Why is marijuana illegal ?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by GoodFella, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. GoodFella

    GoodFella New Member

    i'd like to start off this thread with the question, "why is marijuana illegal"

    i have asked many people this, and ALL of them did not give a clear-cut answer, they gave me a bull**** answer.

    I googled it and found out a lot, about the racism and such invovled.

    Then after telling my cousin (smokes pot too, but wanted to debate someone) my findings, he told me it was a bias website.

    So then i did a little more googling and came upon this lovely article !


    What I loved about this wonderful article is this quote:

    "NORML states that every year thousands of "innocent" productive members of society are put in jail for marijuana use. If they were really productive, functioning members of society who were upstanding and innocent, they would not be breaking the law."

    Basically, the author, Justine Springer, is saying anyone who smokes marijuana is bad and gulity.

    HM, let me think, who has smoked marijuana::


    All of these succesful politicians have smoked marijuana at one point, they broke the law, yet they are still are able to function fine and are productive (except bush lol :p)

    Now what also pissed me off was the next line:

    "If it is illegal, there is no reason why people should engage in smoking it; good citizens would stay away from the drug and refuse to break the law."

    Basically, this is implying, anything illegal should not be done. This is such BULL****, if this was successful then the african americans would still be sitting "in the back of the busses"

    Thanks for reading ! :)
  2. rhyax

    rhyax New Member

    Long story short, much of today's anti-marijuana sentiment is the result of one man: Harry Jacob Anslinger. He was as big an asshole to ever have walked the face of the earth, and it's safe to say that if there is a hell, the very worst level is reserved for him. While his seemingly psychotic crusade against marijuana consisted of little more than blatant lies, it started the reefer madness era and influenced generations to come against the herb.
  3. SkyTripper

    SkyTripper New Member

    William Randolph Hearst also is someone to blame as well.

    But in all reality....it remains illegal because of GREED and $$$$$.
    Also, because it is a weed and soooo easy for anyone to grow in or outdoors....the ability to TAX it and REGULATE it would be sooo difficult.
    Not to mention all of the industries who would want to stake the biggest claim in it and its high potential for profits who would either be unable to or unable to "corner the market" in it.
    Its legality would also cause the insurance industry some grief too......and you know how powerful they have gotten over the years.
  4. TiKiTiKi

    TiKiTiKi Sr. Member

    Harry Anslinger is one of the main reasons why marijuana is illegal because spread lies about bud that were so far from the truth. I get so worked up about the subject because I truly believe in herb and its uses.
  5. another reason why herb is illegal is becuase if it were legalized, it would reek havock on the judicial system....There are of thousands of people imprisoned in America because of weed charges...If it were legalized, it would take years to process all of thier appeals to get out of jail... not only that, but many police personelle and judges and things would be out of a job becuase they wouldn't be needed after the drop in "crime"

    ****in sucks and its ridiculous... but we're all hopin for that day... until then keep ur blunts burnin and ur ass lit....
  6. TheGnome

    TheGnome New Member

    Also you cannot forget about the other product of cannabis, Hemp, and if that is legilized then industries like the paper industry and cotton industry, would get hit hard, and god knows our leader dosn't want to hurt his stocks...
  7. fyse0

    fyse0 New Member

    because in america, if you're not conservative-right-wing-god-fearing-unenlightened-unintelligent you're an evil-doer. and none of them smoke pot. so smoking pot is wrong and evil.
  8. dags

    dags New Member

    i saw a documentary on pottv.com about henry aslinger and it explained how originally he didnt really care about pot and wouldnt mind it being kept legal but eventually someone convinced him it was terrible and some politics got dragged into it and the crusade was started.

    also, did anyone notice whoever wrote this article wrote out what NORML stood for twice in the same sentence? :rolleyes: and they call us unproductive citizens with a short term memory.
  9. Haddock

    Haddock New Member

    Harry Anslinger was the one who made it illegal. I think it's a good thing that he did though (hear me out before giving negative karma :p). I read that before marijuana became illegal in American, hardly anyone smoked it and most people hadn't even heard of it. Anslinger brought attention to marijuana (albeit negative) and after it was made illegal, a lot of people started trying it. Over the decades (especially the 60's with the hippies) it became increasingly popular and people realized that it wasn't so bad.

