Why should marijuana be legalized?

Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by eliakimzzz, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. eliakimzzz

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    Im new here...:rolleyes: but can you guys tell me why should marijuana be legalized?
    you can show it's advantages and disadvantages or your opinion on why should it be legalized or why should it not be legalized..... your replies will help me in my arguement "Legalization Of Marijuana"....thanks
  2. Trocisp

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    How about the inherent right to do to your own body what you want? Alcohol, caffeine, Marijuana, even harder drugs are a personal choice. But if Civil liberties aren't your kick, I've got a Marijuana specific reason. Without it I can't sleep very well. Toking at about 8:30PM and going to bed at 10PM is the only way I know to get a good nights sleep without feeling "downed" and hungover from sleeping pills the next day. It's medicinal, and for more reasons than that. I'm afraid I don't know the specifics, but it would be an agricultural benefit in a lot of northern states I believe.
  3. Delta

    Delta New Member

    1. The reason marijuana is illegal in the first place is due to racism and corporate interest. There was no scientific reason to make it illegal. In fact, the American Medical Association fought AGAINST it becoming illegal.

    2. Marijuana can be and is usually used responsibly. All drugs can be abused, from cocaine to chocolate. The goal of our drug policies should be to try to stop abuse, but recognize that not all use is abuse.

    3. Marijuana is relatively safe. The cumulative worth of all credible research points to marijuana being safer than our general food supply, and leaps in bounds safer than the two legal recreational drugs: Alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana is not physically addictive, it has never caused a fatal overdose, and it has never been directly linked to cancer or any other disease. What is true is that it helps prevent and treat a multitude of diseases, and to some people, this "medical" marijuana is an asset. And yet, many of them senselessly go to prison every year just because they found a medicine that saves them from horrible pain.

    4. Marijuana has already proven itself to be capable of being legal and regulated in a modern society. In The Netherlands, marijuana has been legal since the 70s, and usage has stayed the same as other countries, such as the US, where it is illegal. It is true that usage has went up 250%, but this is also true in the US. What may come as a surprise to some people is that marijuana usage rates in the Netherlands are actually lower than in the US, especially among youth.

    5. Legalizing marijuana would help keep it out of the hands of children. Under our current laws, it is easier for children/teens to get a bag of weed than it is to get a bottle of beer or a pack of cigarettes. Legalizing would remove the drug dealers that will sell to anyone, and require sellers to ID their customers to check that they are not a minor. A society in which marijuana is legal also diminishes the drug's value as a "rebel" thing to do, taking some of the appeal away from teenagers.

    6. Prohibition does not work. Despite of often harsh laws, millions of Americans still light up, and thousands of people are going to prison and having their lives destroyed. Most of these people are peaceful, otherwise law abiding citizens who contribute to their community and lead productive lives.
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  4. Tenderlungs

    Tenderlungs Sr. Member

    I'll tell you why it should be illegal.

    If it was legal only God knows how many people would choose to grow it in their backyard for free to have fun than spending their money on the governments taxed alcohol.

    If it was legal, maybe granny could use it for medical purposes, once again, growing in her own backyard instead of giving the government tons of money on overpriced pills with crazy side effects.

    If it was legal, more people might decide to try it, and they might open their eyes to the injustice of society, if that happened, only God knows what would become of the United States empire of corruption.

    If it was legal, maybe the same christian conservatives that believe eye for an eye, would be pissed off because they don't also believe the line in their fairytale book about every herb on earth being for man.

    I'm sure there are more reasons, but these are the ones that make me want it to stay illegal.

    Oh yeah, I forgot one, if it was legal. people would start smoking it and then it would inevitably lead to heroin addiction, we've all seen the commercials. Do you want to live in a society full of heroin addicts?

    Didn't think so.
  5. vern

    vern Sr. Member

    Why do you think weed would be sold differently than alcohol or tobacco? Go to your local Weedmart and pick your bud. Know anyone that grows their own tobacco? You can buy an ounce for a few bucks. If you mass produced marijuana the cost would be even lower. Most of the price you pay on the streets is marked up for "shipping and handling." I bet you would be able to get an ounce of KB for 30 bucks...government getting their taxes as well.

