Will I pass my Meps Drug Test?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Marty Sanchez, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Marty Sanchez

    Marty Sanchez New Member

    Okay everyone reading I know you will have some judgements but what is done is done and I know what youre going to say. Ive already heard everything that can be said. Trust me.

    Now Im going to be very honest. I already took my drug test at meps. I was confident I was going to pass it up until I got to meps because their scare tactics work better than you think. Well I smoked exactly 35 days ago or actually it could have been 38 days. on the last day I smoked it was just a few hits from a very small pipe, I had smoked the week before and that was all that previous week with a few kind of small blunts. 4 total but only 2 blunts at different times. and I a of couple bowls between those days. Before all of my smoking I hadn't smoked in three months and that was only one blunt with my sister and her friend. (older sister btw) and before that I hand't smoked in a year. The weed wasnt the best but it wasnt ****. I weigh 173 lbs and im 5 11. I drank a gallon of cranberry juice before i left and the day at the hotel and the previous 3 days I drank over 8-9 big *** glasses of water. I barely got any exercise but I had been outside doing yardwork and stuff so I sweated a little.

    I dont know if i passed or not yet. If you fail then they send you a letter in the mail and It's been killing me since I wont know unless i get a letter and that wont be for a little while. Im just wondering if anyone thinks I have a chance of passing. The DoD UA test are definitely better than a home drug test. A lot of people pass home tests but fail the meps one. Someone just please help me ease my mind.

    Actually when I was up giving the nice lady my urine sample and I asked her how the procedure takes place. She told me they dont check for drugs there, they send them to a lab first and thats where it is checked. but i honestly hope thats what would have happened
  2. Marty Sanchez

    Marty Sanchez New Member

    I haven't hear anything in nearly two weeks now about it. Ive also talked to my recruiter twice since then and he hasn't said anything so I definitely passed.
  3. Jerry Vaughn

    Jerry Vaughn New Member

    Hey just curious to whether you passed
  4. Marty Sanchez

    Marty Sanchez New Member

    Yeah I passed! but my pulse and blood pressure was too high and they had to reschedule another meps trip. that took two whole months to do. I had to go through a whole six day trip to the hospital just to get my second trip back to meps approved. The reason it was so high because i was so freaked out about failing my drug test haha. but everything is fine now. im currently waiting to got to basic

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