Will I pass a test at a drug testing facility after 3 weeks?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by MrD, Nov 10, 2012.

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    Hey all, I haven't smoked for 3 weeks, but before that I smoked a joint every 2-3 days at night before bed for about a month. I have a urine test monday at a facility and it will have been about 3 weeks. I have been preparing though and in that time have increased my normal cardio from around 15 mins at the gym to 35 mins (4 days a week) and have been eating no starches (I already only eat fish and veggies, no meat) and have lost around 6-8 pounds. 3 days after my last smoke I ordered 10 test strips off the internet and the test always came up negative for all (came up negative 1 week after my last smoke). I am going to try a $20 test I bought at the pharmacy and see if I get different results, and if I do I will use 1 of 2 drinks I bought. My question is are the test strips (they got good reviews) reliable and am I pretty sure to pass the facility urine test without using 1 of the 2 drinks? Should I play it safe and use one of the drinks?

    Also I am a 6 foot male around 185 and I exercise 4 days a week agressively.

    Thanks for the help all, and this test is BS as I have a card but some companies are asses about this.
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    Was your test today Monday, or is it next Monday? I would say know your at home results with better certainty by taking two kinds of at home tests for THC. As far as the drinks, if you're talking about cleansers or detox drinks, some are better than others, some are just loaded with masking agents while others actually do the work of helping you detox your body. Good news for you is your physical stats--your size and the fact that you're in good shape are big factors on your side, though I would recommend NOT working out the day before and day of the test. Good luck!


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