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  1. jacquez

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    Hey Everyone,

    I was just wondering if you all could give me some tips on making a wood pipe, I am honestly not sure what is the best wood to use, also how long and how narrow it should be in and out. Some help would really be appreciated. :) Give me all the information you know on making any small wood pipes, and also I'm not interested in making the old bulky/ugly tobacco pipes they used to use like 60 years ago.

  2. stoner93

    stoner93 New Member

    I have been working on making a wood pipe for myself. Im getting closer to finishing the carving and being done, but I can smoke out of it right now, it just kind of looks stupid.

    I just got a peice of a 2x4 and cut it a little longer than the drill bit I would be using. (If you have a drill press, this makes it MUCH MUCH easier.) Since I was using a standard drill, I chose my bit size, and measured how long the bit would be. Then I put the peice of wood against the wall to make sure it was straight and slowly drilled in all the way. Before you start drilling though, you should mark where the drill bit will end when its inside. When your done with the drilling, the hardest part is over.

    If you don't have a dremel tool, it will be almost impossible to make a good wood pipe from here. After I drilled, I carved out the bowl to the size I wanted. Then I got a smaller drill bit and made a hole at the bottom of the bowl connecting to the larger hole. Take a few draws, and resize the hole if you need to, just not too big. After this, get creative and carve your pipe. Take off small peices at a time. If you take off too much, you could ruin all of your hard work done so far. Once you have it in the desired shape, toke away!
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  3. mondaymonkey

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    I made one out of cedar... didn't work well... everytime I took a hit i would smell like a smoked salmon

    I also have had experience using other woods. And personally I suggest hard, heavy woods like Mahogany and Oak... they are expensive but worth it. Ash is also good
  4. EEJ

    EEJ New Member

    Don't use 2x4's they're full of chemicals to preserve the wood.
  5. dirtbomb

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    First pipe I ever had (back in the '70's:jawdrop:) was made of Teak. It was schweet and could hold almost two grams.
  6. Buzzby

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    Pine or fir, the woods out of which they make construction lumber, are the last kinds of wood you'd want to use for a pipe. They're light, flammable, and full of resin. If the pipe doesn't catch on fire, you'd be inhaling vaporized pine resin - not something with which you want to coat the insides of your lungs.

    Cedar is another soft wood that's great for smoking fish, but not smoking out of, for the same reasons as pine and fir.

    For a pipe, you want the densest hardwood you can find, so it won't reach ignition temperature when the contents do. Briar is the ideal wood for making pipes. You can buy blocks of briar from many places on the Internet. I've smoked pipes made from ebony, oak, and hickory. The briar pipes are better.

    Only if it's pressure-treated wood.
  7. cherry wood is also good, you can find a piece at lowe's for around 9 bucks. also make sure you temper the wood with something much hotter than a lighter flame before you smoke out of it, otherwise the wood will burn and make your smoke taste bad.
  8. goodkush

    goodkush New Member

    yeah i actually just got grounded this weekend for smoking, so in my boredom after school i went today to lowes and got an oak dowel thats like an inch by 36 inches for $4. i got one of the people that works there to cut it into 5 inch sections and im planning on makin a couple sweet chillums or spoons.
    workin on that chillum now actually.

    any more advice on the subject would be appreciated. oh and peace n love, how would you suggest that i temper my chillum after its made?

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