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  1. GoldenYggdrasil

    GoldenYggdrasil New Member

    So, my buddy and I seem to have some of the best "Worst case scenarios" of our smoking lives when it comes to big plans. For example, one day we were attempting to make a cross-joint when he came up with the valid point of "If this doesn't work, worst case scenario we have joints." It's pretty nice when these come up, it usually gets me psyched for the day and ready to roll. So, does anyone have a similar story where even the WORST possible thing that could happen is still something you could look forward to though out the day?
  2. B-Man

    B-Man British Blunt Blazer

    I guess planning on smoking weed with some off-topics, but if we can't get hold of any, we'll just get more weed.

    Best I could think of :p
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  3. UpInFlames

    UpInFlames Sr. Member

    It all depends on how you think about it. Anything is possible, so there are endless possibilities of bad scenarios.
  4. Blackbear

    Blackbear Sr. Member

    best scenario: smoke the bong with all my braddahs and get high
    worst scenario: smoke the bong with all my braddahs and get high, then jump out the window and run
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  5. OldTimeToker

    OldTimeToker Sr. Member

    Did you successfully make the cross joint? I've always wondered what it'd be like to make a cross blunt :p

    One time when I had some white widow, the best situation would be to smoke it all at once, but the worst case scenario would be that I smoke a little every day and still get blitzed!
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  6. GoldenYggdrasil

    GoldenYggdrasil New Member

    The cross joint was actually successful, all three ends worked and everything, we even had trouble finishing it ourselves. I've heard stories about cross blunts, and cross blunt-joint hybrids with the horizontal part of the "t" being the joint and the verticle part being the blunt. If you ever make one I'd love to hear about it.
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  7. OldTimeToker

    OldTimeToker Sr. Member

    The only hard part about rolling a cross blunt would be to roll them fast enough so they dont dry out and crack!
  8. toke_after_toke

    toke_after_toke New Member

    there are like thousands of videos of crazy cross blunts on youtube
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  9. OldTimeToker

    OldTimeToker Sr. Member

    Thats cool ill check em out!
  10. Zeroxtreem

    Zeroxtreem News *****

    One time I made a fuckin' CROSS BLUNT-JOINT.

  11. B-Man

    B-Man British Blunt Blazer


    You sir, made a Bloint ;)
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