Will I pass in this situation? (LabCorp)

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Got2Win, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Hey everyone, I need peace of mind honestly, I know there is no 100% answer on here, but past experience means a lot to me so please share.

    Here is my situation:

    I smoked mostly Kush daily (blunts and bowls) for about 4 months straight. About a gram a day. I finished college and knew I had to get a job, so I quit and my last day that I smoked was July 31. I got a great offer from a corporation who uses LabCorp for the drug screening. I got offered the position on the August 20th but didn't have to take the drug test until tomorrow/today August 31st. For the first two weeks after I stopped smoking, I used Niacin 500mg a day. I then bought some test strips and passed (very faint 2nd line)(after 14 days). After the first two weeks I stopped using Niacin because it makes you break out bad. On August 23rd I bought the Marijuana test from Walgreen's and was negative as well. I have also lost around 10 pounds and run about 2 miles twice a week. I am now 5'10 175 pounds and have about 22% body fat. I spent all day today(day before my test) working out, drinking green tea and cranberry juice, took more niacin, and drinking water. I also have average metabolism. I know I will pass a 50n/g urine test with flying colors, but I am unsure if my company is testing harder. It will be exactly 30 days tomorrow of staying clean. I plan on going for a long run in the morning and then taking my test around 3pm. What else can you suggest for me to do in the morning? What can you tell me about LabCorp? Do you think I would pass a 15n/g test? Please be 100% brutally honest. Thank you everyone for your feedback!
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    can anybody chime in?
  3. Death

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    Theres no way your going to pass that drug test if you smoked that much. No matter what pills your on, how much liquids you drink, or how much you workout. You need 2 months guaranteed to clean out from that much bud. Good luck failing.
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    I've been in similar situations many times when I was going to be coming home from college for the summer and trying to get a decent paying job for the summer, and the 30 day mark for college kush and that age bracket, I'd say you will pass, I always did taking 30 days off before the test, including labcorp ones which I passed numerous times taking 30 days off. I had never failed when I did not smoke for 30 days, even purple haze, ak47, northern lights and anything else I got a hold of back in college.

    everything you are doing is fairly useless from what I know outside waiting, time, outside of either Subbing or using a masking agent is the only thing which will reduce the chances of detection without getting hit with a dilute or false positive. Just drink a 32 oz poweraid and use the midstream method for the test.
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    Dude first off STOP exercising! This close to the test that is not a good idea. Absolutely do not go running the day of the test. You are supposed to abstain from exercising 48 hours in advance of the test. You are past the wanting to burn fat stage, you are in the stage where you want to keep all the body fat you can. Eat really fatty foods. I'm not gonna lie that much bud is definitely working against you. You definitely need to work on a good dilution method. I can't stress this enough though man NO exercising the day of the test. Two days prior. You want to store the fat now buddy. Please post the results of your test. Pass or fail, you might still give someone some valuable information should they stumble upon this thread. Best of luck to you
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    if you passed the dipstrip you are fine... and if your company is doing pre-employment they will only do standard 5-panel test because the others cost more money and why would the pay to find out how much u smoke. they just care if you have drugs in your system. if you are that worried just substitute with someone elses - they do not watch your, frisk you, or anything else

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