Why is the "Mac Method" still around?

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by Working Stiff, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Working Stiff

    Working Stiff New Member

    And why does it have a sticky. We've established it works only slightly better than random chance. The science behind it is nonexistent and the guy isn't even around.

    As Sec said in another thread, all one really has to do is damage the cortex of one's hair. There are probably many ways to do this, all of the more effective ones (like hair bleaching) require the follicle to be opened with a base. The "Mac Method" closes the follicle right off with an two acids, and then uses a Tide as a (diluted) base.

    We have zero evidence that it's effective enough to be recommended as much as it is, and while I am all for rituals to calm the mind, I don't think this accomplishes even that very well.

    Unfortunately, I have no better suggestion.
  2. plzpass

    plzpass New Member

    I agree, but hey, if it makes people happy to know they can try something to save their ass, then so be it. I think it may have something to do with the fact that the EMIT test seems easier to pass for some people, and the lab either gives it a PASS if it clears the EMIT test, with no GC/MS, or the lab isn't testing for Marijuana.

    Either way, I agree that the science behind Mac doesn't make sense and people should really look at all treatment methods before determining what is best for them. But hey, it has "worked" for some people it seems.
  3. halfbaked4life

    halfbaked4life New Member

    Dudes what the crap ! Is the maccujo method reliable or not ! 'Cause I just started it and I know I will have a test in my future . Alot of people talk in these forums like the Mac Method is a for sure thing . Now I got you two NEW clowns saying that it shouldn't work ! I think it's the Vinegar that opens up the poors on your scalp. I may be wrong . But overall MAJORITY RULES !!! I hope your not triiing to sell something . Are some kind of chemist or do you work in a lab ?
  4. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    ^^^ please explain why vinegar will open pores. If you want to open pores, take a hot shower.
  5. Jerry G

    Jerry G Sr. Member

    How much research have you done?

    Try going though the last two years of the results thread. See how many regular users with little clean time have failed. The number is considerable. The Mac is far from a "sure thing".

    The mac method seems to work well for women with fine hair. It works poorly on dark haired users(especially regular users with little clean time).

    What is it about vinegar that opens the cuticle? If you did some research you would know that is takes a basic, not an acid. Hair does not have pours.

    BTW, as you can tell, I'm not a "new clown".
  6. plzpass

    plzpass New Member

    Touche' Jerry.

    Listen HalfBaked , I don't claim to be a scientist and what I posted was just my opinion, based on my research. I too started a week ago doing Macujo, but just didn't agree with the underlying principle/science behind it. Not too mention, I hated smelling like vinegar after a work out.

    As Jerry eluded to, and based on what I have found (and posted on this site), this is why I don't agree with Macujo:

    Hair has a rough Ph level of 4.5
    In order to open the cuticle, and get into the hair, its ph must be raised to at least 5.5
    Water is a ph of 7 along with most shampoos, which is why some shampoos combined with hot water can penetrate, and help remove some toxins/metabolites.
    Vinegar is an acid with a ph of 2.0
    Acids close the hair (kind of like a defense mechanism for the hair)
    Clean and Clear contains 2% acid, plus whatever else removes zits. I could not find the ph, but my reasoning led me to believe it was low also.
    The Liquid Tide was a ph of 8.1 which was good, since it was an alkaline/base which opens the hair, and can clean it.
    The final shampoo (PM III, Nexxus, etc...) just does what it does, and removes a little more.

    This is a summarized version of what leads me to believe why Macujo is not for me.

    I agree with Jerry, that in order to remove the metabolites that will cause us to pass/fail, OPENING the hair is essential. Bleach/Redye combined with Toxin Wash, and/or Zydot (preferably both) seem to make the most sense from a scientific standpoint (again, I am not a scientist). Bleach/Redyes combine opening, coloring, cleaning, and closing the hair all in one step. For the record I have been doing a hot washcloth 10 mins, baking soda paste (15 mins - ph of 8-9), liquid Tide (15 mins), PM III (5-10 mins), and have been doing this twice a day. I just recv'd my Toxin Wash and my Zydot this afternoon, and plan to use them also.

    Look at it one of these ways.
    1. Washing your whites with colors is not a good idea, because the heat release the inks more than washing in cold. Opening the fibers with heat, and chemicals releases the inks. Cold water contracts the fibers, and retains the color.

    2. If a stain doesn't come out the first time, you rewash it. Bleach/redye (or any other method you come up with) multiple times before the test, do the same type of thing.

    That being said, I revert back to my original post. It is advised for each person to do their own research. Bottom line, any and all information can be found on this site (or give you ideas to Google on your own), and the people here are all out to help one another. There are some VERY intelligent and experienced people here also, who again, are here to try and help.

    There is no guaranteed way to beat a hair test yet. Until then, we can look out for each other, and use information to the fullest. Macujo has worked for some, and others failed miserably putting their hopes in it.

    Even the psychemedics website mentions (albeit vaguely) that bleaching and coloring one's hair can have an impact on metabolite levels in the hair. They do not mention anything about vinegar, zit cream, and laundry detergent.

    I hope this helps, and good luck to you, and everyone else who reads this post.

    Jerry and SEC are revered as legends on here, so I would trust the people who are around it everyday versus the guy who posted the Macujo method and has never been back.
  7. Working Stiff

    Working Stiff New Member

    Most sales pitches don't end with this.

    If this were true, would any of us be on this board?
  8. halfbaked4life

    halfbaked4life New Member

    Sorry guys if seem to be alittle moody . It's been 17 days since my last toke. And I didn't mean to step on anyones toes.
    I do realize that Jerry is a legend on here. Thanx Jerry.:hail:

    Obviouslly I didn't do enough research .

