Why should marijuana be legalized?

Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by eliakimzzz, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Trocisp

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    Kizzman, have you asked yourself what part of the constitution or the founding documents says or otherwise implies that the government has the authority to dictate what individuals can and cannot put into their body?
  2. BluntSmokertoTheMax

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    There's an easy, simple reason why Marijuana should be legal: Tobacco and Alcohol are. Marijuana is no worse than either of these. Yet, congressmen fight to keep marijuana illegal, but then take kickbacks from Alcohol and tobacco companies..it's sickening.

    Also, if I HAD to choose, I'd MUCH rather be stuck in the passenger seat of someone's car who just smoked 3 blunts than someone who just did 3 Tequilla shots.
  3. Viper420

    Viper420 Sr. Member

    I don't know about that.....3 blunts by himself and he's going to be pretty fucked up.
  4. BluntSmokertoTheMax

    BluntSmokertoTheMax New Member

    Well the actual number isn't important. All I'm saying is that I'd trust someone who's high to drive over someone's who's drunk, yet weed is supposed to be SO MUCH WORSE FOR YOU.
  5. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    Your ability to function while under the influence of a substance has nothing to do with the substances ill effects on your health.

    Most people can function perfectly after eating McDonalds, that doesn't mean the Trans Fats aren't still killing them.

    Many people have functioned with only minor negative side effects for years with heavy metal poisoning, until it was diagnosed.
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  6. FatWedge

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    Kizzman, in response to your numerous requests for some sources, here's a recent comparative study between San Francisco, a city were marijuana is criminalized, and Amsterdam, a city were marijuana is decriminalized.

    So there is one study disproving the "user behavior" argument. It is a fact that the legality of the drug does not effect how early, how often, or how much a user takes. The study further reinforces the fact that decriminalization does not have an effect on the availability of marijuana.

    According to the study, the fact that marijuana was legal and illegal is irreverent to the prevalent use of the drug. I'm referring to the length of time one uses marijuana, the age of the users, and the rate at which the users stop smoking.

    As you can see, the statistics even lean in favor of decriminalization as the number of users decreased more in Amsterdam than they did in San Francisco.

    Also, the study touches on the subject of situation of use...

    This of course is the OPINION of those who conducted the survey. But hell, what do scientist know? Anyway, hope this sheds some light on a subject that is wrought with controversy.

    Cannabis in Amsterdam and in San Francisco

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica]Pubdate: Sat, 01 May 2004
    Source: American Journal of Public Health (US)
    Copyright: 2004 American Public Health Association [/FONT]
  7. FatWedge

    FatWedge New Member

    I'm an avid smoker and I could not disagree more. Your comments infringe on the user's freedom of choice, as has been argued throughout this thread. Alcohol and Tobacco are a vice; with all vices, comes the freedom of choice. If I choose to throw in a pinch of snuff, or crack open a cold beer that is my right as an American. The prohibition of either of these would not only be ineffective, as proven with 18th amendment, it would bolster the activity of organized crime as seen with the rise of the Mafia in the 1920's. So the question remains, who decides what goes in my body? The answer is a simple one, at least to me. I, as an otherwise law abiding citizen, willfully and knowingly drink and dip snuff with the full knowledge that it is not good for me. I do these for the same reason I smoke marijuana; I ENJOY IT.
  8. FatWedge

    FatWedge New Member

    Ohh.... a little food for thought. I did a google search containing the words "Marijuana" and "Study" with overwhelming returns on studies against it's use. The sheer amount of anti-marijuana sites astounded me until I took a closer look on who was funding and supporting most of the studies. NIDA, a most often quoted source against the use of marijuana, is an anti-drug abuse group. The key word in that being ABUSE. The responsible intake of marijuana is comparable to alcohol and tobacco. Another thing to take into consideration is the political suicide that a politician commits when standing up for the fight for decriminalization, and who funds most government studies? Just a little something to think about.
  9. BluntSmokertoTheMax

    BluntSmokertoTheMax New Member

    I don't understand what you're disagreeing with. I think marijuana should be legal because if tobacco and alcohol are legal, there's no reason for marijuana to be illegal.

