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    Hey guys, I'm 16 years old. I live in the US but my cousin who is also 16 lives in Europe and I have been visiting him (by flying alone!) for the last two years every summer for a month. My cousin there smokes weed, and this summer I decided to try it. The first time I took several hits, nothing happened. I smoked maybe 5-7 times afterwards but only got pleasant buzzes.
    On the last day before returning to the US I decided to smoke a little more. I was with my cousin and some of his friends (I know some of them) in an outdoor public park at night where I have smoked before. I smoked a couple of hits of my cousins weed (which is also mixed with tobacco) and didnt feel much, so I also took a couple of hits of his friends weed (which comes from a different dealer). I sat there sort of buzzed, wondering why other people far away were cooking their candles (they were infact barbecuing food). I was alittle anxious for all the travel the next day and the fact that my school drug tested. Suddenly I started feeling dizzy and nauseus, and thinking it would go away, I waited. I then got up and the entire world felt like it was tilting to the left and I was falling that way. I felt that if I didn't hold on to the ground I would go flying away and if I sat down and closed my eyes I would die. My cousins friend told me that the dark could be messing me up and told me to go and stand in the light, which I did, but that didnt help. My mouth felt extremely dry so I asked my cousin if he would come and walk with me to the water fountain. When walking I felt like I was a large bag of sand and my heart was beating extremely fast. I was sort of halloucinating, the trees were dancing and the pool of water growing in size. The water I drank was massaging my temples and the gum I chewed felt like the weirdest thing ever. I thought that the weed was laced with speed and I thought I was going to die. I was so scared that this high would last forever, I was thinking that if it went any longer than a few days I would kill myself. This went on for about an hour until my cousin suggested we go to mcdonalds to orient ourselves. My cousin, quite high, decided to sit down at a table and told me to order something and handed me a credit card. I was very paranoid in line, thinking that I would teleport to a different mcdonalds or someone would kidnap my cousin so I kept looking back. When I went to the counter the lady spoke French to me and I thought I could understand her completely (I speak absolutely no french) and confidently responded in English. If only I had that encounter on tape... anyways I finally got my snack wrap and ate it, not reducing my high at all. Me and my cousin walked around for a couple more hours, and when my high got a bit better, we went home and slept.

    I woke up the next day feeling fine... Until I started flying. I have flown across the Atlantic 20+ times before and enjoy it. This time, however, I was extremely scared. On my first flight to Paris I felt like the plane was tumbling in the air. I went to the lounge in the paris airport and had a few cokes before I went onwards to London (that flight wasnt too bad). I spent a couple of hours at the London airport and I boarded my last flight to Atlanta. That flight was the worst... I was getting an extreme sense of claustrophobia even though I had a large business-class seat. I was just praying for the flight to end.

    Anyways, this was about a month ago. For the last couple of weeks, I felt depersonalization but that has eased away. I'm just wondering why I felt so bad... and scared to try mj again.
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    You overdid it. It's as simple as that. I just responded to another post like yours here- http://www.marijuana.com/threads/bad-weed-experience.308093/#post-2975266

    If I were you I'd stay scared for another 8-10 years, until your brain is finished developing. It's expensive, still mostly illegal (and will remain so for minors), and can sap your motivation. It always seems cool to do adult things when you're a kid, but growing up too fast isn't always a good thing.
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