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  1. what

    what New Member

    im planning on getting some seeds, but im not sure what strain, either indica sativa or a mix, maybe all and what about winter do the plants die if I grow them outside
  2. habitual95

    habitual95 New Member

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  3. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Only trees don't die sir..Mostly everyother plant dies when it freezes outside...Next time use your brain, or at least google it, LOL..
  4. medme

    medme Sr. Member

    LMAO,,,,, some people,,,i agree totally
  5. groyoshit

    groyoshit New Member

    It's all good bro, i got love for ya!!!! Sometimes the smallest question can seem monumental to the beginner. As the others have mentioned, winter is a no no, late spring-mid summer till fall, depending on where you live.

    GOOGLE my friend, GOOGLE with all your GOOGLEING might!
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  6. what

    what New Member

    so what you just let the plants die
  7. groyoshit

    groyoshit New Member

    dig them up and put them inside under some lights, if that isn't an option than they shall perish
  8. what

    what New Member

    i did google but I didnt find anything sorry
  9. Twizted55

    Twizted55 New Member

    LOL DHUUUUUUUU kid how about you grow Inside frist then when it hits the time when its not winter when its hot and sunny u can transplant the plant outside and ull have urself i Sexy Plant.. :)
  10. what

    what New Member

    i cant grow inside cause my parents cant know

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