Why isnt pot legal yet??

Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by Doja, May 16, 2007.

  1. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    I made some typos. I can't help it if my brain formulates words faster than my fingers can pound out the keys. :rolleyes: Deal with it.
    I'll ignore the jabs about my education. They're more amusing than insulting, really.

    Also... I bet your mom drives an SUV when she takes you to soccer practice...
    Anyone else want in on that action? :lmao:

    This geek hasn't lived with his mother in over 20 years. Frankly, it improves our relationship. :laugh:
    And nerds typically are socially awkward, lack fashion sense and carry too many pens. I did my research on that in order to dress up as one for Halloween. The slide rule is optional.
    Geeks, on the other hand are, as Buzzby stated, those of us with a deep-rooted interest in science & technology. I fit that description to a tee. And yeah, I'm fat. I know it. As far as my being ugly, I'll let Mrs. Perv be the judge of that. ;)

    Oh? Please point out my closed-mindedness, O wise and all-knowing... I'll stop thatere, as I know that what comes next will get me an infraction for flaming....
    Gee... I just prevented myself from getting an infraction by self-censoring myself. What a "fucking idiot" that makes me. :rolleyes:

    And yes, I am a responsible pot smoker. I brag about it because I'm proud that I can use this fairly benign plant for recreational purposes and not let it take over my life. I maintain a job. I engage in hobbies that appeal to me. I enjoy my life. And yes, I enjoy smoking marijuana as well. That is how a responsible adult uses any drug, whether it's tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, caffeine, cocaine, opiates or any other drug. Granted, marijuana is a lot easier to maintain that level of responsibility than other, more addictive drugs, but many users play the stereotype and let it take over.

    As you state, you've only done it a couple times. I'd say that's pretty responsible.

    Now, what about your obvious anger issues?
  2. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    1ofkind, are you trying to get banned? If you keep on socializing the way you are you will not be around for very long. Unless you just don't care, you should try and listen to what others have to say imho.
  3. piloton1

    piloton1 New Member

    Anything anyone does has a motive

    And it is usually money. What would we do with all of the police that wouldn't
    be needed if drugs were legalised, or prison guards, or contractors who supply, maintain and build the prisons. We'd loose over half of the need for all of that. WE wouldn't need drug test labs {a billion dollar a year industry) nor would we need nearly as many drug treatment facilities. The war on drugs is too profitable to too many people to declare an armistice. Though I fully intend to push for one... just as soon as I finish this joint.

  4. requiem4boredom

    requiem4boredom New Member

    There is no central legalization initiative. I have never once seen a commercial put out that informs the public of the actual affects of marijuana. I feel that if an organization came along and concentrated all their effort on educating and influencing the public marijuana would become legal rather quickly, but instead it seems to be a bunch of small groups holding protests rather than informing the public.
  5. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Such organizations exist. They do their best. They are so underfunded that they can't afford to create advertising campaigns. Why are they so underfunded? It's because 99.75% of the people who use marijuana are too complacent and apathetic to join them and put their money where there mouths are.

    There are three major national pro-legalization organizations. Their total funding is around $18 million a year and half of that comes from a few billionaire supporters. The ONDCP spends $120 million a year on those stupid anti-marijuana TV spots alone. There are 24,000,000 million marijuana users in this country. The total membership of the three major organizations is around 60,000 (one-quarter of one percent). If every marijuana consumer would contribute 1% of what they spend on weed and paraphernalia, the legalization movement would have $400 million a year to spend on programs to educate the public and lobby our representatives.

    Please help us to do what so desperately needs to be done!

    National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)

    Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)

    Drug Policy Alliance (DPA)
  6. Capton CutClass

    Capton CutClass New Member

    Id like to add that one of the reasons some people oppose marijuana legalization is because they are under the impression that even though it is illegal that its more of a don't ask don't tell policy so they believe that people who smoke in the privacy of their own home aren't going to get caught and punished so instead of legalizing pot and making it readily available to the population some would rather oppose it and continue the way things are.

    I completely disagree with this. I think that more people need to realize that it isn't like that and that people are being unfairly prosecuted. Maybe in places where cannabis is decriminalized it is don't ask don't tell and law enforcement leaves responsible people alone but at least where I am from it isn't like that. Anyone from a state where it is decriminalized like to share there input id be glad to hear it. Is it dont ask dont tell where you come from? I heard Tucker Carlson say this (dont ask dont tell policy) on his show one night when they were debating on the subject of legalizing marijuana and I was like where in this country is it like that. Where in this country do they not drug test for jobs? It cannot be mistaken as a dont ask dont tell policy because I am just not seeing it to be true.
  7. ian r

    ian r New Member

    guys i know how to get weed legal. We have to get george bush really high.. but idk how
  8. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Sorry. George Bush used to get high before he got religion. It didn't work.
  9. JonBain

    JonBain New Member

    '99.75% of the people who use marijuana are too complacent and apathetic to join them and put their money where there mouths are.'

    could easily read : '99.75% of people are too complacent and apathetic and put their money where there mouths are

    The old folks who rule the world have set a challenge. Just as apartheid was reverse psychology engineered by black & white folks to bring black south africans into the politcal arena, so it is with the tree of life.

