Would Rubbing Alcohol Cause a Wood Pipe to Become Toxic?

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by RBG9, Mar 28, 2013.

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    I have a wooden pipe. I have never smoked out of it. I cleaned it in a glass full of rubbing alcohol. I let it sit for a while. When I came back to to take it out the alcohol was kind of brown. This was like a month ago (I`ve only been smoking J`s lately) Now, when I stick a q-tip down the inside a little bit of brown will be on the cotton part of the q-tip. Also, if I rub the pipe with like a qtip or kleenex there will be a little brown. My question is: Would the alcohol make the finish come off and then when I smoke will I be inhaling finish? Thanks. I would normally just to hell with it, because it was like $20. But, I am 3 hours away from any kind of head shop. Thanks!
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    Bad idea. You only need to clean the bowl, air path and mouthpiece. There's no point to applying a solvent to the whole pipe. You just use cotton swabs and pipe cleaners.

    Alcohol is a solvent, so yes. I would hope there's no 'finish' to the bowl itself, just the outside of the pipe. The bowl should be bare wood. You apply honey to the inside of a new bowl, to glaze it and keep it from charring. That's it.

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