    Thanx Pizpass for clearifing the whole ph thing. I do like your method & will use it. I'll be happy to get away from the vinegar and clean & clear. That part sucks !!!!

    I guess i was looking for a quick remedy.

    Also I've been avoiding the bleach and dye method, but it seems i have no choice but to do it.

    FYI I'm heavy set and a daily smoker for 13 years (except for 9 months ). My hair on my head is only 3/4 long . So i am doing my body hair also just in case. Along with maccujo I have been using a bar of soap called Body Clear by Purity inc. It's the same company that makes All Clear. I will do the All Clear as a last step the day of the test.

    Questions. Will they pick from the crotch ? I'd hate to bleach and dye down there. How about pits ,chest , and legs ? Also when should I do the bleach and dye , asap ? Are you saying to bleach and dye several times ? Finally, What do you think my chances are?

    I really want to make sure that I pass with this certain co. that I want to work for.

    I wish I had quit 2 years ago like i was suppose to, I wouldn't be in this mess.
    Who said that weed isn't addicting????
    Damn I miss it !!!!!!!!:p

    I would really appriciate it if anyone would help.

    thanx, hb4L .
  9. plzpass

    plzpass New Member

    HB4L No worries.

    According to Jerry, starting the redye ASAP is best. Preferably washing it out with Toxin Wash and/or Zydot. Also, it is easier on your head to not have to bleach redye immediately after each other.

    I too am mostly bald on top (.125"), so they will have no choice but to take a hair sample from another part of my body. I have clipper trimmed legs, arms, chest, and gone to porn start trim just to be safe, and left my pits as the only area to treat and take sample. From what I have been able to find out, it sounds as though the first alternative place is the armpits. They will take a sample from both pits.
    Most collectors will not take a sample from the pubes, as it is a little too intrusive (which is a big selling point of the hair test in the first place to corporations).
    Body hair does not grow as fast, and tends to be less accurate. Problem being, is I haven't found out if "not as accurate" is a good or bad thing. A leg hair for example (or arm pit??) can be on your body for 3-12 months. That is a huge amount of time for them to go back. ON the other hand, less blood gets pushed through the skin on your legs than on your head (like when you cut your leg versus cutting your head, and how much it bleeds).

    Less blood traveling through the area, means less blood carrying metabolites to the hair. I believe this is why collectors prefer to take the sample from the back of the crown of the head, as this is a heavy flow area of blood and nutrients to the hair.

    As you can tell, I am freaking out about my hair test that will coming up, and I DON"T EVEN HAVE A SET DATE YET!!!! I just can't afford to fail this test.

    Pending when your test is, I would recommend getting some zydot and/or Toxin Wash, and use them both the day before and day of the test. Jerry recommends Toxin Wash to wash out the bleach dye.

    Again, I am not an expert by any means, so don't rely on my info as the Holy Grail of hair testing. This info just makes sense to me.

    Again, I hope some of this helps.
  10. halfbaked4life

    halfbaked4life New Member

    Thanx for replying Pizpas.

    Are you saying to bleach redye and use a toxin wash in the same day ?
    I asume your are redying pit hair also. Any comments on the Body Clear bar soap I'm using?

    Im not sure when my test is either , I'm just waiting for the call any day now. I can't afford to fail either.

    I read somewhere that if you jack up your fiber intake it will help remove metabolites from body thru stool quicker, any intake ?

    Thanx for anyones help.
  11. plzpass

    plzpass New Member

    yes, use them both the same day.... actually the same wash. After dyeing, use the toxin wash. Ask Jerry for specifics, as he is the one who gave me this tip.

    As far as stool/fiber thing. I have posted recently about this same thing (not sure which post, but I just didi it last night, check my posts to read it.

    Summary of it is this, fiber supposedly catches the metabolites in the intestines, prior to entering the kidneys and thereby entering the bloodstream.
    Not sure how much I believe this. Read the other post I had. It has a link to where I got the info from.
  12. NeedAdvicePlease

    NeedAdvicePlease New Member

    Does anyone know if using both Nexxus Aloe Rid and T/Gel is a good thing? They don't have a reverse effect on eachother?
  13. plzpass

    plzpass New Member

    Use everything you got.

    I have not heard of any type of reaction from any of the shampoos being used together.
  14. Jerry G

    Jerry G Sr. Member

    Aloe Rid Shampoo does nothing, it is the discontinued treatment that contained a high percentage of proylene glycol that was effective in reducing thc metabolites.
  15. Mr Jones

    Mr Jones New Member

    Aloe Rid does nothing? I must respectfully disagree, at least in theory. A cursory glance at the ingredients list of both Aloe Rid and the Zydot treatment shows that they are essentially the same product. The main difference is that Zydot divides those ingredients between 2 different bottles: one is labeled "shampoo", the other is labeled "purifier" and is given a higher concentration of the active ingredient propylene glycol. But it's not possible that Aloe Rid "does nothing" when it also contains PG, albeit in a much smaller concentration. Seems to me that as long as you have some good clean time going, and you treat your hair numerous times over the course of days or weeks, that Aloe Rid should at least do something.
  16. plzpass

    plzpass New Member

    I think we may be splitting hairs here people.

    You may be right, common sense says the more you wash, the more you remove.

    The old Aloe RId Treatment product is now very hard to find, and worked better for "OUR" purposes. As most people on here, time is not a luxury they can afford. So, having a stronger product (Aloe Rid Treatment vs. Aloe Rid) proved to be substantially more effective.

    As for the Zydot and Aloe Rid ingredient differences/similarities, I don't know anything about it, as I have been using Paul Mitchell III. Although, I would think the concentration level of PGlycol plays a HUGE factor in the effectiveness of a product vs. the other.

    Again, I think we are splitting hairs, and would be better served to discuss more prevailing issues of treatment. Just my thoughts.

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