    The American Medical Association stood against marijuana criminalization from the start. When Anslinger put the bill to criminalize marijuana before congress, they asked if he had approval from the AMA, he flat out lied and said he did. The bill passed and marijuana was made illegal. The AMA appealed against it, but nothing happened.

    Here are a few Anslinger quotes:

    "If the hideous monster Frankenstein came face to face with the monster of marijuana he would drop dead of fright."

    "Reefer makes darkies think they're as good as white men."

    "Marihuana (sic) leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing"
  10. BlackBird

    BlackBird New Member

    the industries couldn't stake a claim on it, everyone would be growing it, it would be dirt cheap to buy, there would be no need for drug dealers. It's ridiculous that we have to buy it for such outrageouse prices when it's something that grows from the ground!

    I never really heard why it was illegal i guess its because what everyone else is saying people were brainwashed by these political figures into thinking that the GooD HerB was a horrible thing.

    -But that describes why it was illegal; why is it still illegal?
  11. Excelent point. :thumb:. Not many people realize how much pull the insurance companies have in this country. If pot was legal think how many more claims there would be from people smoking and driving. The last thing the insurance companies want is more claims and there big enough to get what they want.
  12. MrEddy

    MrEddy Coitus Reconciler

    Well i gotta say that I didn't start smoking weed until I was 28.. And i'm 29 now so its been less than a year that i smoke weed. And before I smoked it I believe that I though ti was bad simply because I have always been told so. I mean you have to remember that as kids you believe what the adults tell you. And a great deal of the exposure I had to pot when i was younger was in watching my sister get in trouble and almost fail out of high school and she was a stoner. Today i know there were many more porblems besides weed that caused her to be in that situation but at that time I though it was because she was a stoner.
    Anyway after i finally smoked weed and realized that it uh was not nearly as bad as made out to be, I dont understand waht all the fuss is about. Alcohol is so much worse than weed and its legal. I think if you wanted to help alot of problems get rid of booze and make weed legal.

    EXAMPLE : When was the last time you saw an episode of cops where you saw a crazy stoner freaking out and attacking a cop or their spouse and being completely beligerent.... Ok now when was the last time you DIDN'T see an episode of cops with a ****ed up drunk resisting arrest and assualting someone. The answer is probably never on both. Every episode of cops has a crazy drunk and no episode features a crazy stoner.

    Another issue I think we have against making weed legal is that we have spent so much time and resources enforcing the idea that weed is bad bad bad.. That changing our stance on the issue and saying ok its not THAT bad really.. Would be an excuse for people to no longer believe what they have been told over and over. Similar to why Bush will never say going to iraq was wrong. No matter what happens that statemtn will never come out of his mouth because it then undermines every other thing he ever says again, even if it happens to be true.

    On the topic of legalization. Is it possible for a state to make pot legal even if the federal goverment woudln't want it to? If that is indeed possible I think taht is what i will take for weed to become legal elsewhere. Once one state makes it legal and the world does not immediatly come to an end and there are actually positive results from it. I think word will spread and ideas may change.
  13. dOOBiE213

    dOOBiE213 New Member

    i like to believe that the reason pot is illegal is bcuz if everyone knew what it is to be high, then most people would stop buying alcohol and grow their own weed...no1 would be afraid to smoke (no legal consequences).... sure there'd be a few people that would want to be drunk n faded :) but do you really think alcohol would make any reasonable profit...EVERY person i know prefers smoking over drinking...plus, who knows, maybe the government knows something we dont know ;) ...maybe weed gives you infinite wisdom :eek: ...just look at some of the best known artists of all time...theyre weed smokers :)
  14. greypoe

