Xbox 360 Controller Keeps Dying..?

Discussion in 'Games and Sports' started by Mushroom Man, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Mushroom Man

    Mushroom Man Feeling eternal..

    I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this, and if so, how to fix it.

    (Yes I replaced the batteries multiple times)

    Heres the weird thing though, I had an old 20gb xbox that had the same problem. I figured it was a problem with the controller but dealt with it because it's really not a big deal, just a minor inconvenience. However, that system died on me a few days ago and I had to take it in (I had a Best Buy warranty).

    Now, I got the 360 Elite (pretty sweet deal, they stopped selling the old xbox and I got that and a free game, free of charge:cool:..not complaining with 6 times more gb) and it's the same damn problem! I'm hoping someones experienced this before and somehow fixed it. Either I have extremely bad luck..which I do...or theres a running theme for dead 360 controllers.

    I looked online but everyone just said to change the batteries, which I've done multiple times. The OP's in other forums claimed they have too yet no real answer that I've seen.

    Appreciate any feedback. Mucho grams will be rewarded with a fix.
  2. hipe

    hipe Subscriber

    try one of the rechargeable battery packs maybe? the ones made by xbox. ive got one and have had no issues.

    also, how long are the batteries lasting in the controllers?
  3. Mushroom Man

    Mushroom Man Feeling eternal..

    They last about 5-10 minutes before they disconnect, everytime. Even new batteries.
  4. Joeblaze357

    Joeblaze357 New Member

    yea, i have the same thing goin on, luckily i have the rechargeable cord for it so i keep it plugged in, not really sure what the deal is because the battery pack can be fully charged yet it disconnects randomly, only conclusion i can come to is the pack becomes loose because if i hold it in place it will stay on but if i bump it slightly it will disconnect, dont really wanna get a new controller because its not the first controller thats done this
  5. JF420

    JF420 New Member

    You might have a bad controller. One of my buddies kicked mines into a wall on accident, because it was left on the floor. It always shut off after that, randomly. Just picked up a new one.
  6. muttdawg509

    muttdawg509 New Member

    best fix? Get a ps3, because next time it will be the red ring of death, literally everybody I know with a 360 has had that happen atleast once.....
  7. DrugZ

    DrugZ Banned

    Ps3 gets a "Red ring" not literally being a ring, but the same thing, system failure, I know a load of people thats had multiple ps3's burn out before there 360's.

    OP: Its most likely just the controller, Isnt much you can do about it other then buying a new one.
    As with everything these days theres always going to be faulty parts and pieces.

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