Will my heart explode again? I am dead serious PLEASE read, because I miss smoking!

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by TheDude0306, Aug 1, 2001.

  1. TheDude0306

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    I started smoking about 12 months ago, but havent smoked for the past 3 months, well small amounts, and I will tell you why.

    When I first started smoking, I really enjoyed it. After a few months, I started smoking more amounts on the 2 or 3 days a week I did it.

    Then after about 7 months I started smoking even more amounts and sometimes up to 4 times a week.

    I always ignored the pounding in my chest. My heart would feel like it was going to F**K** EXPLODE. It worried me a lot, because I have a heart murmer, that I was born with. But the pounding in my heart would usually go away after about 30 mins, then I would enjoy the high.

    About 2 months ago, I had something very upsetting happen in my life. Let me just say I lost something that was very dear to me. I also live with two cronic medical conditions, that limit from doing a lot of things I would like to do, mainly because I am in pain and always feel sick to my stomach.

    Well weed was my escape, I enjoyed it SO MUCH, I smoked and smoked. And I also found that when stuck home on a weekday not hanging with friends, I would smoke up lots and fool around on the computer. I could spend hours entertaining myself on the computer. It was a great way to pass the time away in my boring life.

    Well a few days after the disaster in my life, I was smoking heavy, still enjoying it, and it helped me escape reality.

    I awoke one morning with what felt like a racing heart. I had trouble breathing, and this would come in go in epsiodes. Of course I stopped SMOKING right away.

    But the symptons returned. Finally on DAY 5 I felt exhausted and breathless. I could no longer take it, and had a friend drive me to the ER on a Sunday night.

    Now I have never done any other drugs in my life but marijuana, but I did drink heavy once or twice a week. I also never have smoked cigarettes only marijuana.

    When I got into the ER, I could barely explain what was wrong I was so out of breath. They took my blood presure first and told me it was a little high.

    They then hooked me up to a heart monitor, they told me my heart rate was exactly 180 beats per min. I was actually turning white, I felt at that moment I was having a heart-attack. The quickly gave me and IV, brought down my heart rate, gave me a Xanax and sent me home 4 hours later.

    It took me 2 months for the pains to go away in my chest. Of course I have no insurance, but needed to have my heart murmer completly checked out again. So after lots of test, ecocartograms, etc, etc, my heart doctor said my heart murmer is FINE, and has not changed since it was last checked out roughly 10 years ago.

    Of course after this I swore to GOD I would never smoke again. But one night I tried smoking some of the same batch then I think caused this whole epsiode.

    I smoked just a 3 small hits from my bowl. Again my heart started to POUND! I had a brutal anxiety attack, no one home and no one to help calm me, (but I couldn't have told parents I was having an anxity attack from smoking weed, they dont know I smoke even though I am 24 years old) I took a DOUBLE XANAX and it didn't DO A THING. I had to sweat it out for almost 3 hours. I hoped that my heart would come back down and it did.

    The next day I flushed the remaining weed. One month later I tried smoking again with a close friend. This time I took just 1 small hit. I felt good, of course I had a few beers in me (atleast 8) so I took another bigger hit. Then the same thing, not as bad this time, but the terribly anxiety was there. I tryed everthing to hide it from my friend, and I just couldnt. This panic attack did not last nearly as long, perhaps because I was very drunk.

    Now after another 3 months I haven't smoked since. No matter even if I smoke a drop, My mind constantly worries about my heart rate, and in-turn I cannot enjoy the HIGH AT ALL.

    I am so disapointed, my smoking career of about 7 months is now over. I miss smoking weed so much, it helped me get through most of my boring days of life. It also helped me escape reality and forget about my (not life-threating), but just annoying inconvient illness.

    Now I think about growing my own pot. I think maybe my body can't handle weed with that has sativa in it.

    Maybe I would be able to handle a full body indica? I dunno. I do know that I like smooth SLOW HEAVY BODY stones. I cannot take any uppty HIGH stones, because right away I freak about my heart.

    I dunno if my whole epsiode with my heart was brought on, by the terrible thing that happened in my life, combined with the heavy smoking lack of excersise at the time, and heavy drinking?

    I dunno what to think. I do know that in my mind I can no longer smoke, because the only thing I can think about after taking a HIT is my heart rate.

    Very disapointed. I find myself trying to find some other type of drug, that could remove me from reality just for a little while. Weed was perfect. To afraid to try anything else, have been considering mushrooms, really the only other drug I think I would try, but wondering if I cant handle a GOOD stone anymore, I would probably FREAK on shrooms.

    I think maybe I could try popping a good dose of Xanex before smoking, but I don't want to get into that habbit. Besides I get the Xanex through a connection, and I pay out the ass for them. And who knows how good taking Xanex would be EVERY time you want to smoke a little weed.