    If the people who make their $ out of dealing and growing don't organise themselves into a viable political/military entity, then the persecution will continue.

    Protests do little, as does the alleged legal process.

    i advocate exploding (empty) police vehicles with co-ordinated serious mass action, and a political structure that can assume responsibility vias religious government.

    They all said blacks were inferior (here in South Africa), now they have black bosses. God is great!

    The first step is publishing lists of narco-nazis, saying 'when we get into power, you or your children will pay for your sins'. Target the m'f'rs.

    99.75% are caught in the illusions of TV reality, in all walks of life. Its up to the 0.25% to light the spark of revolution and burn the heretics, if we cannot smoke, then they will be nothing more than smoke!
  10. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Gimme a break!

    You crack me up! :rofl2:

    No it couldn't. 60,000 members out of 24,000,000 cannabis consumers is 0.25%. 60,000 members out of, say, 300,000,000 would be 0.02%.

    Right. :rolleyes: You want to see persecution? Think about what would happen if dealers and growers tried to start their own army! :lmao:

    Actually, that would be a good premise for a comedy, if the writers could figure out a way to avoid all of the potheads getting killed in the first five minutes of the movie.

    We're on the verge now. Twelve states have medical marijuana. All democratic candidates and two republican candidates for President promise to end DEA persecution of medical marijuana people. That would encourage more states to legalize medical marijuana and, eventually, recreational marijuana. Marijuana legalization has been on the ballot in two states.

    Well, protests got the US out of Vietnam... If by "legal process" you mean "legislative process", the state of New Mexico's legislature passed a comprehensive medical marijuana bill, the first one to get the state involved in production and distribution.

    What we need to do is educate the public to the truth about marijuana and effectively lobby our representatives. Those are two things that all three of the major pro-marijuana organizations are prepared to do, if only we, the marijuana users, would get behind them by raising the membership rolls and contributing some of our cash.

    The reason most representatives aren't eager to push legislation to legalize marijuana is that only a third of their constituents want it. We need to boost that up to at least a majority before legislators will think of making a move.

    You must be a shill for the DEA! I can't think of a faster way to destroy any credibility and good will that the legalization movement has built up in the last 30 years. The DEA says that marijuana promotes violence. Thank you, JonBain, for supporting them. :eek:

    Even if violence made any sense at all, if marijuana users can't be bothered to send $25 to NORML, why would you expect them to risk their lives?

    I don't know about your country, but terrorism is frowned upon in the United States.

    Take one of these: :chillpill: You really need it. Fortunately, most marijuana users are way too smart to do anything but laugh at your ludicrous ideas.
  11. Nephrosis

    Nephrosis New Member

    HAHHA i am laughing at Jon bains LUDICROUS ideas!!!!

    PS, i think jon bain is in the DEA?! he supports them enough (only 1 post)
  12. JonBain

    JonBain New Member

    Hey terrorism would be police vehicles that are not empty. Empty vehicles would be considered 'high spirits' and pyrotechnics. As for who is in the DEA, only a narc lawyer would think that 'legal process' or 'legislative process', could possibly be anything other than 'lies and more lies', or 'lots of gobbledegook'.

    Was vietnam won thru placards and lawyers? No it was won by tough as nails commies with ak47s up your yankee butt.

    And I don't do pills, chilly, hot, or luke warm, i spit that DEA shit out of my mouth.

    Perhaps a new DEA, should be founded, a DRUG enforcement agency, where the narcs are forced to take drugs. yak yak.
  13. mattor

    mattor New Member

    No that wouldn't be terrorism at all jon....

    Terrorism- the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
  14. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Wrong. Terrorism is the use of violence and threats of violence to coerce people into following your agenda.

    Only someone incapable of behaving in a civilized manner would suggest terrorism as a way to accomplish his goals.

    The US could have crushed North Vietnam at any time by taking out all of its cities with tactical nukes. It chose not to because it would have involved millions of civilian deaths. The war became so unpopular at home that the politicians decided to give it up. In a republic like ours, the will of the people, if expressed loudly enough, can change the course of history. Your "tough as nails commies" were far more willing to commit atrocities against civilians than the US would ever tolerate. They were primo terrorists. Are you, by any chance, a communist? You seem to admire their kind of tactics

    "Take a chill pill" is a euphemism for "calm down". Violence is the policy of last resort, and generally results in a violent backlash. When you're up against a opponent so much stronger than you are, it accomplishes nothing, at least nothing that you'd want.

