Your favorite air freshener?

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What's your favorite air freshener?

  1. Oust

    2 vote(s)
  2. Lysol

    1 vote(s)
  3. Febreeze

    27 vote(s)
  4. Renuzit

    2 vote(s)
  5. Glade

    4 vote(s)
  6. Arm & Hammer

    1 vote(s)
  7. Air Wick

    0 vote(s)
  8. Whatever's on sale

    1 vote(s)
  9. Other (Please explain)

    16 vote(s)
  1. HehTheUrr

    HehTheUrr New Member

    So I'm assuming most of us here have used an air freshener to try to eliminate the sweet smell of marijuana smoke.

    I used the search feature and only found "Best Air Freshener", and from what I read, Ozium works the best. I, personally, have never used it, so I'm just going to include the fresheners I've seen at the supermarket.

    So which is your favorite?

    - Oust
    - Lysol
    - Febreeze
    - Renuzit
    - Glade
    - Arm & Hammer
    - Air Wick
    - Whatever's on sale
    - Other (Please explain)

    Try to include a scent, if you have a favorite one :D

    Personally, I'm a huge fan of the fragrance free Oust. It neutralizes the smell of smoke, and it doesn't leave a suspicious smell.
  2. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

    because I don't like spraying chemicals into the air, of which I will breathe. I like using this lavender oil linen spray that a shop owner friend of mine makes, I also use it for body spray. the next best thing is nag champa.

    I also usually have no need to cover up the smell of weed in my apartment.
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  3. 29yeartoker

    29yeartoker New Member

    I use incense. I only use the ones that I buy at a flea market from this lady that makes them herself. These don't have a stick and they are pure. They smell so good. If you get mulberry I promise you when you burn it it's going to smell like mulberry. I have a bottle to burn it in. It is probably 3 inches long and it burns for an hour and a half, much slower than the average incense. My favorite scent is Pirate's Rum or Rain.
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  4. Feorge Gorman

    Feorge Gorman New Member

    I put 'other' because I'm really not a fan of those kinda air fresheners. Actually, they all make me wanna :vomit:

    If I really needed to clear the smell out of my apartment in a hurry (which NEVER happens! :D )...I'd use Ozium! Best there is for neutralizing the odor, not covering it up! ;)
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  5. 29yeartoker

    29yeartoker New Member

    That is so true. I never have to worry about covering it up because I live in my house by myself and have no reason to cover it up. Besides those air fresheners don't cover it up very well, you will end up smelling the air freshener mixed with weed. If someone knocks on my door that I don't want to know I smoke then I just don't answer the door.
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  6. Killerchron

    Killerchron Get ya shine on

    Ozium for me. It's the best on the market. Vanilla is my favorite.
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  7. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I chose "other" as well. I use an air freshner called "One Burst Mulberry." You can only buy it commercially. It's not available for retail sale, and it's not easy to get, but I have a connection that gets me a few bottles occasionally. :)

    It's very concentrated, and very potent. I only have to spray it once a week. :)
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  8. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    Depends on whether I'm just putting a nice scent in the house, or wanting to kill the smell of weed.
    For Pot, I tend to use Air Wick Neutra Air.
    I'm an incense nut, too. Generally the stuff from India and too many favorites to name them all in one post. Mysore Sughandi Sandalwood is fantastic. Vinison's Darshan and Nandi Divine Flora will just send you off to another galaxy. :)
    For Nag Champa, Goloka is nice. It can get cloyingly sweet sometimes, though. Just burn some Sandalwood at the same time and it's all good.
  9. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    Fresh Air > Air Freshener


    Sometimes I'll use incense to make a more homey, earthy smell, but I generally don't like the smells those air sprays and similiar products give off. Too fake and 'chemically'.
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  10. pkster8235

    pkster8235 Lazy Dancer

    I picked febreeze because it does a decent job of getting scents out of cloth. I don't like the original febreeze scent, but I like some of the other scents other than original.

    I don't use air fresheners though. They are just a waste. Spraying chemicals into the open air. The only exception would be if I were in dire need of a quick freshener. I use incense and I keep my windows open.
    Like Spiral said, fresh air is the best air freshener.

    My favourite incense are nag champa, patchouli and chamomile (on the rare occasion I find them). I like getting handmade incense from India now and then.
  11. Wicked

    Wicked Sr. Member

    Febreeze for the quick jobs, and those Glade oil candles for the long-term deal. Majority of the time I do my smoking outdoors, and when you're in the open air you don't really need air fresheners.
  12. MJdnaD

    MJdnaD New Member

    Favorite air freshner?

    I usually like to use an air freshner after smoking. All though good bud smells great, it doesnt smell great to everybody, and I like stuff clean and super fresh smelling anyways. So far, I love AirWick's Papaya&Mango. Whats your?

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  13. The POPO man

    The POPO man New Member

    Black ice is the bomb man. I'm sending this from my blackberry high as hell to.
  14. MJdnaD

    MJdnaD New Member

    Ill have to try that. I cant wait till next month, ive had a few blackberrys now, I cant wait for the storm.
  15. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    Ozium works the best IMO.

    Cant be healthy for you though...
  16. DLiver420

    DLiver420 New Member

    Ozium...topic closed.

    If you don't believe me, try it. You could smoke out with a skunk taking a crap next to a diaper pail and a 2 second burst from a can of Ozium will have it smelling like a hospital almost instantly. (Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, etc. all have the aerosol cans in the auto department near the air fresheners)

    For a permanent solution go with ONA gel. Stuff's amazing...seriously.
  17. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    Topic not closed. :rolleyes:

    I like an air freshner called mullberry One Burst. It is a commercial product, and hard to get a hold of, but it it better than anything I have tried.
  18. rickforpresident

    rickforpresident New Member

    i use frebreeze for quick stuf and my couch but i like vanilla incence
  19. krad

    krad New Member

    Yep, I always use ozium....vanilla to be specific. :)
  20. Train2Bangkok

    Train2Bangkok Sr. Member

    I'm an incense user as well...Gonesh sticks, #6 "Perfumes of Ancient Times" to be specific. I burn about 1 pack/week.

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