Writing an essay on Marijuana legalization/decriminalization.

Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by vaqxıne, May 9, 2009.

  1. vaqxıne

    vaqxıne New Member

    I'm in need of some great reasons to decriminalize marijuana.

    I have a few points written down, but I want a lot more.
    One thing I especially want to write about is how the government exaggerate the effects of weed, making it seem much more dangerous than it is. Plus the medical benefits of it.

    Could any of you help? :)
  2. Freedom_User

    Freedom_User ....Is really high

    I used the Search in Marijuana forum and typed "Marijuana essay".

    This will be great help for you, because you can go to each thread that is similar to yours, with dozens of reply's. Good luck on your Essay. I'd like to read the final paper.

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  3. vaqxıne

    vaqxıne New Member

    Thanks, Freedom_User. I did search already, but I couldn't find many useful topics.

    I might hand-write it, because I need it for my class and my printer isn't plugged in or installed.. Not sure if I want to set it up or not.
  4. yoman3

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  5. mcduffee420

    mcduffee420 New Member

    yoman done his/her research with all those sites : )
  6. vaqxıne

    vaqxıne New Member

    Awesome! Thanks Yoman3. :)
  7. mud_head

    mud_head New Member

    just so you know, decriminalization doesnt help anything, only legalization. decriminalization wont get the dealers off the streets, it wont stop any of the violence. this is because many people will no longer be afraid of the consequences(because they wont be as bad) and will actually push their product with more fervor; this could potentially cause many more problems than having it illegal in the first place. legalization all the way
  8. vaqxıne

    vaqxıne New Member

    Thanks Mud_head. I'm for legalization, yeah, but I did want to make decrim' points for people who just don't understand legalization.

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