    Research showed that with decriminalization of marijuana didn't cause an increase in use. According to NIDA in 2004, 14.6 million Americans age 12 and older used marijuana at least once in the month prior to being surveyed. That's quite a bit of marijuana users already. I doubt a few more millions would be enough for anything to happen. Hell, most marijuana users don't even care enough about legalization to think about donating to a place like NORML or MPP. You think they would corrupt the country?

    Too bad for them...

    The gateway theory has been torn apart again and again. Wouldn't caffeine be a gateway drug before marijuana?

    Arresting and jailing marijuana users costs millions of dollars every year. We waste money on jailing "criminals." The worst thing about marijuana is the possibility of getting busted with it. Francis Young, a DEA Chief Justice studied marijuana and said that it should be rescheduled and that in it's natural forum, marijuana is one of the safest substances to man. I say tax marijuana and sell it similar to alcohol or tobacco.

    I remember reading a study that found out teenagers have an easier time accessing marijuana than alcohol. Want to keep it out of our kids hands? Legalize it. Drug dealers don't check you I.D. to see if your old enough. The whole theory of us sending mixed messages to kids about drug use - Parents use alcohol and cigarettes, weed is safer than both. Doctors can prescibe much more potentially addicting and destructive drugs. Marijuana is only phsycologically addicting. Alcohol and tobacco use can get to physical addiction.
  6. pkster8235

    pkster8235 Lazy Dancer

    It simply should be legal because it's not harmful enough to merit the government to tell us we cannot use it if we choose to. Even if it was more harmful than we believe, it's still going to be a hell of a lot safer than alcohol or cigarettes.. which are perfectly legal.

    I want marijuana to be legalized, but it won't stop me from smoking it. I think I am a better judge of what is good for me, and how I decide to spend my time.
  7. Tenderlungs

    Tenderlungs Sr. Member

    Vern I was being satirical actually, now come on and let's make a sexy time.

    Very nice.
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  8. vern

    vern Sr. Member

    Great success

    I guess I took it a little to seriously...and a little too stoned :laugh: I still addressed some points that people will argue. It's best to know both sides.

    Eliakimzzz, There are a lot of great posts in this forum discussing this very topic, just do some research. :)
  9. Tenderlungs

    Tenderlungs Sr. Member

    No problem, actually it's kind of necessary that someone would come along and counter my points.
  10. ilovealbertwalker

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  11. wanbliishta

    wanbliishta New Member

    read the first chapter of the book of genisus of the holy book

    where god said the herb and grasses he made was good!
  12. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    Personally, I think a more relevant question is why should marijuana remain illegal.

    Historically, arresting people hasn't worked, propaganda isn't being taken seriously and jails are more packed than ever.

    Why should my tax dollars be spent funding a drug "war" that hasn't won a single battle?

    To repeat what's been said on this site many times, marijuana use was prevalent 5000 years ago, and assuming we're still around, it'll be prevalent 5000 years in the future.

    Whether you look at it from an economical or logical point of view, you'd have to agree that there is no good reason to keep marijuana illegal. Even if you want it's use to diminish, legalization is the way to go.
  13. Ralph Wiggum

    Ralph Wiggum New Member

    I believe it should be legalized just based off the fact that it's one of the least addictive drugs out there. Cigarettes and alcohol are more addictive than marijuana...and they're legal.
  14. Delta