    Violent actions to legalize marijuana would result in ten times the oppression we suffer today.
  15. mjharmless

    mjharmless Member

    I think they are making to much money now arresting dealers and users calling them criminals
    (after all they are breaking the law) If it were legal people who know how to grow it would make the money and not have worry about being busted.
    But as someone pointed out earlier who really wants to come forward and put their money where their mouth is so to speak when the risk of going to jail and losing your job is hanging over your head?
    I am one of those who wont risk my livleyhood for my opposition to a stupid law
    It's a helluva deal for the government because who can come forward to object without giving themselves away as "criminals" and then once arrested we pay again in court cost and various fines to "teach us a lesson"
    So I have to sneak around doing somthing far less dangerous than drinking alchohol because they have the power and no reason for them to give it up they are making to much money now why stop?
  16. Kelethian

    Kelethian New Member

    Well, i personally believe that with such vile and base creatures as humans, terrorism is the de facto route for social change.

    Think about this. Americans tremble in their shorts when you confront them with a utility razor. Imagine if we built several snukes and blew up all of the major cities. They would have no CHOICE but to listen to us. And i'd be there, at the lead, personally executing all who dissented, and throwing them into a gasifier to be recycled into syncrude. Those guys want to fight for oil so much, i have the means to make them one with their desire.....

    I often wish things were different, but my sociological research speaks for itself. History speaks for itself, in a endless narrative of human war. Games Workshop can go stuff it, because one doesnt have to look to the 41st century to see continual war. All one has to do is go to a place like Sudan.

    That is humanity people, and reason #1 why I am a transhumanist. The other half is because the spark dont match the frame. And to imagine, Buzzby, i used to be on your side..... all nonviolent an' Bhuddhist. Then i discovered that reality was as harsh and cold as a blade. And i picked that weapon up and started getting ahead because now no one screws around with me. Too afraid to.

    I utterly despise what i have become, but at least now i can survive in a world full of pricks.
  17. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    How dramatic - and silly. You sound like a very depressed 14-year-old. I'm not non-violent, I just don't see violence as the answer to every problem. It's certainly not the answer to the problem of marijuana prohibition.

    [BTW, it's spelled "Buddhist".]

    Ooh! Mui macho! :lmao:

    It's amazing how many of us survive and prosper and live long healthy lives without becoming something we despise... If you see the world as being "full of pricks", it only demonstrates the limitations of your vision.
  18. mufasa5446

    mufasa5446 New Member

    just observing this last post...

    i would say that i don't believe problems need to be solved with violence, however sometimes other people chose for it that way so sometimes that's the way to protect yourself. I feel violence should be unnecisary but unfortunately many people look at it that way. I admit to carying weapons, and enjoying shooting guns, but the only reason i'd ever use one on another person would be to protect myself. I wont fall for those who have their sites set on violence to get ahead, i wont let someone take advantage of me. i may let it happen once, but i do believe in justice in almost any form whether it happens right away or takes a lil bit. i'm not gonna let someone take advantage of me, espically if all they have is a knife or a gun. me gusta guerrilla jiu-jitsu

    and i kinda fail to a significant connection between this "brawling" and trying to figure out why pot isn't legal yet. I don't feel that terrorism is the answer to any problem. I don't like seeing people die no matter who they are or what they've done, i wish that the people doing these acts had more empathy then maybe they wouldn't do such awful things
  19. Kelethian

    Kelethian New Member

    How presumptous. I am 26. I was quite a bit happier when i was 14, actually, but this world beat me down into what i am today. Then again, isnt that always how weapons are forged...beaten down on an anvil...

    I used to see the light, really. Then i guess it got turned off. I think that happened sometime around precisely 7 years ago as i was sleeping. I slept till 12 that day, and had a rather omnious feeling. And a headache. And as soon as i turned on the set, i knew that from here on would be nothing but war and darkness on this world, that this was indeed the end. Early this year, a special aired on History about this being our grandchildren's war. As in my kids and theirs - if i have any, theyll all be devoured by the blood-soaked sands of Armageddon down to however many generations it takes for the last two humans to kill each other. Probably with rocks, and ironically, im betting that there will be one male and one female. (Whoever runs this prison planet has a sick sense of humor, ive found)

    P.S. So that's the proper translation to Latin letters from Sanskrit, eh? "Buddhist". Will have to remember that.
  20. mufasa5446

    mufasa5446 New Member

    hmm... i hope that's not how it turns out... that would really suck... i highly doubt that, especially based on history. I would say that the fighting probably wont stop ever, but i don't believe it will be carried out to that extent.There's enough people in the world who don't want violence and just want to live that i'll bet the last people on earth wont want to kill eachother, but i spose you never know. lol

    i think what will make pot legal is if we get the general population to realise that it's not "just dropouts that smoke pot" (dropouts as in everyone not higher up in society or class or moral values, etc)

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