Why the Government may never legalize weed(Just my opinion)

Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by Pothead420x3, Jun 2, 2004.

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    A sad fact may be that the government will never legalize weed, simply because of commercialism. If they were to legalize weed federally then they would not have a reason to ban hemp and in there minds vice versa. As we know hemp can be used for things like oil, fuel (the biggest problem), fibers, etc.

    Since the government is just a puppet of the industries, the industries won't allow this to happen. Just take fuel for instance, you can make cars run perfectly fine on hemp oil, but this would cost billions to the oil industry (they are called a cartel for a reason). Same with cotton and thousand of other things.

    They know all the facts. At one point they even setup a program to distribute marijuana for medicine. But what could have changed their minds, surly not the clinical studies and reports. Well, maybe one report, the one that listed the uses of hemp and marijuana as fuel, cotton, and all these other things that would hurt the pockets of Washington and Corporations. If fuel could be grown think how cheep gas would be.

    I think that we are living in different times and its a sad fact but the governments are really corrupt. Capitalism has its ups and downs. That's why Canada, who is only trying to legalize medical marijuana, is getting flack from the USĀ®. They see it as an opening, and it is! Its a sad fact, but we may have to live with it, at least for a while until crude oil runs out.

    Lastly I want to make clear that I am a proud American, and I would die for my country in a second. I may not always like what we have become (I still think America should be about the people that make it up, not the ones that line your pockets) but there's no other place I would rather call home. Except maybe Amsterdam in the summer ;)
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    The government chooses to criminalize marijuana and hemp simply because they are receiving political campaign contributions from big industries that would be hurt by the legalization of hemp/marijuana in our country. What is deplorable is the fact that they stand behind their lies and myths to back up their laws against it, which in turn hinders further research on cannabis. Scientists and doctors in other countries have discovered a plethora of medical uses, including anti-cancer properties in THC, yet our government refuses to legalize it even for medicinal reasons. Haven't you noticed that the US media doesn't say anything about this research going on around the world? The government has them in their back pocket too. The only place you can find this information is on foreign newsgroups and places like cannabisnews.com and of course here at marijuana.com. We have a possible cure for cancer that's been banned in our country for decades because our government is too concerned about lining their pockets than potentially saving human lives and diminishing pain and suffering. Instead of the government looking out for the public's welfare they've turned all of their attention to their own. They've censored our national media to keep the American public in the dark about the truth about marijuana and instead keep turning the crank on the propaganda machine.
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    Even oil companies know their time is coming

    Even the big oil companies know that their time is coming, it is inevitable, we will someday run out of oil, it is going to happen, maybe not in my lifetime, maybe not even the lifetimes of many companies, but it will happen. It would in fact be in the better interest of oil companies to take on the research of biofuels like hemp oil so that their company can survive. Oil companies can only survive as long as there is oil, its stupid for them to oppose biofuels when they could be profiting on them. All it would take is one oil company growing and distributing hemp fuel to get the band wagon started.

    Maybe a smart approach to the legalization of marijuana would be writing letters to oil executives instead of senators, because you know who controls who. I do think that the oil industry has somewhat control over senators and such, but the senators could still vote however they want. I don't think Bush would ever considering changing the fuel from petrol to bio, because the man has no vision for the future. So lets write to the executives of his beloved oil companies to give him more influential advice.

    Oil companies are the most powerfull companies on the planet but they are also the companies with the shortest life span, my dad works for shell, and he knows as well as anyone that layoffs are becoming more and more frequent.
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    Think about prohibition... It used to be illegal but once the government realized what a cash cow it was it started to be heavily promoted! I think companies one day will come around that form of thinking concerning hemp.
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    Prohibition is also a cash cow, they are addicted to money from drug arrests.
    In the US 700,000 are arrested for cannabis annually, 70,000 in prison, thats 10%, the other 90% pays there heavy fines, which the state is addicted too.
    In New Jersey the fines are like $5,000 to $10,000.
    If you have that kind of money, you know the states going to take it.

    Its money they can take, in the form of the fines and in legislation that constantly bloats their budgets. Money they can do practically what ever they want with and produce ZERO net result. All they have to do is spend $8 million on some propaganda campaign and the sheeple of the country fall in line and think "well thats progress, go state!". They can play with numbers ever week, use is up, use is down, eeny meenie miney mo pick a statistic by the toe. Again the sheeple fall in line.

    As soon as cannabis is proved medically viable and harmless, they crank the devil propaganda machine: "New pot kills on contact" or some crap.
    They provide no real numbers, no real witnesses, no actual user testimony, just hearsay and half science. All their studies are shot down and discredited when it comes to any harmful effects, per person or societally.

    The state is a junkie, the worste kind of addict, one who is violent, one who breaks into homes, one who steals, one who lies and corrupts everything it touches. One who like a Jiahd Terrorist Declares war on people, and commits the most violent acts to hurt its percieved enemy.

    Look at tobacco, they sue the companies, then make their annual budget, they can't meet the financial burden of their budget, what do they do? Raise the state tobacco tax to make up a few billion dollars. In other words state sponsored addictive drug dealing keeps them in business. On top of that they subsidize the tobacco grower with our tax dollars. Thats like sending a few million dollars to columbian cocaine growers annually.

    Or the $47 million dollars the bush adminstration rewarded the Taliban in May 2001 for "controlling" the poppy fields, even though thats exactly how Al Qaeda is making their spending money.

    We are making small gains, which compared to say the Nixon or Reagan-Bush years are giant strides, but we have another 20 to 30 years for that generation of corruption and evil to die..literally.

    Problem however is that right behind that generation of liars and monsters is the neo-conservatives, religious nuts and brain washed masses who believe whatever the Ashcroft, Partnership for Democracy Free Amerca, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly tells them without question. These people would be right at home in Germany 1933, wearing brown shirts and a twisted cross.

    We need a country like Canada to legalize first, set and example and pave the way for Liberty. Smaller countries will follow, hopefully the UN will reverse their initiative to eradicate the Hemp plant from the planet.

    Then maybe, Americans will wake up and ask why their brother's and sisters are rotting in prison exactly like the most oppressive countries on earth, the same ones we are fighting in a "war on terror".

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