Will marijuana ever be legal in the US?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by GreenL1nk, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. GreenL1nk

    GreenL1nk New Member

    Just wanted to hear from people when they thought, if ever, when they think marijuana will become legal in the USA.

    Im guessing 30-40yrs. :rolleyes:
  2. Adonijah

    Adonijah New Member

    Depends when a democrat comes up and becomes president or Bush magicly disapears..
  3. Lordsora

    Lordsora New Member

    It won't be legal for a very very long time. If anything it will become decriminalized / legalized in Canada first. Following Canada's "legalization", the US might clue in and start to see that Marijuana isn't this deadly killer drug.

    Yep... long way to go :bawl:

    Oh plus the U.S has this whole "war on drugs thing". Legalizing Marijuana can be a sort of hit to their pride.
  4. Virus356

    Virus356 New Member

    news flash: bill clinton was a democrat. drug laws got worse under his administration.

    Democrat, Republican... it doesn't matter, the only ones that are pro-mj don't make it past the primaries.

    Libertarian Party! http://www.lp.org/
  5. Illuminati420

    Illuminati420 Banned

    yes, in 2013
  6. Your a Towel!

    Your a Towel! New Member

    uh what...the evil weed legal in the usa? huh what have you been smoking? :rolleyes: ain't gonna happen you guys are far to optimistic.

    im sure when Canada legalizes whatever current US president will slap them on the axis of evil list... :laugh:
  7. Coolguy

    Coolguy New Member

    I'd like to hope it will be in the next 5-10 years. I pray it's not too optimistic.
  8. Justintime

    Justintime New Member

    I think that legalization will be here sooner rather than later. Think of the public ideology as a pendulum that is constantly swinging- right now under Bush the pendulum is firmly in the territory of "Republicans" (And I use that term loosely for obvious reasons). After Bush is out of office and we see how completely f*cked we are as a country, the pendulum will probably swing back. When that happens, I think that it's more than a little possible that cannabis will eventually be legalized.

    In short, I see legalization happening within ten years. Perhaps even a lot sooner than that.

    Edit- For the record, I don't think that Canada has a better chance of legalizing sooner. The USA is already shoving Canada around over its treatment of cannabis. It would be political suicide for Canada to legalize at the present time. For better or worse, I think that legalization is going to have to come to the States before it extends to our northern brothers.
  9. Illuminati420

    Illuminati420 Banned

    i think that canada will legalize it first and the U.S. will follow suit...the only reason i say that is because of history, canada got rid of alcohol prohibition then the u.s. had to follow suit.
  10. TiKiTiKi

    TiKiTiKi Sr. Member

    I dont believe that if canada legalizes first, that the us will follow suit. In the un somewhere there is something saying that u cant legalize some drugs... Thats why in holland marijuana is illegal, just not prosecuted if sold under 5 grams each buy.
  11. GrassyAss

    GrassyAss New Member

    Medicinal Marijuana will become legal within 15 years I'm guessing if unbiased reasearchers are hired. Fully legal weed will happpen in Canada long before in America. If at all I'm guessing within 30+ years before any major breakthrough is made Federally. Independent states will have it legal sooner than the Feds. I can guarantee that.

    I say this because recently Maina has started to go the way of Canada with people questioning the way MedPot people get their weed and this to me can only be the beginning of something good.
  12. imported_BuDToKa

    imported_BuDToKa New Member

    As harsh as this may sound, I doubt weed will ever be legal in the US. If they do legalize it, the day that they do I'm walking down ****in' main street and smokin' a huge ass blunt. That day is my dream.
  13. Justintime

    Justintime New Member

    It should be noted that the UN can kiss America's ass. No matter what happens, we always have that. And "Support our Troops" stickers. A lot of those too.
  14. GrassyAss

    GrassyAss New Member

    :laugh:hahaha! That's true America runs the world come on, no other country in the world can go to war to get the man who tried to kill your dad, but say it's for WMD's then when none are ever found, deny hardcore and even worse he got away with it..
  15. CheesyBread

    CheesyBread New Member

    I can honestly say that I don't pay enough attention to politics. My opinion on this isn't based on any political knowledge at all. All I can say is that I would guess that Canada would legalize much sooner. I'm a Canadian resident, I know Canada. The stories you hear about cannabis being really "loose" around here are actually true. Although it's still illegal and you can and will be arrested for it, it's just a very common thing around here. I'm not talking about my particular area, but far and wide...Canada is a cannabis loving country. (Hence the term "Cannabian"). My entire family is successful and sophisticated. I just want to point out that my extended family are not "crackheads" before I tell you that ALL of them smoke marijuana. My uncle is an amazing grower. My aunts all indulge in cannabis occasionally. My mother is a daily smoker, along with myself. I have many friends who have similar families. All successful, all healthy, all cannabis smokers. It's just a lot more relaxed up here.

    I realize that the above info is no solid basis for the legalization discussion, but it just needs to be said that Canada loves cannabis. And, in my heart I believe that legalization is on the horizon, and definitely possible within the next 10 years...ideally of course.

    As for the US, I can only hope that Canadian attitudes will rub off on Americans.
  16. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    While I hope that medical marijuana is legalized soon for those who need it, I don't see recreational use of marijuana being legalized for quite some time. My reasoning is detailed in oneeyedhobbit's thread about responsible use. There are far too many cannabis users out there that dream of legalization, yet demonstrate almost daily why it (in the eyes of non-users) should remain illegal. If we ever want legalization to ben seen as a worthwhile cause, some of us need to be more mature in the ways we choose to use it. Yes, being reckless and stupid is a part of being young, but you've got to realize that your behavior reflects on all users of cannabis. Those of us that use responsibly suffer because some peopl decide to disengage their brain when it comes to drug use.
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  17. I just have to say this, if you haven't noticed already, the US doesn't give flying **** about the UN opr what any other nations think of it...

    I love it, just going out for our own interests while screwing everyone else... wouldn't be half as amusing though, if we didn't make half assed attempts to make us appear the savoirs of "liberty" and "democracy", when our actions become more and more imperialistic.

    And of course, the most amusing thing of all is that half of the nation actually is blind enough not to see that the actions are blatantly imperialistic. "The war in Iraq is not about oil, it's about Democracy, and liberty." they say, as they place a "support our troops" bumper sticker on their massive, uneconomical, passive-agressive, unnecesarily large SUV.

    God Bless America.

    And , about legalization, won't happen for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time simply because of this: To do so, the government would have to admit they had done something wrong, which, no matter what administration you're presently suffering under, doesn't seem like a thing that they like to do very much.
  18. TiKiTiKi

    TiKiTiKi Sr. Member

    this is true but... I dont remember what convention it was. But the us basically wrote that whole thing and since we are the ones that basically wrote it. I doubt we will see us break it that quickly. and under bush, it wont happen. We all know that.
  19. DonkeyPunch

    DonkeyPunch Seasoned Activist

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  20. Justintime

    Justintime New Member

    The vast majority of the time, it's the bad apples that ruin the whole lot. Trying to eradicate that is a lofty goal, to say that least.

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