    greypoe Sr. Member

    Cannabis became illegal right after the great depression. After a group of people learned how to control the stock market, and push farmers off their land. It probally goes deeper then that, actually it does. Alot of people associate Dupont and the paper industry. It was about more then paper. It was about poison, and money. Around 1930's Dupont was introducing new agri-chemicals into the market: Pesticides, Fertalizers, and Herbacides. Then all of a sudden two of the most profitable plants became illegal. Native American Cotton, and Hemp had a very low cost of production, it was naturally pest resistant. Then there was the Plant Patent Act of 1930's.
    Which gives Dupont, and allied agricultural companies the chance to monopolize on our agricultural industry. Soon they will be charging extra for flavor in your bananas. Can't afford the real stuff, buy ligget tomatos, its packed full of wart genes from toads, and moss smell.

    If only our police stopped arresting cannabis users, and started going after some of the big corperations would our Government be the way its suppose to. Thats what would happen if they stopped sucking money out of cannabis users. They would crack down on the businesses with alot of money.

    Perhaps if we stopped putting all our trust into lawyers and politicians we might be able to get something done. If we want cannabis legalized, were going to have to come together and get it done.

    People are generally brainwashed by the propiganda, and psychological war surrounding cannabis. Because of prohibition, we know our government is corrupt. Since its been illegal for so long, and because people loose their freedom and lives over this issue, it makes society feel hopless to stop such a corrupt government. Instead of tring to stop it, mothers and parents try to stop their kids from using drugs. They do it because their afraid.

    Are you afraid as well? Afraid your going to be arrested someday for smoking or growing a plant? Yea, well I challange you to put away that fear, and step up to be a warrior. Because if we come together and organize, we can legalize.

    *We have to counter the propiganda campaign's. In order to do this we have to understand the psychology they use to braainwaash us.

    *We have to bring the information to the people. Most people don't know that cannabis is Healthy, its a prooven fact.

    *We need to build up support, in the masses. This GrassRoots Machine is on it, but it won't work unless activists are pulling and turning the gears. Take a peek, this site is growin.

    If your ready to find out what you can do to support cannabis. Send me a message, and I'll show you.
  15. After alcohol prohibition was ended, the national crime rate dropped signifantly for the next 15 years...its obvious to anyone who doesn't have political agendas on thier minds that crime varies directly with prohibition... if marijuana were legalized, the crime rate would drop by an extreme amount and the government would reep the benefits and profits that would be measured in the billions...

    Honestly, I don't understand why any drug is illegal... I don't understand why the government has the right to tell US what we can put in our bodies... its one thing if you drive or harm others under the influence, and if you do, you should be prosecuted, but only under those circumstances...I mean honestly think about it... we're supposed to be free but we live in a society with ridiculous rules that we can't change... the government is supposed to represent us, but they don't consult us on laws, they use 100 people in DC that we don't even get to vote for... they're appointed by the president or some shiit....

    sucks man
  16. Hashishi

    Hashishi Unf*ckwit'able

    haven't you heard?! that **** can turn decent, god-fearing men into cannibals overnight! hence; CANAbis. :D :wave:
  17. dankmaster420

    dankmaster420 New Member

    another reason why it MAY be still illegal

    When a pig pulls someone over for suspicion of DUI (alcohol), they have an instant test to detect if that person has abused alcohol. NOT that i'm saying mj (esp. in small doses) impairs a person like alcohol, but the piggies and the lawmakers are too influenced by propaganda. But back to what i am saying, there is no (atleast to my knowledge) an istant test to see if a person is REALLY impaired on weed. Perhaps if they tested for actual THC and not THC metabolite, then we may be closer to get MJ legalized.

    Also, i just wanted to say that when i took a DUI course for my probation, the instructor talked about MJ and said that he thought it should remain illegal b/c tobacco and alcohol cause enough deaths, and MJ would "increase" the death rates. B/S!!!
  18. TriggerHappy370

    TriggerHappy370 New Member

    Well if your 18 you can vote for 2 of them, the people in the other states get to vote for the rest.

    Yep, all of you know the truth! Weed is illegal because of racism and greed. Weed was made out to be bad because all the mexicans smoked it.
  19. blinky

    blinky New Member

    organized crime = business
    business = organized crime

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