You CAN'T identify a strain from a picture

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Buzzby, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Spazzer

    Spazzer New Member

    It really depends on how closely connected to the grower that your dealer is. Like if I ask some sleezbag that I barely know and ask him about the strain he probably wouldn't know. However if I go to one of my good friends who buys straight from a grower than yeah, he's gonna know exactly what it is.
  2. Uncle-Junior

    Uncle-Junior New Member

    I have something better to add...

    Strain names are bull shit in general. They are just fancy words used to manipulate noobs.

    Now granted, some times dealers are telling the truth and they will actually have some sort of "haze" or "sour diesel" but in the end... it is all bull shit. The strain name matters not.

    All that you need to know you can tell by looking at the weed and smelling it... and of course smoking it. But I would like to see smokers experienced and noob a like.. dropping all this business with strain names.
  3. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    I disagree. I like knowing the strain, so I can repeat the experience. I have friends who grow top quality buds, and its nice being able to ask for a certain strain, and know EXACTLY what I'm getting. While I realize strain names confuse many newbies and get them taken advantage of, some of us older, more epxerienced smokers know not to trust Joe Blow on the street corner when he says he has Haze, but unquestioningly trust one's best friends when they say they have a killer crop of Northern Lights. Weed is weed, to a point. Once you've passed that point though, you get a little more picky, a little more choosey, and have a wealth of exerpience to fall back on. Strain names are necessary so that growers know what will work best for them in their indivudual situations, and for smokers as well, as different strains can have different effects on one's body and mind
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  4. claygooding

    claygooding DrugWarVeteran

    It is basically $5 per syllable. That is why Acapulco Redbud Cheesy Blueberry Brontosaurus Poop is worth more than brick.
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  5. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Then Tongue in Cheek would be mids...:)
  6. riverbuzzrat

    riverbuzzrat New Member

    if you come to Cali you can try it all , the clinics have all of killer strains and usually clones to go with them
  7. Vector

    Vector New Member

    This is very true for the most part. Strain names have been thrown around so much most people, including growers have no idea where the genetics are form. The only way a strain name can be considered legit is if the original breeder used landrace strains to make the original F1's. Having said that, certain strains have become so popular, especially here in Cali that there is a standard. OG Kush or Bubba Kush fro example.

    In regards to naming a strain by looking at the plant.....try for yourself......

    All Strains. Cannagen - Cannabis Genetics for the Cannabis Generation.

    Its not gonna happen
  8. StoneyBologna

    StoneyBologna New Member

    As a Medical Marijuana "Budtender", I can vouch for the various differences based on the genetics of each of these. This plant can simulate everything from a "Stimulant" (Sativa :dance:) inducing anxiety and energy to a heavy "Narcotic" (Indica :chillpill:) effect and everything in between.

    Had I known and had access strains worked best for me much sooner, I probably would have graduated college. Either way, there IS something to it.
    All you h8rs are just like my old street guy who would hand me something that would knock me unconscious on a regular basis. Self medicating can be detrimental if you have no selection to choose from.

    And you can tell by looking at it, the smell really makes it a lot easier though... :D


    Now i know =)
  10. laCster

    laCster Sr. Member

    this thread is awesome
  11. Username113

    Username113 New Member

    there is a ton of truth to the first part of that but i always get named stuff and i look up pics on google sometimes for reference if im iffy on what it is and it always is. granted not all dealers are good people, dont always assume your getting screwed by your dealer, it will only create doubt towards your dealer. not something good to have for someone whos doing illegal activity with you.
  12. devintheskater51

    devintheskater51 New Member

    I think it's quite easy to identify blackout purps from a picture but I mostly agree
  13. gwhizzz

    gwhizzz New Member

    The only strain I know and have to see it growning with buds, is White Widow.
  14. Take A Toke Bro

    Take A Toke Bro New Member

    Strains come and go so fast, it's near impossible for any given person to get any given strain. Usually it isn't cloned, just grown, sold then smoked, and that particular strain dies. Some popular ones stick around because people would put real effort into getting them, but, for the most part, whatever you think you're getting probably isn't.
  15. jbrules

    jbrules New Member

    Your correct. If your smoke is coming off a hundred pound brick then he may not know the strain. Try to get away from supporting the drug cartels and stop buying Brick weed.
  16. bbpiswatiuse

    bbpiswatiuse New Member

    thats true that most dealers dont know shit wat there getting. but also they will buy and rename the same shit. thats wat they do in my high school. thats y my dealers are all out of school and around 4 to 8 years older
  17. four2ohh

    four2ohh New Member


    My guy is always giving me these random names. All I care about is the type of high and potency. The names don't do me much good.
  18. lovington420

    lovington420 New Member

    this is why i buy homegrown dope from growers where i've seen the op and trust them fully using clones not seeds (except for one guy) it's great weed if i had a headache i could call him and say i have a headache he'd bring something to take it away lol
  19. greenfish13

    greenfish13 Active Member

    I am wondering about schwag now. If you took some seeds from the bud there and put them in optimal growing conditions would the resulting buds still be crap, or would they be slightly better? Is schwag limited by its genetics, is it limited by its growth conditions or a combination?
  20. stoney_408

    stoney_408 New Member

    I know this is an old post but i had to put my opinion in for one do alot of people know what kind of cannabis they get off the street no you half to beleave what u get is what your getting and theres a good chance you do and not, but to say you cant know a strain by a picture isnt true but it is true there ars sooooo many strains now everything crossed with this or that just to make better strains to have a cannabis club purchase from some one its crazy, but there alot of people who can tell a strain from a picture especially like og kush train wreck ect like i said to many strains these days its hard to find alot of the bomb old strains from the 90's :fencers:

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