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    What's going on with the Wisconsin medical MJ sutuation? It was supposed to be introduced to congress when they got back in session in September..I just have not heard anything on this issue, and would like to know where all the support is in the state..
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    Unfortunatly, I'm not going to be in Madison untill saturday night..Then going to harvest fest sunday all day..My wife has to work untill like 5 p.m. So about 6 oclock we will probly start the hour long drive to mad town.. Now I'm really sad that I'll probly miss the live discussion about medicanal mj..:(.. I might have to send Gary an email, since I'll miss it.. But my girl is going to try to get her hours switched to the morning, so that we can make it to the benefit..
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    On October 2, Rep. Mark Pocan and Senator Jon Erpenbach sent out the Co-Sponsorship memo for LRB-2517/1, the

    Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act. This legislation, based on the state of Michigan law that was passed by MI voters in Nov. 2008 with a majority in every county, would make Wisconsin the 14th US State to legalize medical cannabis.

    It is now time to act! Send a pre-written letter to your State Senator and State Assembly Representative by clicking this link: (http://capwiz.com/norml2/issues/alert/?alertid=14115736).

    Call your legislators via the Toll-free Legislative Hotline: 800-362-9472 (M-F 8a-4:30p) or contact them through “Who Are My Legislators?” (http://www.legis.state.wi.us/w3asp/waml/waml.aspx)

    Please act now. We only have until Oct. 22 to get as many cosponsors as possible to ensure maximum support for this critical legislation. Please act now and ask others to do so. This is our best opportunity ever to reform Wisconsin’s antiquated cannabis laws!
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    Dude I live in Madison too. I went to the Marijuana Harvest Festival Downtown . crazy shit man
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    So does anyone know if we have enough Co sponsors to get Jacki's bill passed?
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    Disclaimer: I could be wrong about how the process works...correct me if you know otherwise. This is close, though

    And sorry about the wall of text.

    How I understand it:

    The bill closed for co-sponsors today. There will be a press conference to introduce the bill with an actual bill number and to name the co-sponsors. The bill only currently has a Legislative Reference Bureau number (LRB2517). We have support from some surprising folks. It has enough support to get a chance at a vote, if people keep pushing until it does pass.

    After the press conference, it will go to the Assembly speaker to be assigned to a committee. I don't know which. This is where bills have stalled in the past. When we know, we will have to get in touch with those legislators.

    Sponsor Rep. Mark Pocan is on the Joint Finance committee so has a bit of political clout, but he is also the most liberal of the Assembly probably, so some Republicans may be turned off on that fact. Jon Erpenbach sponsored the bill in the Senate. There is probably more support in the Senate than the Assembly. However, with the new Department of Justice policy towards medical marijuana http://blogs.usdoj.gov/blog/archives/192 there should be quite a bit of support on this regardless. If people keep calling and letting their legislators know the importance of this bill, it will bubble to the top.

    If it makes it out of these committees, it goes to the floor for a vote. They are only in session a couple of more times before it's over. March is the deadline for the bill to get a vote. I'm unsure how to extend that period, but let's just get it done by then. If it passes the floor it goes to the Governor's desk.

    Governor Doyle thinks medical marijuana restrictions are senseless Doyle: Medical marijuana restrictions senseless - WKBT La Crosse, WI-NewsChannel 8- so we have that going for us.

    We still need them to put a focus on actually getting around to talking about the bill in committes and voting for the bill. We still need everyone's support in calling, e-mailing, lobbying, writing letters to the editor, asking that your local stations cover the story. It's easy to do and it doesn't take long to make a little effort like these, and it goes a long way.

    Hope this helps,
    NORML Nate
    Madison/WI NORML
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    F-ing Thank you...So when are we looking at voting then?Or who-ever voting?And then also if passes, when do we get to see our doctors for medicine, the 1st of the year?
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    There is no set date for voting. However, this legislative year ends in March (in other words the bill has to be voted on by then or it dies). The people of Wisconsin don't actually cast a ballot for this, rather they have to encourage the legislators on the committee to pass it to the floor for a vote. Once on the floor, constituents once again have to urge their legislators to vote to pass the bill. Once it makes it to Governor Doyle's desk...we believe he will sign it.

    When the bill passes...I believe that you could go to your doctor and get a recommendation right away, but we can expect it will take some time for the state to issue cards and for dispensaries and caregivers to get ready. From what I understand, a doctor's recommendation will somewhat protect you under state law already and there are protections in the bill for possession and use once this bill passes, but before the state officially issues cards.

    Remember a prescription is a federal thing, so doctor's will only recommend.
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    Well It looks like I need to see my doctor and tell her what medicine has actually been helping me all this time...

    Thank you again sir..
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    This is what everybody who uses Marijuana Medically should do. If doctors start writing legislators letters about patients that say the only thing that works is Marijuana, even though they've tried everything else, imagine what would run through the legislators minds.
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    Erpenbach/Pocan Announce Advances in Medical Marijuana Bill

    MADISON, WI. - Please join Rep. Mark Pocan and Sen. Jon Erpenbach to discuss
    the changing landscape of medical marijuana legislation as they announce
    their legislative plans for the new Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act
    and discuss recent progress.


    WHAT: Press Conference on Medical Marijuana
    WHERE: Senate Parlor
    WHEN: Monday, November 16th at 11:30 am
    WHO: Senator Jon Erpenbach
    Representative Mark Pocan
    Gary Storck, Is My Medicine Legal Yet?
    Jacki Rickert, act's namesake who led a 210 mile
    wheelchair journey from Mondovi to Madison that advocated for medical
    marijuana in Wisconsin

    Other representatives of community groups supporting
    medical marijuana and patients advocating for the bill will be
    available for interviews.
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    The JRMMA Press Conference on youtube:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCZQI058IVU"]Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCZQI058IVU[/ame]

    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ormv3s5jz18

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9buw2kwFsbw"]Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9buw2kwFsbw[/ame]

    We had a great turnout and the whole conference had a very positive vibe throughout. People asked great questions and for the most part, our reps were able to answer them promptly. Thanks to everyone that showed up and lent their support! Things are on track for next month's hearing!

    edit: could a moderator move this to the medical forum?
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  19. Bud Is good

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    Ok I could not hear the second video, but I'm sure there were some very nice questions...I'm actually heading to the dovctor on monday, to find out if my doctor is willing to start another medical treatment..So I can continue to use my medicine under the law.

    Since this bill is in the works will our doctors be able to clear us already, and then all we have to do is wait for the bill to pass.I'm really excited about being able to use natural medicine for my disorder..

    Thanks guys for posting the latest information!!!
  20. Bud Is good

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    So an update for those who care..

    Went to the doctor on monday..As none of you guys know, I'm bipolar...Well I went to the doctor, and told her I was using cannibis to keep my mood stable for the last year or so..We discussed the situation for over two hours...Long story short..She took me off my bipolar meds alltogether..And I was told to use cannibis..Nowheres my problem..She took me off my scrpipted meds and put me on cannibis.

    But The doctor did not give me a valid perscription for cannibis, but I am supposed to use MJ..Also she said when our fine state does finally pass the bill, she's not going to give me a perscription anyway..

    So that means I have to find another doctor, probly farther away than 15 minutes away, to actually get me Medical card.. Does anyone know of doctors that are already writing scripts even tho the bill has not been passed yet..Or do you know of doctorsthat will be writing scripts when the bill does get signed(hopefully on the 15th)...

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