will drinking the water that my pipe was just boiled in get me high?

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by Patty_Pot, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Patty_Pot

    Patty_Pot New Member

    So i just boiled my pipe and i have the water in front of me... its looking alot like tea and smells strong... anybody have any idea if this stuff will get me high?
  2. Anarleaf

    Anarleaf New Member

    Probably not but I highly recommend you do not try that for several reasons but the main one is :puker:
  3. timiscute

    timiscute Funky Monk

    no it wont.....thc gets you high....thc is fat soluble....water is not fat...thc just leaves the water and goes bye bye....all thats left in there is grossness...dont do it....

  4. Frojoe

    Frojoe New Member

    even if it did(which it won't, for the reasons previously mentioned), is getting high really that important to you, that you would drink that, I mean, just smell it dude. It would not be worth it, getting high should be enjoyable, not just being high.
    maybe yours doesn't smell as bad as I,m thinking, for you to be asking this, I mean I'm imagining warm bong water, and that is nasty stuff
  5. redeyed

    redeyed New Member

    i wouldnt
    all i can think of is massives amounts of tar and nasty stuff that you should NEVER drink
    so personally, its not worth the experiment
    unless you want to be sick or hospitalized :D
  6. tehbagel

    tehbagel New Member

    I'd drink it. THC IS soluble in water, just not very much.
  7. fight4theright

    fight4theright Marijuana Enthusiast

    I doubt it would work, but if you thought it looked good, I suppose you could. I'd imagine drinking boiled pipe tar might be a bit harmful, but you know the risk...

  8. homemadebubbler

    homemadebubbler Always bubblin'

    Yes it will. Drink it ALL. You cant miss a single drop or it wont work.

    Just close your eyes and chug....
  9. Ganja4life AK

    Ganja4life AK New Member


    jUST ADD some coco powder.. and it will be a hot chocolate with little marshmellows of tar... totally necture dude..
  10. SmasheR

    SmasheR TONIGHT, we RIDE

    Let the water evaporate and then smoke the scuzz on the bottom of the pan. It would be like ghetto ghetto hash.
  11. Dank Perception

    Dank Perception 4TheLULZ!

    This is disgusting. More disgusting than chugging bottles and bottles of Robitussin... Ugh... Disgusting.
  12. ADIDAS

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    :vomit: OH MAN THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!! Drink that shit, itll get you fucked up son!
  13. Ganja4life AK

    Ganja4life AK New Member

    movie time

    YEAh a little scene from my favorite movie "HITCH"
  14. dreamsurge

    dreamsurge New Member

    Does that mean, next time I boil one of my pipes, I should inhale the water vapor?
  15. pretendo

    pretendo smoke da herb

    haha woahhhh man, nah i dont think it will but even if it did, i highly doubt it wwould be worth drinking thta nasty shit
  16. SmasheR

    SmasheR TONIGHT, we RIDE

    You mean steam?

    Sure if you think the minimal if even existant high is worth the serious damage you would do to your face, mouth, throat, and lungs...
  17. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned


    Defintely stay away from drinking that stuff
  18. somekind

    somekind New Member

    Maybe try huffing spray paint?
  19. dreamsurge

    dreamsurge New Member

    How can steam harm your throat?:confused:

    I breath in steam from the shower all the time, not to mention saunas and steamrooms...
    If you take a straw, you don't have to get your face too close to the pot. I mean pot as in "cooking utensil"
  20. pretendo

    pretendo smoke da herb

    why do people go wayyyyyyy out there just to get a little buzz man, save some money buy some pot get a REAL high and you wont have to worry about inhaling hot sdteam and other such

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