Will Water Fasting Help me Pass a Urine Test?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by redhill, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. redhill

    redhill New Member

    Have Urine test for P.O. and employment.

    Smoked two bowls two days in a row about 2 days ago and will need to test in two weeks.

    I know it was stupid but I was going insane.

    Will doing a 3 day water fast and / or using a product like colon blow remove the THC so that I will pass?

    I hope to be able to test clean in 10 days or less.

    Any thoughts sincerely appreciated.
  2. Secs

    Secs New Member

    It is your body... How in the hell are we supposed to know if you can test clean in 10 days?

    Get a home test and test yourself using your first pee of the day at about day 7, then you will know if you can pass and we don't have to guess.
  3. SkatingStoned13

    SkatingStoned13 New Member

    exercise, but make sure not to flood yourself. it will do nothing other than cause discomfort. take the test on day seven as sec said. and report back so you can get some help with your situation if youll need it.
  4. SkatingStoned13

    SkatingStoned13 New Member

    if you have 2 weeks i hope you mean 14 days and not 10. if this is the case, take the test 4 days before your test. that way you earn yourself 3 more days, exercise the first 7 and test 3 days later. I'm sure you've read up some other threads, and know to use the first void of the day. and don't try to drink water the night before to feel better about passing in the morning.
  5. Secs

    Secs New Member

    I don't know why, but I always come away feeling dizzy after reading your posts. :shrug:
  6. redhill

    redhill New Member

    Will fasting help or not?

    SO...DOES anyone know if fasting will help to pass the urine test or not?
  7. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Ok, Fasting makes your body's metabolism slow down. The body says: "Body, you just aren't getting nutrition like you are accostomed to, so we just won't burn off the energy as fast." It goes into "storage mode" and doesn't burn off the fat as fast. Since that is where the THC metabolites are stored, you only succeed in retaining any THC in your body.

    Sure, long term (30-40 days and longer), you would burn off all your fat reserves and therefore fasting would be helpful. But short term, it won't help at all. Not to mention, it really isn't very good for your overall health.

    Also, drinking loads of water, days before the test does nothing to help "cleanse" the body. Only time and excersize will effectively help remove THC from the body.
  8. rosiespliff

    rosiespliff New Member


    The body normally uses glycogen from glucose found in carbohydrates for energy. When you fast, for the first 48-72 hours your body goes without food, it will begin to use glycogen stores in the liver and muscles for energy. At about three days (for women like myself, two for men generally) your body will run out of these stores and begin to metabolize fat cells into ketones to use for energy in a process and state called ketosis. To reiterate, when in ketosis, the body burns PURE FAT, in order to spare vital organs and lean muscle from having their protein stores tapped.

    That, my dear, is what "storage mode" means. STARVATION mode is when all body fat is gone and the body begins to feed on it's vital organs for energy.

    In conclusion, fasting may the most efficient way to rid the body of thc. Exercise increases the rate of burn.

    However, I do not fast OR exercise in the days (say about three, to be safe) immediately leading up to the test date. If there is contaminated fat left it will be metabolized during ketosis or exercise and excreted with your pee when you test and you will fail. The night before and morning of your test, make sure to eat a high carb meal and keep full so that your body isn't metabolising fat just before you go to pee.

    That all being said, the easiest (and most effective) way to pass a drug test is to chug water like a mother fucker before you go in to dilute your sample to below 50 ng/mL (which is all you need to pass). Unfortunately, labs check the integrity of your piss by looking at creatine levels and color. This is not too much of a problem, though. Creatine supplements are available at the grocery store, and should be taken the night before and morning of the test. Make sure to over-do it. For color, take vitamin B-2.

    Good luck and I hope you pass!
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  9. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    If you decide to use this method to attempt to pass your drug test, you will find that water fasting can be risky as it will also wash away all of the essential vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes. This can sometimes make the body go bezerk. Keep in mind, if your body is starving, it will make fat out of anything it can get as it is preparing for famine.
    Whatever you do, please make sure you are getting an adequate amount of vitamins through a healthy low fat diet or even a nutrition drink available at any drug distributing pharmacy.
    Be sure and take a look at the time tables to see where you are at with the averages: http://www.marijuana.com/drug-test/detection-time
  10. MasterOfDisguise

    MasterOfDisguise New Member

    Dead on *rosieslpiff*. Unfortuantely DrugTestDave is somewhat accurate too. I've studied fasting fairly in depth and if you conduct it right, will clear your system faster than any other method known to man. However, if you attempt it 48-72 hours prior to your test, you will still be in fat storage mode, or "famine" mode for a few days.. metabolism will slow, but only towards your fat cells where the THC is. After that time frame, just as Rosies said, it will flip the switch to preserve your muscle mass (survival mode) as a last resort and in turn burn any and all fat reserves, dead tissues, scar tissues, cancer cells, etc. Basically all trash in your body before finally eating away at your most precious muscle mass. After that well, you would eventually die of starvation. There is certainly a healthy dose of fasting and it will clear anything known to man out of you.. but Rosies is right. Do it early, follow up with perfect clean food (raw vegetables, raw fruits) and drink the hell out of water to effectively flush it all. 2 days prior load up on food so that your body has no choice but to spend its energy breaking it down instead of metabolizing those old fat cells. It will work, but I'd say fast a minimum of 4 days and have a good 2 days after to re-instate food.
  11. Awaken703

    Awaken703 New Member

    After reviewing these methods and putting them to the test. I will say that it worked. All the information was accurate and helped me to achieve clean urine in less than 3weeks. Let me explain:

    Things about me first: (important)
    Body weight:140
    Fat index : 10% or less
    Athletic activity: very active
    Diet : vegan
    How much I smoke: chronic 5-7 times a day for 5 years

    I was giving a short 3 week notice to to report into probation for a urinalysis... I quickly began preparing my body for a very short detox...searched and searched the web for drinks, but none of them worked...I probably bought 4 -5 at home tests to see for myself.

    I switched my food intake to a ketogenic based diet immediately...began working out every day as much as I could, including the sauna.
    I wanted to elevate my heart rate to its max potential each time I was working out, that's also very important.

    I made sure to buy a special detox tea that targets the liver and kidneys to detox quicker than normal. It's called "get clean" 14 day detox tea. Found in whole foods.

    So I'm trudging along worried that these methods won't be enough. I wasn't convinced that my regimen was working, so I searched the web some more.

    After many hours I came across water fasting, something I had done before 2 years prior. But only for minor chemical detox, not thc specifically.

    A bell went off in my head! Ding ding ding.

    I began the fast around 10 days before the test. I wanted to work out as many days leading up into the fast as possibly To elevate my metabolism to its max potential in the fast.

    I made sure to hit 4 and a half days of water only fasting. With distilled water.

    When it was said and done. I bought a few more home screens by "first check" and was clean every time.

    I also will note that I fallowed the instructions from this post above. The information on the food after the fast is very important. Do not work out after. And load up on the carbs. It will work

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