    Delta New Member

    I think Lit_Match has the right idea. It's not really a matter of why it should be legal, it's a matter of why it should remain illegal. The answer is that it shouldn't, for the reasons Lit_Match gave and several more. It causes far too many unneeded problems by remaining illegal.
  15. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    a couple simple reasons are, MJ when used causes relativly no harm to the individual or society, what causes these problems are the laws that make it illegal

    with the law as it stands now, MJ is a highly wanted drug by the DEA, this drives prices on the blackmarket making a drain on economy, not a big drag but a drag

    also since MJ does very little to the individual that can be seen as detrimental, why then would we throw them in jail were there alot more likely to get raped or killed

    so what are the advantages of having laws that just harm people and society

    and why is hemp not legal, hemp contains so little THC you would have to smoke the entire plant at it peak amount of THC production to get a buzz, its just not logical to get high off of it, and hemp can be used for everything from fuel and paper to food and fiber, also MJ seeds have the most complete protien for human consumption found in nature

    so why should it be illegal
  16. PsychoElf_420

    PsychoElf_420 New Member

    reason 4 legalization

    It should be legalized b/c no matter what u do, its always gonna be available. The gov't says it cant tax it, yet they hire people 2 grow it for medicinal purposes.:silvermj:

    I agree w/ alot of the other replies of the ppl on here. There r many good things that marijuana has done for us throughout history. I mean, the native americans smoked it, traded it, and cultivated it for a very long time b4 we came along. Just b/c it is readily available 2 all of us, does not mean that it should be illegal.:gleaf2:

    I have been smoking 4 a long time...mainly b/c of my vision, but also b/c it relaxes me and helps me sleep. My mom smoked, my dad smoked, and many of my other relatives smoked/smoke.:mj2:

    The legalization of marijuana would greatly help this country. It would bring us up 2 par w/ many other countries who already use it as an import/export trade franchise. It has greatly benefitted them and has allowed them 2 withstand falling in2 a debt w/ other countries. If the gov't wants an idea on how they can tax it in order 2 legalize it, they should just put a $20/lb tax on it and that would wipe out the nat'l debt in a min. of 5yrs.:mj:

    Its just a plant...it has been on this planet long b4 ne of us were. It has been used in many different ways from eating it, smoking it, and making things. I just wish that ppl would realize that pot is not a gateway drug...ppl have brains...if they want 2 do something harder, then they r going 2.:gleaf:
  17. Ganjika

    Ganjika ☼ Account Closed ☼

    hey man, for one thing it WONT wipe out national debt , the national debt is a debt to the US federal reserve in which they (a PRIVATE organization no more private then federal express) LOANS the government their money with interest. so if you have a dallor your already in debt becuase of the interest attached to that dollar you need X amount of money to pay off that debt, but when you get that money (from the federal reserve bank W/ interest [more immediete debt]) then your just back at the beginning needed to pay off this debt. but so long as the federal reserve bank has this monopoly on our money supply then we have no choice but to live in this debt... ALL of us.

    See Zeitgeist on Youtube. its a really important video about this and how they are ENDING AMERICA and merging mexico, usa and canada into ONE COUNTRY and replacing the dollar with the AMERO.

    dont get me wrong, i believe marijuana should be legal but it certantly cant stop our debt in 5 years.

    stay stoned
  18. TurbulentHigh

    TurbulentHigh New Member

    Because they government doesnt have the right to outlaw use of marijuana.
  19. my420budhi

    my420budhi New Member

    I think all drugs should be leagel.tax them earmark the revenues and put them into programs like rehab i couldent afford it now if i wanted it(i have never seen anyone quit beacuse they were illegal ) and programs like job training i know so many stoners that have no skils and would like to have a good job but have no training. stiff sentences for peppole who contribute to miners (let them get old enough to make a wise choice)it would take thug dealers out of the parks and make them safe for oure kids again gangs wouldent be able to make a dime off them.And maybe it wouldent be us against them.
  20. kizzman

    kizzman New Member

    Perhaps this is a more appropriate thread? Well, for Pompo, a continuation:
    Very well. Though I think they are termed threads for their tendency to follow "threads" of conversation by logical flow. Perhaps the should/should not question is part of the when question. But I'll post my response to this on a more suitable thread, if you like.

    Well, I think the implication was that there is no necessity to indulge in marijuana as a substitute for recreation, and also that it is harmful to do so. Perhaps you'd like to point out a circumstance in which recreational use of marijuana has the pros outweigh the cons?

