. So I started with the weather. How many times do you hear someone say, "Oh man, I hate the rain" (replace "rain" with any weather element, wind, snow, heat, cold, etc.) I though it was ridiculous to hate something you really have absolutely no control over, so I decided to change my reaction to it, and every season that came by, I learned to appreciate. So in the winter with the snow, I hated the cold, I despised having wet feet, and having to drive on the ice. But I changed the way I think about it. I started to see how beautiful the snow is, and really appreciate the articles of clothing you get to wear to keep yourself warm! Sweaters, cute jackets, scarves, cute boots etc, made me get excited for the snow to come!

    Then I did this with every season, and everything that made me unhappy (example, I quit smoking cigarettes so that I wasn’t paying the tobacco companies, and I started something I call zen driving. I got a new job that was better. I also wrote down a bunch of life goals so I can make a difference in the world in my life time.), and now I can see the beauty in everything, all the time, and I am a much happier person for it.

    So obviously my depression was very valuable, but there is a time to let go of it, and a time to change.

    I hope this post wasn’t too long.

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