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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by debugger, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. debugger

    debugger New Member

    I realized this while i was stoned.

    So weed is actually a substance that heals your soul.It makes you forgiving,loving,calm,confident etc.

    The calmness provides another people around you a feeling of safety,of comfort,the feeling that everything is good.

    Being a loving person gives people confidence,and a hope in humanity as most people seem to have lost in it.

    Confidence gives you courage to be your real self,which makes you more funny,more witty,more emotional which gives people a very special gift,laughter and joy.

    Just by sitting around a stoner you can realize that even the baddest person is compassionate inside.
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  2. medme

    medme Sr. Member

    watch the news stoned,,, it might change your views on things..... IMO...
  3. CrimsonNebula80

    CrimsonNebula80 New Member

    When I smoke its like my normal day has been erased momentarily, its nice. My hectic crazy day is done and now I can relax and actually hear myself think. Everything im worrying about is fine and its all good. Its the best when you can sit on the beach.
  4. HydroScientist

    HydroScientist New Member

    i wouldn't go that far just remember different people react differently, i know people who are still aggressive when smoking weed
  5. WheezyLiam

    WheezyLiam New Member

    Well, although weed affects(effects?) everyone differently, I would call it a medicine. It's a wonder what the brain does when introduced to THC...
  6. HydroScientist

    HydroScientist New Member

    yeah man
  7. saos088

    saos088 New Member

    Poking smot makes me happy, calm, more productive and more focused. I can smoke a bowl and 5 min later chat with anybody including my parents and nobody has ever once asked if I was high or sick. My tolerance level is so high no matter how much I smoke I can function in any setting!

    Hell, I smoked a bowl, 10 min later got pulled over cuz my headlight was out! cop comes to my window asks if I know why he pulled me over, i showed him the bulb in the package and said "I have a brother stuck on Jackass who hasn't gotten around to fixing it"! He laughed, gave me back my license and told me to have a good night! He didn't suspect a thing!
  8. RollingGreens

    RollingGreens New Member

    LOVE this.
  9. Crystal Carlson

    Crystal Carlson New Member

    Yes :) And you can become that person without weed too... it takes time and practice though.
  10. Tok

    Tok New Member

    very true.

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