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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by annie_l, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. annie_l

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    Just wondering if anyone knows a reason why you couldn't put a couple of drops of yellow food coloring in your diluted urine to make it the right color. Do they have a way of checking for it? Food coloring is in a lot of products.
    Thanks. Any opinion would be appreciated.
  2. nerphroll

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    They don't check for dilution by color, but rather by measuring certain solute concentrations in urine for which there are established normal ranges. Creatinine is a frequently used one, which is why you need to stock up on creatine (the metabolic precursor of creatinine) before a test if you plan on diluting. I will say this. The larger and more muscular you are, especially if you're a man, the less you need to worry about providing a diluted sample. that is because you would have more muscle mass=higher urinary creatinine excretion and concentration at baseline compared to others, therefore even if you dilute, the final concentration will still be higher than less alrge and muscular people, and you're more likely to NOT have the urinary creatinine concentration fall below the threshold needed to still verify the urine as real and not overly diluted fluid. i've done the math before and it works out.
  3. annie_l

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    Thanks for responding, I get what you are saying. It was just that people are saying take B2 or Bcomplex to make your urine yellow. Having to fast for twelve hours, taking the vitamin on an empty stomach can make you feel sick.
  4. nerphroll

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    Making the urine look yellow is just to throw off any suspicions that the collectors may have.

    And to elaborate on what I was saying earlier, see this thread:

    Dilution and Variable Urinary Creatinine
  5. Hawg

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    Why would you have to fast for 12 hours? I have used the dillution method many times and never fasted for it and passed everytime.
    You definatley want to take the B2 for color.

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