    Just because someone thinks it should be legal doesn't mean they've tried it. And does this 30% believe in legalization for both recreational and medicine, or solely medicine?

    Either way, what Buzzby claims has little or no bearing on the debate as to whether or not the drug should be legalized. I know I didn't make it particularly clear, but I was trying to point this out in my last post. Just because many beleive in something does not mean it's right. Consider the fact that even though 47% may have tried it, that means 53% haven't.

    What I meant was that there is no rational reason for recreational use of marijuana.
    In your opinion, yes. Of course freedom of choice is possible, but that doesn't mean it's safe or acceptable. Do you not value the human mind and human life? What about human safety?
    No governed country can run on absolute freedom. That's anarchy. This country was also founded with rules and regulations, i.e., potential limits on freedoms.

    The current adult generations are slipping beyond the point at which we can help. It is the future that can be protected, if the present is managed correctly. As I've tried to make clear, abrupt restrictions on presently legal drugs are no good.

    Once again, I do not think the medicinal field should be impeded. If marijuana's chemicals can be beneficial to those suffering health problems, then the drug should be researched and made suitable for perscription. Though it may take time (As it does for every perscription drug), a controlled, medicinal form of the beneficial chemicals will be found.
    Actually, I posted numerous citations of studies and sources that evidence the latter half that section of the post which you quoted.
    Well, I didn't say that not many people find it particularly fun, but rather that many people don't find it fun. And, really, how can you quantify "many?" That could be any number greater than 2, technically.

    Really? Perhaps you'll accept the subtle criticism you implied by noting the "government propaganda machine?" No? Well, either way, it doesn't matter. This, like many other "flaws" in my posts you are trying to pick at, are irrelevent to the true argument at hand.

    Really, if you're going to criticize me for using my opinion, you shouldn't so frequently toss in yours. I am not a "mouthpiece" for a prohibition "rooted in deception and greed." I am relaying my views, backed by evidence, to be discussed on these forums. I not only listed different sources, but different studies that concur with each other and historical events, as well as the neurological and chemical activities of marijuana.

    Excuse me, though I think you understood what I meant, I actually intended to say the report was subjectively-based, not objectively based.
    As to this section of you post:
    It still gives no reasoning; and like I pointed out, it's an old commission that, in light of new research, can be deemed vulnerable to fallacy.

    These "facts" you keep mentioning, where do they come from? Because you don't like sourcing them, do you?
    Furthermore, the pill you are likely to be talking about is synthetic marijuana (Marinol), and thus cannot be counted as the pill form of the drug. Also, it is not ineffective, but rather selectively ineffective, as in, not as effective as pure marijuana. However, it carries the benefit of a virtually impossible risk of dependency and of course, unlike smoking, does not damage the lungs.

    Even if the "facts" you refer to are true, and even if the only medicinal practicality is for marijuana to be smoked (Which is not so), that is still medicinal, and not recreational, use of the drug.

    Unless you source them, I have no intention of taking them to be true. The only one I would not say is speculation is you statement about incarceration. I too have read figures and, although you did not provide a source, I would say simply that it is irrelevant. Just because many people are imprisoned does not mean the prevention effort should be given up. Prisons also retain murderers, rapists, thieves, and dealers of other dangerous drugs - that is no reason to release them or to cease incarceration for crimes.

    It is a bit. Where did you get that from? I mean, you can technically attempt to do anything you want - such as kill - but there are going to be consequences. It was still your choice, you just suffered the choice of another or the side effects of your choice.

    So you believe.

    I'll take that as you admitting to your mistake. But even if that's not it, it's irrelevent to the argument. It's merely a glimpse of your personality.
    Your research, in my opinion, looks to be amounting to not much more definitive than mine. I did what I did, and as such, came to believe what I believe. I'm not saying you are wrong yet, only that I have a series of points to make and I wish to see how they stand up to your side.

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