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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by iluvmarijuana17, Jan 28, 2008.

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    I don't intend to strike fear into people's minds but does anyone worry about the possible impurities in the commercial marijuana we all see? I've been reading Why Marijuana should be legal by Ed Rosenthal and Steve Kubby and some of the techniques that they have mentioned that people in Mexico do to make the brickwood and all the nasty schwag moist that comes from Mexico. Everything from pouring coca cola to animal feces just to moisten it. I know the thought would be to just avoid schwag and all the nasty pot that comes from Mexico which I'm sure most of you are able to do since you all get from pretty good bud to crazy bud. I, however live in Oklahoma where I think some of the worst nugget comes from in not only the United States but probably the world. Even though I've seen some very good schwag from around the country in Oklahoma we get mostly the awful schwaggy schwag that probably does come from Mexico along with mid-grade bud. I avoid the schwag and try to get the best I can and there have been times when I've been able to find dank nugget here it's just hard. But I have digressed quite a bit. Anyway, many times I've gotten and seen alot of almost nug-schwag looking pot that looked kind of moldy too. I guess the question would be do any of you worry about possibly smoking bud that is moldy and may contain bacteria from the mold or bud that may contain insect eggs from bugs gnawing at it? Or do you worry that pesticides were used by the grower of your marijuana? I know the worry isn't there if grown inside but you never know if it was grown indoors or outdoors and there are plenty of growers who don't care where it goes they just want money and they'll use pesticides because they would rather their plants not be eaten away by bugs and still not caring about the person who smokes it and ingests pesticides. I don't mean to scare anyone but this book makes me nervous even to smoke because of the impurities. I don't really know much about it so if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate your input and sorry for the long post.
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    If i thought my weed was impure, i would not smoke it. It would be best to find a reliable connect. If he's a regular, he isnt going to be trying to make a quick buck by selling you ditch weed, he is going to try to build you as a customer so you come back for more. I dont think the problem is where you live, i think the problem is who you are getting it from.

    And yes, i used sometimes worry about some product that i bought from random people at times, but it was never in large quantity, so i just ditched it, or gave it to really desperate kids. If you think it has something wrong with it, there is a good chance it does. It isnt worth getting a little high from shitty weed if you think that it is going to harm you.
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    The guy who I get it from isn't intending to sell me bud that is impure because he smokes it too. He's a nice guy and good dealer. The problem with him is he doesn't get great bud and he doesn't grow it himself, he buys it from some guy so you don't know what it's been through. . I've seen him get some very good pot but I've also seen him get some absolutely disgusting pot. I've gotten shit from him that looked moldy. And last year before I bought from him, he used to get even worse shit that looked even moldier. It just varies, but he tries to get the best he can. But his motivating factor is just making money. I buy from him because he's very consistent and he just has so much of it. He buys about 2-3 pounds everytime from his guy that is cheap for Oklahoma and sells it for more. His own personal record is 46 ounces in a week sold. I just wish I could grow so I wouldn't have to worry about these impurities since you never know which nugs are impure and which aren't. Even the dankest bud when being grown could have been sprayed with pesticides by the grower.

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