Wisdom Teeth Removed: Safe To Smoke?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by BigBongBill93, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. budbear

    budbear New Member

    was joking

    I was joking and am not going to smoke till I heal.... It is just not worth it... but caution I got dry sockets and didnt smoke at all or use straws .... but if any one else is considering smoking at a time like this DONT... not worth it. This dry socket is worse than any other surgery I have been though, including the extaction... THanks for all the help :)
    still feel like **** :bawl:
  2. Terrryluvs420

    Terrryluvs420 New Member

    You know, i had a tooth pulled a couple months ago and smoked out of my bong with no problems. I just made sure when i smoked I replaced the gauze, I think that had a major impact on not getting dry socket but i could be wrong.I also waited till the next day before i toked so that could have been a factor as well. I was told by the dentist that how fast it heals depends on how fast your blood clots up in the socket, if you keep it clean you should be smoking within days :)
  3. MrProtein

    MrProtein Active Member

    i know this thread is old and all, but w0w!!!!!
  4. potman142

    potman142 New Member

    smoking after wisdom teeth removal

    how long should I wait after having my wisdom teeth removed before smoking marijuana?
  5. Hypchronic

    Hypchronic New Member

    I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out last winter, but I didn't smoke until after the post-op appointment; I think that was like a week. I was scared that the smoke would irritate the wounds and extend the healing time, so I just headed straight for the bottle of delicious Percoset until it was empty, then back on the MJ after about 1.5-2 weeks.

    Cheers, good luck, and listen to your doctor. If he/she tells you not to smoke cigs, then apply that same advice to MJ.
  6. teufelfisch

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    Check the existing threads before starting a new one.

    Smoking anything after wisdom teeth removal is very risky because smoke increases the chance you'll get an infection, and the sucking action can pop the scabs right out of the wounds, giving you a hell of a lot of pain and blood and another trip to the doctor.

    I do not recommend it.
  7. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Merged Threads. Do a search next time.
  8. schoolyardtoker

    schoolyardtoker New Member

    I just go two teeth pulled today, at aproaxmitly 10 o'clock in the morning...I was just wondering when it would be SAFE to have atleast a few hits from a pipe.

    Thanks alot !
  9. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    Incredibly bad idea, as you would singe your nasal tissue and be in extensive pain. And you should be able to function without marijuana, don't use it to dodge negative sitations in life, as this could lead to dependance.

    Read the rest of this thread. Wait at least a few days, as smoking anything could result in an infection or bleeding.
  10. silverspork

    silverspork New Member

    I just got all 4 wisdom teeth taken out this morning. It really isn't bad at all. I was bleeding from one socket for a while, but that seemed to stop. I'm in 0 pain, and I'm not even on meds. Still not gonna toke for a day or two tho.
  11. jeremy919

    jeremy919 New Member

    got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, waited 12 hours before smoking and when i did i put gause over the holes in my mouth. i also noticed that my multichamber ice bong helped cool the smoke down and did not irratate my mouth as much as the hot smoke off of a pipe.
  12. CaNnaBiS-HuStLR

    CaNnaBiS-HuStLR New Member

    i would say wait to reduce any infectios or any harm 2 ur holes.which is the right thing to and is probaly a dentist stanpoint but if ur like me which u probaly r i smoked to take the pain away and i'm addicted.also, i had a nice vaporizor to do it with. nothi happened 2 me and my pain was gone
  13. mrs_right10

    mrs_right10 New Member

    i got all four wisdom teeth taken out this morning, and i was so scared cuz i smoked weed yesterday and the day before; had to take the risk so i can write on here that after a general anesthesia, and had smoked weed 48 hours prior to the surgery, im completely fine. my day has been suuuuuper boring cuz i really need a cig and a couple hits from the bong would be grateful.

    dont worry about it dude, its really okay

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