Yellowing Marijuana Leaves

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by Monterey Bud, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Monterey Bud

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    Let's say you're a newbie grower looking for some help... and have selected a Northern Lights strain for your 1st grow. After making sure the temperature is right, the humidity is stable -- and you're doing all you can to produce healthy females... you notice that the leaves are beginning to turn yellow, working their way from the bottom up.

    Confused, scratching your head, and wondering how to fix the problem...Here is what Jorge Cervantes would do?

  2. Wisdom Seeker

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    I like to see that kind of yellowing on the older leaves. Having too much Nitrogen left at the end hides much of the flavour, in my opinion. When the yellowed leaf is healthy otherwise I take it as a good sign of the plant using what is available.
    In an indoor garden this will often come from lack of penetration, and again if all other signs are of health, is simply the plant 'self-pruning' because the lower leaves are more useful as nutrient stores than energy producers.
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  3. silvercain

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    Hi Monterey Bud,

    Nice Post. Good info. I've got a problem I would like to get your opinion on. One of my plants (outdoor grow) is also developing many yellowing leaves, but the leaves also have brown spots that seem to be starting in the veins of the leaves. The plant is not budding yet, but it is getting pretty tall (about 6 ft.). This is one of 7 total plants. 4 are budding nicely, but this one is just getting tall, and now has this problem with the leaves. Any idea what the problem could be with this plant?

    I would appreciate your comments / feedback.

  4. Robert Bergman

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    Sounds like a nutrient problem. What do you feed your marijuana plants and do you have a picture? Check this link for pictures of all marijuana nutrient deficiencies and look for similarities


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