    Desperate for any advice from anyone here. Are my SMOKING DAYS OVER? FOR GOOD?! God I hope not. I can't tell you how much I truly miss it.
  2. HappyMan

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    There has been a correlation made between smoking marijuana and an increased risk of heart attacks. While a correlation does not mean a direct link, you may want to take it into account.
  3. Long ago and far away....

    oh. um....

    anyway... I had a girlfriend once who always thought she was allergic to cannabis. Everytime she got high, ten minutes later she was selling buicks to the porcelain gods. :D

    After serveral subtle "contact highs" I defied her to puke after getting high with me. We sat on the bed and I smoked. She took one, then two then more hits.

    After two hours I asked how long she'd been high. She was amazed and never puked again.

    I too have had problems with the heart and know exactly what you describe. I was amazed a few weeks ago when I made the comment that I ' had a couple of heart attacks a year' and wasn't exagerating. At least not in the strictest sence.

    any way... I think you need to stick with indicas, as you have deduced. You also need to smoke with someone you trust explicetly the first few times. Whatever meds they gave you for the palpitations, keep around, etc.

    Basically, your psyching yourself up to have p[roblems even before you get high.

    Relax and enjoy it.

    Good luck.

  4. anduin

    anduin Guest

    i've do notice my heart beating faster when i smoke, but so does pretty much everyone i know. i'm not concerned about it. but what i never bothered to take notice of, was whether it did the same when i ate it.

    irrelevant, but i'll tell it anyway, 'cause i've started thinking of it: my first time with weed was eating a gram with melted cheese on biscuits. i moved once in the four hours after it kicked in, and that was to get a drink and see how strange the treadmill felt. i also laughed my head off at the ending of american beauty, which if you've seen the movie, wasn't meant to be so funny.
  5. TheDude0306

    TheDude0306 New Member

    I tried smoking again this time and had some better results heres how

    Well I went to a friends house the other night. His wife was out with her friends for the evening.

    Of course we always drink atleast 12 beers a piece.

    I took a shower, got dressed and this time poped a Xanex abut 45 mins prior to getting to his house.

    I haven't eaten for atleast 7 hours, so I felt the Xanex kick in. I then had about 3 beers, and decided to try to smoke again.

    This was another new batch of weed, so I tryed my luck.

    I took a medium sized hit, inhaled deeply but did not hold it long at ALL, I have heard holding it to long could cause my heart to race even more. I guess it common sense, holding your breath for any reason causes your heart to beat quicker.

    I continued to take small DEEP hits throughout the night, I felt good, but not blasted out of mind.

    I guess the Xanex is what helped. But I also think it may be mental also. I think a few more sessons with the help of a Xanex, and I may be able to get back to smoking without the help of a Xanex.

    I have to say this was the first time I felt nice and mellow while stoned, since the my epsiode with my heart a few months ago.

    Does the Xanex take away from the stone? I love to get slight visuals, but I didnt get anything. The only thing weird was I was seeing double for atleast and hour, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop it.

    It might have been the beers I dunno. Just don't think getting stoned is that great anymore.
  6. John Markes

    John Markes Guest

    What other drugs/medications are you using? Some drugs, medicines and herbs react badly with marijuana.

    Pounding heart is common among infrequent users, with most people adjusting to it if they use regularly/consistantly. But some other drugs/substances exacerbate it.

    I was forced to stop taking several meds some years ago when I had reactions to the combo. Since marijuana is currently the only med that keeps me alive, my doctors and I decided to stop the other meds.

    John Markes
  7. DUDE!!!!!!!!!

    It is NOT a good idea to mix Xanax with ANY other drugs OR alcohol unless your doctor tells you to!

    Mixing Xanax with Alcohol can be DEADLY!!!

    Xanax is a Benzodiazepine which is a Central Nervous System Depressant. Also, do not forget that the Benzodiazepines are some of the most addictive medicines out there!

    Stick to Marijuana!
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  8. McBiff

    McBiff Guest

    i used to freak out about my heart and still do on occasion, i have no idea why i still do. it always feels now like my throat kinda starts to close up and **** and i feel like i'm startin to sketch really bad. i try to tell my self it's just an anxiety attack but it doesn't really work. i think i have a borderline anxiety disorder, seriously, but i don't know the exact symptoms.
  9. HillBilly

    HillBilly Guest

    public servant


    Dude... With a heart murmur, my first question would lead into "Do you have mitral valve prolapse?" I'm sure this would show up on tests that have been ran on your ticker.

    Get a medicaid card. Call your local dept of health and human services. Get some type of insurance. You can't afford not to have some back-up with a questionable heart condition.

    Next. Find a regular doctor. Tell them about your problems. Let them know that a Xanax from the ER helped. 180 bpm is high. You might need a prescription for Xanax (which is a usual medicine for mitral valve prolapse and symptomatic murmurs)

    And like sir smokes said, don't drink amy alcohol while taking Xanax, or any medicine that affects the Central Nervous System.

    be cool, relax, and be confident that you're gonna have a good buzz, not a heart pounding episode.