    There's just not enough kickback money over the years from weed growers I guess. It has nothing to do with the "inherent evil" of marijuana because it is no more "evil" or "bad for you" than thousands of other legal activities, including drinking beer or smoking a cigarette.
  10. xxVelouriaxx

    xxVelouriaxx New Member

    This is my first post, yay. =]

    I just don't understand how alcohol and cigarettes are legal but marijuana is not. Alcohol usually has the potential to mess you up WAY more than weed, and not to mention it's more dangerous to drive when drunk than high. And while cigarettes aren't mind-altering, the health risks are SO much higher. If a responsible adult can get drunk and smoke cigarettes, they should be able to smoke marijuana.
  11. princesswahoo

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    funny yet not

    This was put nicely. I don't think it is far from the truth at all. That is the sad but true of it. I can't stand those commercials making marijuana appear to be the devil and worse than crack or something. It is just plain misleading. Perhaps Michael Moore should do a breakthrough expose documentary, LOL. That would help mainstream it though.
  12. carlover_36

    carlover_36 New Member

    why not just regulate?

    Hopefully I don't offend anyone, but we got to stop this feeling persucated, and begin to find a more productive way of accomplishing our goal.
    Got some kid wanting to know how to sneak his pipe into school. I didn't read the post, because it infuriates me. Ya don't ask the liqour store clerk how to get a bottle of whiskey into school, or e-mail the NRA about sneaking your gun to school. If your in high school, ya aint got no business getting stoned, and if ya do ya definatly aint got no business doing it before or during school.
    If you live with your parents, and they don't want ya smoking, then I guess ya ought to obey the rules and not do it. Or, suffer the consequenses when ya get caught.
    Marijuana has alot of benefits, some yet to be found. Where's the post about Marijuana inhibiting Alzeighmers(?), or how Marijuana can help with breast cancer? Where's NORML? Why do I never see a pro-Marijuana commercial?
    I don't have no rights of citizenship, I'm not allowed to make my voice heard. Lost my rights before I was old enough to have them. But ya'll that do, ought to be asking these quistions, and getting answers.
    Marijuana should be regulated, not illegal or legal. I smoke Marijuana because it eases my pain, and the side-effects are wonderful. I could go to a Doc, get all sorts of pain medicine, and never work again. Had 5 or 6 Docs tell me I cann't work, and give me pills. I don't like pills, and I aint gonna live on $800 a month.
    When NORML starts actually doing something, I"ll join. When Marijuana becomes accepted, I'll invite everyone I know to come over and smoke a bowl. Let's become a force and end this ridiculous prohibition.
  13. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Try here or here or here or here or here or here or here.

    All you have to do is use the search function...

    The whole site is basically a pro-marijuana commercial. Other than that, I guess no one has purchased any advertising space for the purpose. A lot of us have pro-marijuana messages in our sigs. I have one... (See below)

    Not being able to vote doesn't mean your voice can't be heard.

    If it's regulated, it is legal, just like alcohol and tobacco.

    When the job is done, we won't need you anymore...
  14. carlover_36

    carlover_36 New Member

    Mr. Buzzby

    I'm not wamting to argue with ya, but please let me make a couple points.
    First, having six felonie convictions (stupid stuff) does keep my voice from being heard in the political circles. Cann't sign a petition, cann't vote, and if I showed up at the White House I'd probly be arrested. Welcome to America.
    Second, I'm talking national t.v. Not a site that most people never heard of. I.E., an old friend, 30 yrs ago, whom I just recently talked to again. Realy big Marijuana advocate. Had no idea of this site. Couple other people I know don't use computers,yet are Marijuana advocates.
    I have always respected your views buzzby, and believe you are a force in our plight. But to say that NORML, or Marijuana.com, has realy pursued the regulation of such a medical, and recreatiomal, what's the word?, is just wrong.
    I am a medical user of Marijuana, because the side effects are much better than anything else. I'm against anyone in school using, don't care how old they are. I'm against selling Marijuana, I'm against buying Marijuana. Why? I'm against breaking the law. And I'm against a whole lot of laws. If a guy invades my space, I'd just as soon beat him up. Cann't no more, it's against the law.
    NORML has done nothing to change the laws against Marijuana, period. Let them cut a few saleries and buy some advertising space on the pros of Marijuana. How much is a commercial? Bet I got $10 to add, you?
  15. Viper420

    Viper420 Sr. Member

    Six felony convictions. I guess you fought the law and the law won. You said you're against breaking the law. Where was that idea in your head those six times you got caught?

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