  10. potheadreturns2

    potheadreturns2 New Member

    Why not eat the weed dude? Just make a nice batch of cannabutter cookies and forget about your ****ing heart murmur. Dude I know it must suck not to be smoking but you gotta realize what smoking does to your heart. It really ****s it up. So does drinking but you didn't ask about that, so. .. just eat your weed and be high!!
  11. astrodank

    astrodank Guest

    nah, man, don't get the thought in your head that smoking weed is horrible for your heart becuase it won't cause any really detrimental effects if your murmer is perfectly fine, like my heart murmer. Infact, if your proned to anxiety attacks on weed (again, like I am about my heart as well) then *don't* eat pot until you're fully confident. take my word for it I've had a couple experiences with eating pot where I literally had to struggle to not have a severe anxiety attack and feel helpless (because eating pot lasts a veerryyy long time compared to smoking). The worst anxiety attacks I've ever had from pot were, infact, from eating slightly too much; it makes your heart race just as much as smoking because ALL the active cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream without any being destroyed from an open flame. It's heavy when you eat it man, easy to go "off the deep end" a little. one time when I ate just about a gram of keef hash in some butter, it started out good until I started feeling like I was on a phat mind trip so strong that I could barely even register what my friends were saying to me, it got pretty scary at times, no goofin around and laughing just a serious mind trip. and even some visuals too. It's easier to feel like you're "losin' it" when intensely stoned off eating pot.
  12. thrashnor

    thrashnor Guest

    damn dude, ive never heard of anyone getting that baked off eating bud. i personally have never tried it, but i hope to make a batch of brownies sometime soon.
    as for the original poster, i think that although your problem may be purely a heart problem, theres a good chance that it's just a psychosomatic type of thing. you're building it up to be too big of a deal in your mind, and your mind controls your body. let it go. peace. (and true, dont mix pills and alcohol!)
  13. heart pounding

    Yeah I can relate to the heart pounding thing. One time I smoked like 4 super bowls of some top quality hydroponic herb, and I started seeing little dots of blue, purple, and red whenever my heart would beat. It was weird, then my heart started beating fast, when I was playing my guitar and listening to music. I thought my heart was going to explode so I decided to pray. I asked Jesus to help me out, and then I came to my senses, and said its just an herb, this is what is supposed to happen. I felt better almost immediately, forgot about the terror, and ate a bowl of cereal.:D

    Mcbiff: Dude, I've felt that throat tightening thing you described, especially when I'm eating. I could feel the food travel down my esophagus and make its way down my stomach. Sometimes it doesn't feel all that pretty, but thats a good indication that I am baked off my behind.

    Peace out

  14. romz107

    romz107 New Member

    I understand your ER visit entirely. I went to the ER feeling as if i couldnt breath of cours with my asthma they took it seriously. All of my tests were negative. I get these pains all the time and at the time i went to the ER i hadnt smoked in about a week. What happens to me is i get a throbing pain in my chest and i get used to this pain. when it goes away i feel as if my heart has stoped and i panic causing it to hurt again. Ive looked into MSG as a problem as well as my bad posture. I havent had any tests done to relate if i have a heart murmur, but my mom and sister do. I really like to smoke and i cant tell my parents or doctor that i think this is realated to me smoking. Though i havent smoked for about 2 weeks i still get these pains at night, which i think could be anxiety. Everytime i think im having a heart attack, and all my friends just be a bit**...which i would have done to someone else. I dont understand the severity of this but i will be worried one minute and laugh it off the next like someone stated. I also notice that i burp a lot when this occures, maybe when i smoke i get the munchies and the food choices i make cause me to get indigestion or stomach acid. I hope these ideas help you and if you can relate to some of my ideas please comment.
  15. Buzzby

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    I think we may have a winner here in the "Revive a Dead Thread" contest. :D

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    I believe the kids call this a "necro."

    They're coming to get you, Barbara. :eek:

    EDIT: Actually, I can't really say anything; I found this site through Google (a specific thread, in fact) and could have just as easily necro'd a different thread by posting without checking the datestamp. He who is without sin blah blah blah.
  17. james5791

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    i also have a heart murmur and suffer from pains in my heart when i smoke cannabis i also smoke ciggerets i used to just get them when i smoked cannabis but recently ive been getting milder ones without smoking it i also get pains in te bottom of my back i have tried stopping smoking cannabis but instead just cut down a lot.
  18. midnight51

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    The first thing you need to do is stop drinking... that is far worse on your body. I've experienced everything you mention and it is not fun. I've also found my mind wandering to the growing of my own inica plants as well... but yeah bro QUIT DRINKING IMMEDIATELY... let your body reaclimate itself and get into an excersise regiment... this realeases the same "feel good" endorphenes" you are experiencing with the THC... balance is key bro...
    Stay Up,
  19. mikeysakkinen

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    It's all in ur head man dont worry about it
  20. Keith

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    Pay attention to the dates these posts were made, folks ;)

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